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  1. erlogerik

    Side Tipper Road Train

    It indeed is based on that prime mover. I thought I would make it similar to an actual Lego set.
  2. erlogerik

    Side Tipper Road Train

    Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you like it!
  3. erlogerik

    Side Tipper Road Train

    Hello all, I want to share with all of you this MOC that I designed in LDD and posted in the Lego Ideas page. If you like it please support me here!
  4. erlogerik

    Hello from Mexico!

    Hello I am Erik from Mexico. I still love to make things with Lego, but since I don't have that many pieces I usually design them in LDD. I mostly design trucks and trailers and trains. My hobbies right now are going to college, programming and designing in LDD.
  5. erlogerik

    MOC DDA40X

    Wow! Great job, that's an amazing locomotive!
  6. erlogerik

    Another Coaster attempt

    Great work! Keep it up!
  7. erlogerik

    MOD: Octan Road Train 3180

    Hello all, I am a new member to this forum. Well that's a great MOC you got there! Have you considered posting it in ? It would make a great Lego set, I would definitely support you!