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  1. Hello, spring is and this time becomes start with the construction work. For this I have built two new machines for the legotrain. The first machine: is a Model of a "Plasser & Theurer" DYNAMIC TAMPING EXPRESS 09-4X. The second machine: is a Model of a "Plasser & Theurer" USP2000SWS-2 There are more pictures of the machines: My Brickshelf Folder And it enters a video of these machines to see: I hope you like it. Sven
  2. Captain K.

    MOC: Track Maintenance Machines

    Thanks for the positive answers. @ Bricktrix Those are only presentation models. The models do not have an engine and are not circle suited. But these are too long. thanks, Sven
  3. Captain K.

    HMS Praetorian

    What a very nice ship! I like it. Good job! Capt. K
  4. Captain K.

    The Flying Shadow- a pirate galleon

    It is a nice ship, i like it! The inside of the ship is great. Good job! Capt. K
  5. Captain K.

    The launch of HMS Gallardía

    The ship looks great! I like the colourscheme. Its simply a amazing work. Capt. K
  6. Captain K.

    WIP Phantom MkII

    Hello ZCerberus, oh yes, the ship looks much better in the new colours. The deck is also designed very beautiful. Made very beautiful. Capt. K
  7. Captain K.

    Puerto de la Cruz

    Hi, "Puerto de la Cruz" is fantasy. In my fantasy the town of "Puerto de la Cruz" was founded by Spanish men in 1622 someplace in the caribbean and 1684 of the Englishmen conquers. Therefore the Spanish name. The town is built with intention in the colours white, yellow and red. I like the pirate sets and colours of 1989. Why shall be the blue Frenchmen and the red Englishmen? What are the new red soldiers then? I do not see this so problematically. Red Soldiers = red squadron, blue Soldiers = blue squadron and everyone fights against pirates! The third part of "Puerto de la Cruz" is built and will get ready next year. Capt. K
  8. Captain K.

    "The making of" our Spanish Imperial Galleon

    Very beautiful, many thanks for this insight into your work. Your ships are excellent! Capt. K.
  9. What a marvellous ship! The combination of the colours the sails ... I am overwhelmed by the details! I find the pig a very beautiful idea. This is a super work of you. Capt K.
  10. Captain K.

    Eldorado Fortress 2009

    I like much more a lot than the original of 1989! Very beautiful details. Good work! Capt K.
  11. Captain K.

    The Lion of Luebeck (sistership of the Adler)

    Very nice Ship! I like it very much. Capt. K.
  12. Captain K.

    Spaniards' Bay

    Wow ... I am speechless !!! This is a super diorama. I like it very much. I find the lighthouse built very beautifully. Greeting, Capt K. Here is "Puerto de la Cruz" a Habour Layout:
  13. Captain K.

    HMS Leopard

    40a Hello, I have finished with my ship. It is the "HMS LEOPARD" a fourth-rate Ship with 52 cannons. look here : The "HMS Leopard" is the new flag ship of my fleet. Here a picture with the "HMS Cannonball" and the "HMS Leopard". There are more pictures on Brickshelf. look here: Brickshelf folder Greetings, Capt K.
  14. Captain K.

    The Gaspée Affair

    Hello, I have seen this ship already yesterday on Brickshelf. I like it very much! I still shall say what, good work! Capt. K.
  15. Captain K.

    The RTS Zavala Steamship-of-War

    Hello Kurt, Excellent work! This is a very imposing ship. I like it very much. The steamengine is impressive. Greeting, Capt. K.
  16. Captain K.

    The new frigate of the British Empire

    Hello, this is a very nice ship! In good colors, i like it. Great job, Daniel! Capt. K.
  17. Captain K.

    Le Prométhé

    This is a very beautiful ship. I like it! The colour scheme is very excellent! Capt. K.
  18. Captain K.

    Somes ships plans

    @ Chenben Thanks this you have introduced this web page to us. It is very interesting and helpful. Capt. K.
  19. Captain K.

    HMS Sophia

    58b Hello, I would like to introduce my new ship to you. This is the HMS "Sophia" a 8 gun sloop of war. There are more pictures: on Brickshelf Capt. K.
  20. Captain K.

    HMS Sophia

    Hello, @ Captain green hair Yes, I plan a small squadron to build up. Up till now the squadron consists of the "HMS Leopard" and this one "HMS Sophia". And I build 22 cannons frigate at one. To this but later more! @ Norrington I am a tall fan of Jack Aubery and his adventures. Yes, HMS Sophie has inspired me when I have built this ship. @ Chenben Compare these two pictures. I have changed the yellow stripe only in the middle of the ship. In the past: and now: Thank you for your answers. Capt. K.
  21. Captain K.

    HMS Sophia

    Hello, thank you for your good tips! I have changed the yellow stripe and the sails once again. The ship is looking that way now: I like it now better. What do you say? More pictures:Brickshelf Capt. K.
  22. Captain K.

    L'Orient (2008 version)

    Hello, I find it is looking much better than before now. The hull of the ship seems curvedly much more. Much better than before with the straight lines. Good work! Capt. K.
  23. Captain K.

    Primage Rock Lighthouse

    Hello 007, this is really a very beautiful model. I like the palm also very much. Have you made the uniforms of the figures yourself? Capt. K.
  24. Captain K.

    HMS Sophia

    Hello, thank you for your answers. @ Captain green hair I could try this. A good idea is! @ Phred The cannons simply are built up. Capt. K.
  25. Captain K.

    Wip Moc ship of the line

    Wow, very nice ship. Please, more pictures! Great work! Capt. K.