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  1. speakerforthedee

    [MOC] Colonial Viper MKII

    Hey all, Was just fiddling around watching the new Battlestar Galactica, thought I'd have a go at a Viper .... what do y'all think?
  2. speakerforthedee

    [MOC] The GHOST from Star Wars: Rebels

    Beautiful build of a beautiful ship, nice one. Just curious, what do you think on the Ghost is inspired by WWII vehicles? I hear this talked about a lot in Star Wars ...
  3. speakerforthedee

    Blue Squadron X-Wing

    Have you guys seen the Force Awakens trailer?? For those of you who haven't there's a blue X-wing in it ... Kind of inspired by that ... didn't have the parts to try the split-engine, so this is basically the classic 7140 set. Stuck another hatch on cos why not Greebzone at the back Had a go at doing folding landing gear: smooth Bit bulkier than I'd like folded up but hey : Thanks for reading folks
  4. speakerforthedee

    [MOC] [WIP] Red & White craft

    Finally finished this sucker the other day. Decided the engines looked too puny for how massive it was so stuck another one on top: Looks kind of more like a sub that I thought at first. Greebs on the underside: Greeb hatch on top: Here she is with my other beasties: Thanks for reading
  5. speakerforthedee

    [MOC] [WIP] Red & White craft

    Hello all, I've recently unpacked my Lego and started building stuff, for the first time in my adult life ... Love this forum, some really great stuff on here. Thought I'd make a WIP thread for my build as no one seemed to be using the old one, if this is the wrong thing to do then please let me know! Anyway, on to the spaceship! This is the first part I built, was picturing it as the engines (two of them adjustable) ... messing around w/ Snot techniques mostly, something I didn't really know much about. Anyway: After that I basically started building around the Slave I cockpit ... couple of detail shots from the front: Made a l'il chair for my man: Doesn't he look comfy? Cockpit controls: and yeah some of my Lego is super dirty ... ow The Slave I cockpit in place: A l'il maintenance hatch on the bottom with some greebles inside: Here's everything together. This is what I'm picturing the layout will look like eventually: Not really sure about the shape now it's all together. A bit long maybe? Thanks for reading! C&C's very much appreciated!