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  1. Sorry, but this simply isn't true. I have both of them, and sandcrawler box is definitely bigger. Arocs box is identical in size as 42030, and slightly bigger (thicker) than boxes for previous flagships,eg. 42009.
  2. 42043 is comparable. Gearbox is not so complex, but there are some other parts that more than compensate that, like pneumatic crane, and whole chassis with suspension. I'm always disassembling and assembling my sets as i really enjoy building experience with LEGO. As for now i built A model 4 times, B model once. Definitely try B model, it is probably best B model so far.
  3. Not sure this is a good idea, unless you can find it on at least 50% discount. This set is good as a PF donor, but i doubt it's price will go much higher once it retires, and judging by this year, we can expect pretty amazing sets in the years to follow, so interest for this "generation" could drop significantly.
  4. How is that a question exactly?? ;) For me this set offers best building experience, even better than Arocs. And don't always trust hardcore AFOL's about final product. This set was also my first after dark age, and from that perspective it was amazing in every possible way, building, final product, functions.
  5. I'm almost certain it will not use gearbox, as i explained in my last post, and painfully found out in my example :) The driving ring simply have to much empty motion when changing direction of rotation. But now as i think this is the case for old gearbox parts. Have to check if it is the same with new ones.
  6. I am pretty much aware of all this, just wanted to see how it will work with gearbox. And there is actually a bigger problem than synchronization, and that is that gearbox itself isn't "responsive" enough. There is some empty movement of the gearbox before it catches wormgear. Since this is inherent property of gearbox, i doubt it is made with one. I was thinking some system based on arocs steering mechanism. In fact in one of videos you can see the lever for switching modes is moving in-and-out when steering. I actually think that mechanism itself is pretty much simple, and that we will all have that "A-HA!" moment when we see it :)
  7. I was wondering how that steering is made. So i tried to build it :)
  8. https://www.facebook.com/Promobricks/?fref=nf xerion, other side of BWE, and... porsche :)
  9. The XL motor is on the box, and it looks like LA's are operated manually.
  10. i doubt that, because lego cilinders are much larger than real ones. I need to see this set first, but i think it will be disappointment. This is a flagship material, and i think there will be a lot of unused potential in this set. Unless lego made awesome model for just 100 euros, which i doubt.
  11. I own crane, volvo and arocs, and respecting everything you said about default reasons, pricing, etc., this is my view of those sets: volvo: This set's only advantage is RC, which is very big advantage if you're into RC models. The building experience is good, but definitely not so good as with other two sets. Since it is RC, which means lot of motors for every function, it isn't so interesting from mechanical point of view. B model doesn't really offer much in comparison to A. crane: For me probably best set ever. Great building experience, mechanically very complex. B model is by far best B model i have seen. It is conceptually very different from A, which is not something we see very often with lego, and also provides lot of playability, probably more than A model. arocs: i said for crane that is "probably" best set ever, because i still can't decide between crane and arocs. Crane is much more mechanically complex, but arocs have suspension, and of course, pneumatics, and both of them are great. B model is interesting as a final product (it is also very large), but cabin is literally identical to A, and crane is almost identical, so it doesn't actually offer much. It has, although, interesting outrigger system. I don't have unimog, but what i can see there is probably no reason to go for it instead of arocs, since they have similar functionalities. So, my conclusion would be: Go for volvo only if you like RC. Go for crane if you like mechanically challenging, contraption-like build, using lot of gears. Go for arocs if you like pneumatics and suspensions. Since all the sets are great, definitely take into consideration your own preference for loaders vs cranes vs trucks.
  12. I doubt this is the problem as you said that they're also not moving in and out. I suggest you do this first: select the outrigger function on the superstructure gearbox, turn the motor on, than see if anything is moving in the lower part. That way we can determine where the problem is. There is also possibility that you forgot some gear(s) in the superstructure gearbox.
  13. If neither function works then the problem is probably somewhere between superstructure and lower part. First check the clutch gear in the lower part, it's possible that something is connected too tight and that clutch cannot transfer power. If that works see if the gears under the turntable are connected properly. Than check the gearbox in the superstructure. Stupid question, but did you put the gearbox in the superstructure in the proper position, the one that is responsible for powering whole outrigger system?
  14. Yes, that "knob" is definitely the propeller, not some weird HOG, and i'm pretty sure it wasn't intended to be turning manually :). And from the pictures of A and B model it is pretty much clear it has wheels underneath.
  15. This depends what are you looking for in the technic sets. 1.Parts source In this case both sets are must have if you don't already have substantial amount of older sets. 42009 have lots of gears an LAs, and 42030 have big wheels, rc and motors. 42009 is also second largest technic set ever, so it is a good part donor in any case. 2.Final product Both sets are great and offer lot of playability, volvo with RC, and crane with lot of different functions. Here it is good to mention that RC is more suitable to volvo, because without it it would be almost useless, but for crane manual switching of functions is more than enough to offer good playing experience. 3.building experience Here the crane is absolute winner. Building all those gearboxes and functions while trying to figure out how they will work in the end is something which i really enjoy in lego. It is also the reason why crane is still my favourite set.
  16. Are you interested just in parts, or are you considering prices as well, because 42006 and arocs are few price categories apart. As for parts, currently there is no alternative to arocs for pneumatics. As other people mentioned, 42009 is great set for parts you mentioned, tires and liftarms, and there is no set that is even near considering number of gears. And you can probably get both 42009 and 42006 both for the price of arocs, but that will probably change soon, because 42006 is already retired, but there is still no problem finding it in stores, and 42009 will be retired this year. That way you will get plenty of large and small LA's also. You can also consider 42042 for tracks and grabber, and new gearbox parts. There is no easy (read: cheap) way to have all the things you mentioned, so it is up to you to define priorities and budget.
  17. I already built A model twice, and B model once. B model is great as final model, but actually offers very little in comparison to A. Cabin is identical, and crane have almost no differences. I hoped to see a different use for pneumatics, but it's understandable that lego doesn't wish to exhaust some ideas for future models. The battery box placement doesn't work quite good on the B model. When the trailer is disconnected the front is to heavy, and the truck have tendencies to flip over front axle. Since the motor and all the functions are in the trailer it would be better that the box is also there. Definitely great building experience for A model, but after building 42009 once more to be sure, i must admit that the crane is still my favorite set. Still nothing beats the joy of connecting all that gears :)
  18. regret??? but lego is all about building, not the final product, so i don't see how is that bad. Unless i'm missing sarcasm :) Btw, mine was dissasembled yesterday and ready for buiding B model.
  19. Definitely second building of 42009, when all the parts were in the same box, and you have to pay attention to parts with stickers :)
  20. 1. Check if the boom is connected properly to superstructure. Mine is disassembled at the moment so i'm not sure if it's possible to connect it wrong. I guess this would be effect if the 12 axle is connected one stud higher than should be. Also check if LAs are connected properly to the boom. You can see on the slide 55 of the manual how they should be connected. 2.If i have to guess i would say you have some unwanted friction in the gearbox. Maybe some gear was connected too tight, or something like this. 3. It is internal clutch mechanism. Yes, the sound is very disturbing, but i decided to trust it since building 42025, where it is required to pull them out without rotating, altough that were small LA, but in my experience it should be safe. 4.I have my inside. Cable is pretty long so it covers the knot pretty good. I would also suggest that you rotate your cable on the other side, so that it goes on the lower side of the pulley. This would only reverse the lifting function, but that way it is more consistent with other functions. So lowering boom, than switch to lowering cable would require only gearbox change, without reversing the direction on the battery box.