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  1. not sure if they are 3d printing these parts but its quite a cool concept check out this kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1012641476/carbon-fiber-tiles-the-ultimate-lego-finishing-tou
  2. JakePley

    How do you store your instructions?

    sometimes a plastic sheet inbetween each book helps as well
  3. JakePley

    Spare Parts competition

    I've had two of the same set and found that the extra pieces were different, in fact i think i had three of the same set, it was a smaller set, not quite sure which one. Has anyone noticed that the staples in the manuals are sometime different, some books have seemingly weaker or smaller staples, others are larger and stronger, anyone seen that? How are people preserving their manuals?
  4. JakePley

    Sale prices on sold out sets

    Got it, thanks for the info! Sometimes I also notice that a set will be "back in stock" on a certain date, does LEGO maufacture in spurts or its something Amazon does on top of that?
  5. JakePley

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    it would be interesting to see how TLG tackles a second movie, not sure how if will come off with an older "main character" I thought that the sets produced for the film were pretty cool, im sure there would be much for a second movie. Does anyone know how many LEGO movie sets they came out with in total, i think i got 4-5 but not sure how many there were.
  6. I've found that stickers that have been on for a while tend to preform quite well when submerged in water or wiped with something wet (even after repeated washing) Test it out on some less desireable pieces with sticker
  7. JakePley

    Nail polish?

    Ahhh the dreaded Polish Remover of Nail, one of many items in Lord Evil Business' collection!
  8. does anyone know if there have ever been any collectable lego items in happy meals or other fast food type give aways? I guess i haven't eaten a kids meal from fast food in so long i never really noticed, it would be cool to have some of that stuff
  9. JakePley

    Jurassic World 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    I would love love love love to see more prehistoric/dinosour sets! Im like Mr. Dovak, i dont think my inner dinosaur ever left me! ....step brothers reference, anyone?
  10. JakePley

    Sale prices on sold out sets

    Has anyone ever noticed insane price gouging during holidays? Of course i understand that if a set is dis-continued it raises the price, for example creator set 6914 has 200 pieces and is selling for nearly $80 on amazon!!! Am i missing something?