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  1. Wow, these teaser pictures looks really promising!
  2. Picked this up three days ago with big expectation, especially for the B-model. Based on the pictures I've seen on the 24h Car I was unsure if I should buy it or not, but the B-model made me do so. I started building the A-model and got VERY IMPRESSED. The model is much bigger than I thought, very sturdy and it was an amazing 5-6h build. The next day I took it apart to build the B-model which I was looking forward to. My expectations was higher than the result and I actually got a bit disappointed. On the other hand, I am really satisfied with the A-model so I just finished building it again. For all of you who's not having the 42039 on the store shelves yet, save your money because you will really want this one!
  3. Alexe

    [TC6] Lamborghini Huracan

    Wow, that is an awesome start you got there! I hope you succeed to catch the front as well as you did with the back so far :)
  4. Looking forward to see this set in the stores. Seems to be a lot of empty space to RC both the A and B model. Has anyone who owns this set tried it out yet? Would be nice to see some options before I order mine!