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  1. The total worth is approximately 5K euro (going by average BL pricing, not sure how accurate this is), but I'm willing to go much lower if that means I can get sell it all at once, as discussed earlier in this thread
  2. Well, it will burn a hole in your wallet And yeah, my collection contains a lot of expensive and rare parts (like the aforementioned #3 connectors in red).
  3. Well, the sets aren't parted out right now, so it's basically a big heap of loose parts Furthermore, these sets contain a lot of rare/expensive parts (lots of PF stuff, lots of pneumatic actuators, PP tyres, panels, etc.) that are very useful for MOC'ing.
  4. For the people asking about individual sets/parts: I am first trying to sell the whole collection at once (with a huge discount). If that fails, I will look into selling individual sets/parts.
  5. Ah, good idea. I'd much prefer selling the entire collection at once, instead of parting out sets or shipping individual parts, etc. Both really I need some money in the short term (moving into new appartment etc.), and I've kind of lost interest in Lego Technic. Found some new (expensive) hobbies instead I think a conservative estimate of the worth of everything together would be € 4-5K , but I'm willing to go much lower if people buy the entire collection at once (and come pick it up).
  6. Alright. Here's a link to the full parts list (including sets, excluding boxes and sticker sheets) in BrickStock format: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing The total number of parts is 26903, total value according to BL is $7K. Some more information to pre-empt further PMs: Sets included 1 x 8461 ‘Williams F1 Racer’ (no sticker sheet, no box) 1 x 8053 ‘Mobile Crane’ 2 x 8043 ‘Motorized Excavator’ 1 x 8110 ‘Unimog U400’ 1 x 8265 ‘Front Loader’ 1 x 8297 ‘Off Roader’ 1 x 8448 ‘Super Street Sensation’ (no sticker sheet, no box) 1 x 8466 ‘4 x 4 Off Roader’ (no sticker sheet, no box) 1 x 8475 ‘RC Race Buggy’ (no sticker sheet, no box) 1 x 9398 ‘4 x 4 Crawler’ 1 x 42020 ‘Twin Rotor Helicopter’ (no sticker sheet, no box) 1 x 42021 ‘Snowmobile’ (no sticker sheet) 1 x 42031 ‘Cherry Picker’ 1 x 42038 ‘Arctic Truck’ Rare and expensive parts Ordered by average BL price. 2 x 84599 Light Bluish Gray ‘Electric 9V Battery Box Power Functions Rechargeable’ 1 x 6272c01 Black ‘Electric RC Race Buggy Battery’ 1 x 5282 Black ‘Electric RC Controller Race Buggy’ 3 x 5292 ‘Electric RC Race Buggy Motor’ 4 x 32235 Black ‘Hose, Soft Axle 19L’ 2 x 70644 ‘Technic Hook Large Metal’ 4 x 32298 Black ‘Tyre Technic Power Puller’ 2 x 58123bc01 LBG ‘Power Functions Receiver v2’ 1 x 99498c01 LBG ‘Power Functions Servo Motor’ 1 x bb527 ‘Power Functions Adapter/Transformer’ 4 x 58123c01 ‘Power Functions Receiver v1’ 4 x 58121c01 ‘Power Functions XL Motor’ 4 x 58088 Pearl Light Gray ‘Wheel Cover 7 Spoke’ 4 x 22969 Metalloic Silver ‘Wheel Technic Racing Large’ 5 x 99499c01 ‘Power Functions L Motor’ 1 x 67c01 White ‘Pneumatic Air Tank’ 4 x 53178 Yellow ‘Pneumatic Cylinder Bracket’ 10 x 58120c01 ‘Power Functions M Motor’ 7 x 32201 Red ‘Hose, Soft Axle 14L’ And a lot more rare and/or expensive parts! Liftarms in rare colours, bushes in rare colours, axles in rare colours, etc. Furthermore, lots of expertly chromed parts, including wheels and rims. Feel free to ask for specifics. Sets and MOCs you can build with this collection Basically, any Technic set from about 2005 until 2015 (except the 2015 2H sets) can be completely built using this collection of parts (minus some stickers ofcourse), though ofcourse not necessarily all at the same time (except for the sets mentioned above). Furthermore, the following popular MOCs can be built 100% (verified with Rebrickable) with this parts collection: Almost all of Crowkillers’ MOCs (including the expensive black Vampire GT!) All of Madoka’s MOCs (including the Wing Body Truck and Tatra Trial Truck) Almost all of Jurgen Krooshoop’s MOCs (including the Back Hoe Loader, Ultimate 42009 and Ultimate 8043) Almost all of Designer-Han’s MOCs (including Dragline Crane, Stone Trailer Truck, Articulated Hauler, Prinoth Leitwolf) A lot more! Searching for MOCs to build on Rebrickable yields more than 200 pages of results.
  7. Yeah, it's a rather large collection (25K+ parts), with a lot of rare and expensive stuff (black 19L soft axles! PP tyres!), so it's kind of complicated. I do have up-to-date BrickStore and Rebrickable inventory files though, that should help I guess.
  8. Due to circumstances I've decided to sell my entire Technic collection (all sets + loose parts + boxes + instructions + storage units, etc.). Does anyone have any idea how to best approach this daunting task? Should I sell sets and rare parts separate from the rest of the loose parts? I tried searching for a general topic regarding selling on this subforum (I thought there was one?), but didn't have any luck.
  9. I hope that boom will be sturdy enough. Looks great so far! IIRC Sariel also attempted to build an oversized walking dragline (or was it a bucket-wheel excavator?), but failed. Maybe you can ask him for advice.
  10. jantjeuh

    My Red #3 connector hunt....

    Quoted for truth. This is getting tiresome.
  11. Regarding the white rubber belts: shouldn't it be 6 x 85543 rather than 4 x 85543 and 2 x 85544? The latter (85544) is kind of rare in white, and a bit bigger.
  12. More a case of me being an idiot, rather than alcohol being involved You missed the tag, btw.