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    Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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    I am an adult Lego Enthusiast and am a Member of IndyLUG (Indiana Lego User's Group). I also display a IndyLUG shows and events. I also try to participate in Brickworld Chicago each year as work schedules permit. Maybe you'll see me there!
    I build mostly fantasy-style castle and pirate themes with a hint of Steampunk. I also like Space themes. I do dabble in building Train engines as well.
    Most of my fantasy-castle models are related to the video game Final Fantasy IV.
    To pay the bills I'm otherwise known as a professional web developer.


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  1. will be displaying at Brickworld Indy in March with; Castle Baron, Bellerophon, Constitution, and the FF Airships! Check for details

  2. Paladin

    How many cannon do you have?

    It's funny 15 years ago I could have told you exactly how many I have...LOL since they were so rare and sought after in my collection. Now I'd simply have to estimate...somewhere in the neighborhood of 150+ Most of mine are the old non-shooting dark-grey kind with the crossed-cannons motif emblazoned on the top. probably 80% are in red carriages, 15% in old brown, and the remaining 5% are in green (from the Armada flagship...I had 10 of those I picked up on closeout at a Toys-R-Us when Lego discontinued the classic pirates line). I do have some of the old full-action shooting style, but those all came from BrickLink in the states the full-shooting type were banned...originally. Actually as an oddity, and some of you older guys may have seen these, I have at least one or two of the "disabled" shooting style. They have a black breech-tail which moves like the full shooting type, but there is no spring, instead a round tube of plastic allows the breech-tail to move only a little bit. Placing a 1x1 round brick in the muzzle and flicking the breech with the finger fires the cannon a very short, weak distance. These were first available in the States, but then quickly replaced by the non-shooters for the duration of classic pirates. Currently I have about 20 of the new metallic-black cannon, which I think are very nice looking. Hope to make a good collection of these and the new soldier's figs...for as long the "Cannon Battle" set is available
  3. Paladin

    Presenting my current WIP: HMS Victory

    This build is most impressive. The building techniques are really cool if not laborious and very detailed -- which will make for a much more satisfying finished project! I love the "built" cannon, and the hull "planking" techinque! Going full minifig scale is always a challenge and you look off to a great start. Will be a treat to see this model fully completed, best of luck on the build! ...(isn't that really the fun part anyway)
  4. Paladin

    CONTEST: Pimp your IMTP ship!

    Very nice rendition Bonaparte! Nice snot work on the wheel casings. Great rigging. You inspire me to build better sir! I actually have a very long standing "pimped" IMTP ship as it were. It's called the Tripoli and uses the correct boat hulls, I never had the IMTP set so I built mine using the two copies of set 6057 (Castle :: Black Knights :: Sea Serpent). Givng it a blue / black / white color scheme. It's very old (16+ years now) but I know I have it around somewhere. If I can find it I shall repair it and take pictures. I might spruce it up but I think I will enter it as it is. Should it win a contest I would be rather amazed, but it fits the description of this topic. At one time it had side wheels, as did a contemporary version of my ship Potempkin some of you may have seen. However Bonaparte's version of this type of ship with side wheels is far more elegant. Mine simply had large 40-tooth technic gears attached to either side 8-| ....ahem I was 11... :-P Actually I read your description of your ship in the entry thread Bonaparte, and the irony doesn't end with the side wheels. Tripoli was actually built as an Imperial Barge for my avatar at the time (in answer to a similar ship my friend built, but out of his IMTP ship since he actually had the set. He was kind enough to lend me the instructions so I could base mine upon said ship). Anyway I think I found a reason for a quick build session this weekend!
  5. Paladin

    USS Constitution: a work in progress

    I quite intend to do so next year! This year I had committed to the NMRA Train show in Detroit so I couldn't swing time off to display at both shows. Next year though, definitely doing it. Constitution and Bellerophon will most certainly be there. Depending on how the train/town section comes together they may be displayed on my "Independance Harbor" section I'm also hoping to do some pretty awesome castle-themed stuff too. Last year one of the guys from IndyLUG coordinated the Brickworld castle I'm hoping to work with him and some of the other castle guys to do something in that area too.
  6. Paladin

