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  1. Sorry, but this simply isn't true. I have both of them, and sandcrawler box is definitely bigger. Arocs box is identical in size as 42030, and slightly bigger (thicker) than boxes for previous flagships,eg. 42009.
  2. 42043 is comparable. Gearbox is not so complex, but there are some other parts that more than compensate that, like pneumatic crane, and whole chassis with suspension. I'm always disassembling and assembling my sets as i really enjoy building experience with LEGO. As for now i built A model 4 times, B model once. Definitely try B model, it is probably best B model so far.
  3. Not sure this is a good idea, unless you can find it on at least 50% discount. This set is good as a PF donor, but i doubt it's price will go much higher once it retires, and judging by this year, we can expect pretty amazing sets in the years to follow, so interest for this "generation" could drop significantly.
  4. How is that a question exactly?? ;) For me this set offers best building experience, even better than Arocs. And don't always trust hardcore AFOL's about final product. This set was also my first after dark age, and from that perspective it was amazing in every possible way, building, final product, functions.
  5. I'm almost certain it will not use gearbox, as i explained in my last post, and painfully found out in my example :) The driving ring simply have to much empty motion when changing direction of rotation. But now as i think this is the case for old gearbox parts. Have to check if it is the same with new ones.
  6. I am pretty much aware of all this, just wanted to see how it will work with gearbox. And there is actually a bigger problem than synchronization, and that is that gearbox itself isn't "responsive" enough. There is some empty movement of the gearbox before it catches wormgear. Since this is inherent property of gearbox, i doubt it is made with one. I was thinking some system based on arocs steering mechanism. In fact in one of videos you can see the lever for switching modes is moving in-and-out when steering. I actually think that mechanism itself is pretty much simple, and that we will all have that "A-HA!" moment when we see it :)
  7. I was wondering how that steering is made. So i tried to build it :)
  8. https://www.facebook.com/Promobricks/?fref=nf xerion, other side of BWE, and... porsche :)
  9. The XL motor is on the box, and it looks like LA's are operated manually.
  10. i doubt that, because lego cilinders are much larger than real ones. I need to see this set first, but i think it will be disappointment. This is a flagship material, and i think there will be a lot of unused potential in this set. Unless lego made awesome model for just 100 euros, which i doubt.
  11. I own crane, volvo and arocs, and respecting everything you said about default reasons, pricing, etc., this is my view of those sets: volvo: This set's only advantage is RC, which is very big advantage if you're into RC models. The building experience is good, but definitely not so good as with other two sets. Since it is RC, which means lot of motors for every function, it isn't so interesting from mechanical point of view. B model doesn't really offer much in comparison to A. crane: For me probably best set ever. Great building experience, mechanically very complex. B model is by far best B model i have seen. It is conceptually very different from A, which is not something we see very often with lego, and also provides lot of playability, probably more than A model. arocs: i said for crane that is "probably" best set ever, because i still can't decide between crane and arocs. Crane is much more mechanically complex, but arocs have suspension, and of course, pneumatics, and both of them are great. B model is interesting as a final product (it is also very large), but cabin is literally identical to A, and crane is almost identical, so it doesn't actually offer much. It has, although, interesting outrigger system. I don't have unimog, but what i can see there is probably no reason to go for it instead of arocs, since they have similar functionalities. So, my conclusion would be: Go for volvo only if you like RC. Go for crane if you like mechanically challenging, contraption-like build, using lot of gears. Go for arocs if you like pneumatics and suspensions. Since all the sets are great, definitely take into consideration your own preference for loaders vs cranes vs trucks.