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    BS find Pirate Ship

    47a Hello, have a look at this ship. I have found it on Brickshelf today. I find it looks very good!" Brickshelf Link Greetings, Capt. K Edit: And as luck would have it, the creator of this impressive vessel revealed himself - it's EB member Sipka!
  2. Hello, here are some pictures of our Lego train layout and more, at our last exhibition from 17. to 19. October 2014 at Zwickau (Germany). Follow the link to the pictures: http://www.afols-lau.../zwickau-1.html I hope you like the images and the layout. Sven
  3. Captain K.

    1920s German museum train

    Hello, I want you to meet my 1920s German museum train. The steam locomotive is based on the German BR89 (T3). This is a three-axle passenger car, 2nd class. And that's a two-axle passenger cars, fourth class. More pictures can be found at the following link: I hope the train like it. Sven K (Capt. K)
  4. Captain K.

    MOC: ABe 4/12 II

    Nice model, great job! I like it! Sven
  5. Captain K.

    1920s German museum train

    There are Big Ben Bricks medium drivers. In the tender of the locomotive a 9V Motor is installed. I hope it helps. Sven
  6. Captain K.

    FS Class E 656 Caiman

    I find no words... its Fantastic, really good work! Sven
  7. Captain K.

    1920s German museum train

    Thank you for your Honorable words. I am very pleased that you like the train! Yes, the middle axle can move freely. Only the two outer axles are mounted firmly and rotate. Sven
  8. Hello, I want to show you my latest model. It is a Motor Tower Car "MTW 100.083/1" from Plasser & Theurer with a tool and material car. It is a machine for installation, maintenance and inspection of catenary. The model is built in 8wide and powered with two 9V motors. Some pictures from the model machine: And a picture with the tool and material car. More pictures can you find on Brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=522994 I hope you like it! Sven (Capt. K.)
  9. Captain K.

    MOD: Recent updates to some of my MOC's

    Looks very nice, great job! Sven (Capt K.)
  10. Captain K.

    MOC, tamping machine 08-275/3S

    Hello, I would like to introduce you to my new project. It is a model of a tamping machine ( 08-275 Unimat 3S ) from plasser & theurer. I hope you like it. More pictures can be seen here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=535751 enjoy it! Sven (Capt. K)
  11. Captain K.

    MOC, tamping machine 08-275/3S

    Hello, many thanks to all! I am glad that you like it. @ dr_spock the model has no function! It is a exhibition model, only to watch. Sven (Capt. K)
  12. Hello, I have updated my Plasser & Theurer AFM 2000 (Automatic Track Finishing Machine. Combined stabilising and profiling machine.) It is now the third version. Compare this to the first version from 2005: http://www.brickshel...sion1/bild3.jpg And here is the new third version: More pictures are here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=286885 Enjoy the pictures. Sven (Capt. K) please don't post picture over 1000.pxl in width!
  13. Captain K.

    MOC: Plasser & Theurer AFM 2000 V3.0

    Thanks, I am glad that you like it. No I have not installed a motor. The model is too long for the tight Lego curves. Sven (Capt. K)
  14. Captain K.

    MOC: German Freight Train

    Hello, my new MOC. It is a typical German Freight Train from 1980 era. The diesel locomotive is of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn", is a BR114. Look for more pictures: Brickshelf I hope so felled. Sven (Capt K)
  15. Captain K.

    MOC, Motor Tower Car MTW100.083/1

    Once again thank you all! I also have this catalog, it is really very helpful when I building these Permanent Way machines. Sven (Capt. K.)
  16. Captain K.

    MOC, Motor Tower Car MTW100.083/1

    Hello, @ all: Thank you very much! I am glad that you like my MOC. Unfortunately I have no picture of the real machine. But for comparison, here is a picture of a HO (1:87) model of Kibri. Sven (Capt. K.)
  17. Captain K.

    MOC: Motorcar M-1

    Indexed by Moderator Hi All, I want you today to present my new MOC of Motorcar M-1. This model is inspired by the Gas Motorcar M-1 of East Broad Top Railroad (EBT). I like this Motorcar and wanted to build one. It is not a 100% copy of the EBT M-1! For example, the color of the Lego Motorcar I changed. This Car is build in 8wide and 42 studs long, and powered with two 9V motors. I especially like the new color “dark green” from Lego, so the trains look very realistic. More pictures of Motorcar M-1 you can find on Brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=519404 I hope you like. Sven (Captain K)
  18. Captain K.

    Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Wow, very nice railroad buildings and a lot of details. I like it so much! Sven (Captain K)
  19. Captain K.

    MOC: Motorcar M-1

    No not really, my inspiration was East Broad Top Railroad Gas Motorcar M-1. Here a link to the EBT RR Homepage: Sven (Captain K)
  20. Captain K.


    Welcome to EB's LEGO Train Community English Electric. I like this track maintenance machines very well. And I have turned my hobby into a profession. I work in a shop for track maintenance machines. Therefore, I have a good knowledge about these machines. With pride I can say that Plasser & Theurer my models has also been exhibited at trade fairs in Germany and the USA. Here a link: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=286911 In any case, it's great subject. And I will build a few more machines in Lego. Sven (Captain K)
  21. Captain K.

    MOC: Motorcar M-1

    I am glad that you like the Motorcar. Thank you. Sven (Captain K)
  22. Captain K.


    Hello all, my name is Sven (Captain K) and I live in Germany. I'm a big fan of Lego trains for many years. My first Lego train set was 4559. For several years, I build all my Lego trains in 8wide and on 9V System. One of my favorites are track maintenance equipment. Sven (Captain K)
  23. Captain K.

    MOC: Road Rail Pick Up Truck

    WOW!!! The truck looks great! Very nice! Sven (Captain K.)
  24. Indexed by Moderator Hello, I have updated and make better pictures of my "Eastbrick Heaven Railroad (EBH-RR)" 0-4-0T engine No.3 and Caboose No.17 . Inside Caboose. Some more pictures are here on Brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=471449 I hope you like. Sven (Capt. K)
  25. Captain K.

    MOC: Xm 2/2 Unimat Compact

    Hello, Many thanks Steinkopf, it pleases me that they like my models. I am very interested in these machines and I am glad that it's the same as them. It gives me a lot of fun recreating these machines. sven