    USS Constitution: a work in progress

    This looks to be a very impressive project. You appear to be off to a great start. You're correct in some of your previous posts about some parts of the Constitution being radically different from the way she sits today, especially the stern galleries and the beakhead. I think they changed throughout the years because... #1, when she was on active duty and went into battle these parts of the ship would receive a lot of damage and wouldn't always be rebuilt correctly. #2, Later in life she was covered with a shed like structure which altered a lot of her upper works and until the 1992 reconstruction she was in various altered configurations. I believe that they are currently working on a major overhaul of the ship, which may include rebuilding parts of the upper works to their 1812 configuration...or at least that's what THIS seems to say. There are two very good books I used when I built my model you may be interested in: OLD IRONSIDES, The Rise, Decline, and Resurrection of USS Constitution by Thomas Gillmer. This book is somewhat a history book and somewhat a synopsis of the 1992 reconstruction. It has a lot of really great information, especially about how the ship changed over the years. You can order it directly from the USS Constitution Museum: HERE The Frigate Constitution and Other Historic Ships by F. Alexander Magoun This is also a really great reference on the ship with layouts and sail plans, although the book you already have may contain most of this already. It's a really good book though nonetheless. Looks like Amazon has sellers that offer the book but doesn't sell it directly. I found an old copy at a library and had Borders order me one using the ISBN. Amazon lists two ISBN numbers, so if you're interested you might try to order it through a local bookseller: ISBN-10: 0486255247 ISBN-13: 978-0486255248 Here are a couple of official navy sites you might find interesting: Good luck with the build!
  7. Paladin

    The Phantom

    There aren't any left yet this summer that I know of. However there was one last June and it will be held again next year. It's called BrickWorld and is in a suburb of Chicago. This doesn't appear to be to far from Minnesota to be out of the question. It would be a great place to show off that MOC among other AFOLs and the public. They appeared to have a great public attendance on the public show days. I only visited last year, but probably 90% of IndyLUG (the LUG I belong to) displayed there as well as many other members of LUG's and LTC's and independants. In fact the guy who organized Brickworld recently moved to just north of Indianapolis and has joined our LUG. As well there were vendors on hand, like BrickForge and BrickArms selling custom equipments. The guys that have done Brickfest and participated in this event say it was very similar to that event. Also when I participated in this year's National Train Show with the other ILTCO member clubs, some of the guys who normally do that show were talking about participating in Brickworld because next years NTS is in California. Anywya I know I am going next year as an exhibitor, as well as taking Bellerophon and Constitution (and my space, train, and castle stuff too) I'm sure I can find out any current details on next year's show, if anyone is interested in the dates. Last year there was a participation fee of something like $60, so that's a consideration, but the venue they've reserved is worth it IMO. It's a beautiful hotel and convention hall. Here's a decent gallery of the general fare featured last year: or just search "Brickworld" on BrickShelf.
  8. Paladin

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    I chose the Soldiers, because they remind me of American Revolutionary Army Soldiers. They were the figs I used for my American army in battles against a friend of mine who used the Imperial Guards as British Red Coats. However they're both good, and LEGO should make more of 'em, IMO. Really they both work well for those of you with British MOCs. The blues can be naval officers (especially the rare Blue Admiral fig) and the reds can be Marines.
  9. Paladin

    The Phantom

    LOL...those pictures make quite an impressive statement! Especially the rigging shot. My HMS Bellerophon is hard to judge too. I may have to take some shots of it with something like that...I have an Imperial Flagship set around somewhere...
  10. Paladin

    The Phantom

    8-o I'm not sure what to say here other than WOW...maybe. This is a *wonderful* ship design, absolutely stunning. I love the extreme detailing going on. I *really* like the use of lattice panes hung from the shutter hinges to create angled windows that is one technique I will definately remember. There are so many other things I've seen on this MOC that are well done it would take to long to list them all. Congratulations on such a wonderful creation!
  11. Paladin

    Semaphore station with guard tower's very interesting to see a MOC like this. Very good idea, and something a sea-side fort should not be without.
  12. Paladin

