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  1. I guess so. Maybe the 16+ is just because this is intended to be more a display model than a toy and TLG don't want every 10 year old kid to be disappointed about the lack of playability.
  2. I can see no reason why they couldn't make a simple handheld transmitter using BT protocol. Smart doesn't necessarily mean a 200 euro smartphone when a 1 euro microcontroller will do just fine.
  3. Now this would be interesting, since it would probably mean WeDo, NXT, EV3 and PF stuff working nicely together. I just wonder whether widespread use of those RJ12-style connectors will prove to be a major pain due to the easily breakable connector latches. On the other hand, the Mindstorms line has already had them for quite a while.
  4. Making a brushless speed controller integrated into the PF motor itself is rather trivial, it can totally be done and it would work just fine with the current PF IR receivers, just as the PF servo does. But I'd still say probably not. A brushless motor would be very expensive compared to the current PF motors.