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    MOC: Xm 2/2 Unimat Compact

    Hello, a very nice and realistic looking MOC! And the detail on the tamping units are very, very good! My version of a Plasser & Theurer Tamper is a little bit bigger. Look here 09-4X . 09-16/4S Dynamic and 09-32 CSM More on my Birckshelf folder: Sven
  2. Captain K.

    HMS Victory

    Here some pictures from a HMS Victory on the TSL Exhibition in Berlin in June 2010. Built of 1000Steine Member "Big Boy". This is a very impressive ship. Capt. K
  3. 185b Hello, the first public exhibition of our port "Puerto de la Cruz" took place from October 14th to 16th on the 3.Lausitzmodellbau in Senftenberg, Germany. Here some pictures of the Layout: We have modified something or built completely newly. The Layout has a size of 1.50m of x 2.00m. You can find more pictures on Brickshelf: Brickshelf We hope so you felled! Daniel G. and Capt. K P.S. There are more pictures of the exhibition: AFOLs Lausitz on Brickshelf
  4. Captain K.

    First public exhibition of our port "Puerto de la Cruz"

    @ kurigan Yes, I am a fan of Patrick Obrian. But the ship has got the name "Sophia" to the daughter of a good friend of mine. So the ship name does not have to do with the books of Patrick Obrian. Capt. K
  5. Captain K.

    First public exhibition of our port "Puerto de la Cruz"

    Hello, thanks for your nice answers. A man from Berlin, Germany has built the HMS Victory. He does not write in this forum. Unfortunately! However, the ship will be exhibited soon in the "Technik Museum" in Berlin, Germany. One can do it have a look there. Capt. K
  6. Captain K.

    Brig "Admiral Forster"

    It is a very nice ship, i like it so much. The stern and the functional cabin a great. Good job! Capt. K
  7. Captain K.

    Brig "Apollo"

    A very nice ship! I like it, good job! Capt. K
  8. Hello, I am not sure whether you wrote already a little to this topic. One also could see a large pirate layout at the TSL in Berlin this year. There are more pictures to see. Brickshelf I hope it pleases and is of interest. Greeting, Capt. K
  9. Captain K.

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    Hi Perfectionist, for me is this the best Lego-ship ever!!! Absolutely fantastic! I have already followed up the reports on the construction of the ship. Actual a very good work. I more cannot say to it. Capt. K
  10. Captain K.

    Community Build: Lighthouse

    Very beautiful work, simply wonderful! I like it very much. Capt K.
  11. Hi, my vote: 8. - HMS Prince of Wales - 1Point 9. - Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion - 1Point 11. - La Sang Royale - 1Point 15. - Vesta - 2Points 18. - Achille - 2Points Capt. K
  12. Captain K.

    update my HMS Leopard

    Hello, in the past months i have updated my "HMS Leopard" in many parts. Here you can see: More on Brickshelf: My Brickshelffolder Capt. K
  13. Captain K.

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    She is perfect. What a amazing ship, i like it so much! Great job! Capt. K
  14. Captain K.

    New Update French frigate 'Vesta'

    What a amazing ship! I love it! Great job Croissant! Capt. K
  15. Captain K.

    HMS Active

    Everything OK, This is simply professed! Daniel G. is a very good friend of mine (Capt. K). Both of us use the same Brickshelf-folder. This is unusual! But for us OK. The HMS Active is build by Daniel G.. For example, "puerto de la cruz" is a project this we build together. Capt. K
  16. Captain K.

    WIP HMS Borea

    Hi, this is my new ship project, it is WIP. The sloop HMS Borea. Here more pictures: Brickshelf What do you think? I am pleased about your ideas. Capt. K
  17. Captain K.

    The Black Pearl from POTC

    The ship looks solid, i like it! Good work! My favorit is the Minifig crew. Capt. K
  18. Captain K.

    WIP HMS Borea

    Thank you for your help and answers! Here is the next update of my ship. I have put tiles on the deck and the masts are changed. And i will make custom rigging! What do you think? Capt. K
  19. Captain K.

    HMS Victory

    Here some information of the builder of the ship. He has asked me to write this. Built of: Dirk Delorme, Berlin Became the Lego ship in the scale 1: 45 built. It is 195 cm long and 40 cm wide with bowsprit and jib tree. Pure construction time: 3 months Planning and material purchase: more than 1 year Obstructed pieces: approx. 45 000 Lego pieces It is equipped with 128 cannons. Of this 104 are under deck and also self-made. At the TSL exhibition in Berlin there were approx. 100 mini-figures on deck. The Lego model sailing ship follows the big English liners with three cannon decks from the 18th century. These ships were equipped with three masts, a sail area of approx. 5,500 m ². A crew of 1000 men. As an arming there were 120 to 130 cannons on board. The Victory was the flagship of Admiral Nelson in the battle of Trafalgar. Dirk Delorme and Capt. K
  20. Captain K.

    WIP: Achille and Guerrière, French Frigates of 28 guns

    Excellent, a great ship. Very good job! This is the best Lego frigates I've seen. Capt. K
  21. Captain K.

    WIP HMS Borea

    thanks, Commodore Hornbricker. But I have changed the bow. I think she looks so better. Or? more on Brickshelf Thanks you for the answer. Capt. K
  22. Captain K.

    WIP HMS Borea

    This is not a problem! She looks like a frigate. Is just only smaller. Yes, I think this now, too. I will revise her. Thanks, Capt. K
  23. Captain K.

    WIP HMS Borea

    A sloop with three masts, please look here: Capt. K
  24. Captain K.

    WIP: Achille and Guerrière, French Frigates of 28 guns

    Wow, very great ship! I love it so much. Good work! Capt. K
  25. Captain K.

    update my HMS Leopard

    Hello, thank you for your answers and notes. @ Perfectionist, Admiral Croissant There is still something to improve anyway. @ Capt.JohnPaul The ship has 60 cannons. Capt. K