    POTC 3 - From a Pirate LEGO Fanatics Perspective

    M&C was focused on a number of things including the characters, ships, factual naval combat, and life aboard a British frigate in the Napoleonic era. Which, are what Patrick O'Brian's novels are about. However POTC is an action movie. Action movies revolve around the characters solving a problem of some kind. Therefore, by it's nature the movie will focus mainly on the characters themselves. I don't hate POTC, I aired most of my grievances in my previous's just another processed action movie to me. Some are a bit better than others to me but they're all essentially the same. Let me put it this way, if I have a large group of friends over for an evening of entertainment, including beer, pizza, and some light, mindless entertainment that everybody is sure to at least be entertained by I would put in POTC. It's pretty good for that. But I could sub in almost any action movie... When I sit down to watch M&C it's generally by myself or with someone who will enjoy it with me (I have a few friends that thoroughly enjoyed the film). I pour myself a Pusser's ( or perhaps turn it into Grog. Dim down the lights, crank the Home Theatre and lose myself in the late 18th century aboard the HMS Surprise for about 2 hours and some change. *sweet*
  13. Paladin

    POTC 3 - From a Pirate LEGO Fanatics Perspective

    Ever since the first POTC movie when solid shot was causing random, inexplicable explosions when the Black Pearl was bombarding the port...I have not been a huge fan. I find this movie barely entertaining, if only because I can stomach the naval theme. Johnnie Depp is one of my favorite actors (I'm a fan of Tim Burton films as well) so his character acting at least is entertianing to me. However I'd sooner put in "Sleepy Hollow", "The Ninth Gate" (EXCELLENT movie BTW), or "Edward Scissorhands" first... However the heavy-handed Disney formula is all over this piece (obviously since they made it). The two dolt British red-coat marines were annoying, just like the stupid comic relief pair in every recent Disney movie is. I thought the part on the cannibal island in the second movie where Depp's character is falling was like a live action cartoon and such was rather stupid. I found POTC to be more along the lines of Richard Donner's "The Goonies" than anything else. I think I like "The Goonies" better too...must be because they "R Good Enough" Speilburg's Peter Pan movie "Hook" is more entertaining for my money. Heck, give me Disney's own original "Swiss Family Robinson" film, I liked THAT better! For my taste "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" is THE historical naval action film of the decade not the POTC trilogy. It's a shame that a sequel was not made for that film (nor is it likely that there will be one). It was left open ended enough to allow for it. I can't believe that people thought that film was boring and didn't have enough action. I guess story and character development, as well as real acting, realistic battle sequences, are above the unwashed masses these days that crave 'splosions and CG. It's evident that movies like POTC are geared towards the lowest common denominator and young children to drive box office sales and entertain almost everyone. Just like most Hollywood trash is these days. At least it's not trying to make an overt political statement about global warming or saving Darfur or some other "in-vogue" Hollywood activism thing like every movie seems to be required to address these days, which is a relief. As for the most recent movie, I haven't seen it but I haven't heard much about it either. That's generally not a good sign. No "box office record" news. No rave reviews. The few people I know that have seen it thought it was just "OK". Which doesn't bode well for me, because even the best parts of the first film were just "OK" to me. Here are some other historical naval movies you might consider... "Mutiny on the Bounty" (1935) Featuring Charles Laughton A real classic, really well done for it's age...although the keel-hauling scene will make you laugh... "Captain Horatio Hornblower" (1951) Featuring Gregory Peck Hard to find but worth it, fairly realistic naval action... "John Paul Jones" (1959) Featuring Robert Stack Also hard to find, but also worth it. One of my favorites. "H.M.S. Defiant" (aka "Damn the Defiant" - 1962) Featuring Alec Guiness Really quite good, about the fleet-wide mutiny "The Bounty" (1984) Featuring Anthony Hopkins More recent, required viewing IMO, nice early piece for later stars Mel Gibson, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Liam Neeson. Or A&E's Horatio Hornblower Mini-series featuring Ioan Gruffudd... Though fairly low budget, it's really quite good and I enjoy watching it regularly (about once a year) ...which would all be time better spent IMHO.
  14. Paladin

    LEGO's own pirate ship?

    Those appear to be the same ship to me... Although it's a pirate ship, It reminds me of the very much of early English ships of the line, like the "Sovereign of the Seas"
  15. Paladin

    The Revenge...

    I really like this! A very nice variant on the BSB design and theme. The details are very nice. I like the reversed 1x1 plates used on the forecastle, and of course the internals of the stern cabin. I really like the sails and the custom decals, they look wonderful. It looks like a late 16th or early 17th century English war galleon (a little bit sleeker than what I would call Spanish...a "race built" if you wish although the stern is a bit tall for that moniker). At first I wondered if you choose the name "Revenge" from Sir Francis Drake's famous ship, however from the authentic pirate flag and actually reading your post I see that this is clearly a bow to Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge *sweet* Very cool!