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  1. I couldn't find bug list for 4.3.10 so I am reporting a repeatable bug. It seems my LDD 4.3.10 does not like to handle large number of 16x16 plates. I can get up to around 800 of such plates but at 1000+ LDD just quits. No error message, no prompt to save, nothing it's just quit. Also is LEGO server down? I keep getting internet access fail when I start LDD.
  2. Lego Otaku

    REVIEW: 70922 The Joker Manor

    Looks like a fun build! LEGO does not have the instruction online yet, can you post picture showing how the bomb were made, specifically the top part using plant part? I look forward to more of official roller coaster parts.
  3. this is where I first ound it. 10.5Kg or about 23 pounds, 200cm, 30cm tall, and it seems to be about 1/5th of minifig scale but it does work moving prefabricated bridge girder section onto bridge support. The machine can pick up a section 2.56Kg (5.6lbs) and carry it over the gap. Here's the video of a real machine in action (greatly sped up) I suspect many of the long time experienced AFOLers would have a hard time coming up with something this complex and be fully working.
  4. R2 did fix the hyperdrive in the end and Luke (missing a hand) was onboard as well. Also Lando! Maybe only 10 minutes of movie time but I'll add those minifigs. Thankfully hand are easy to remove from minifig so Luke can match the movie counterpart. 10179 was available for a few years before it was retired. Death Star 10188 lasted like 7 or 8 years so this new set will likely last some years.
  5. So there's an useless Hyperdrive Compressor in the cockpit waiting to be ripped out like in EP7? Tax? Know what sucks? $800 US is like 715 Euro so if you didn't need to deal with VAT and had a cheap way to ship it, it would have been cheaper to buy one in USA!!!
  6. Lego Otaku

    First Set You Couldn't Buy

    The infamous yellow castle set. My brother and I wanted it. We saw and drooled over that in the catalog. We also saw it in a local Sears (when they still had great toy section) but we could never save enough to get one, we kept blowing our allowances on smaller LEGO sets and candy.
  7. Lego Otaku

    LEGO Errors!

    A couple I remember. One a recent Creator set had an unusual picture glitch on the house, like a crappy Picasso picture where a normal piece should be. A few years ago one of the small PotC set had picture showing shiny gold brick pieces but only flat gold pieces were included.
  8. There *is* a way to add custom part but it is not supported or endorsed on this forum because LDD is supposed to be closed. If LEGO were to open up LDD and offer detail on how to create and add custom part like LDraw does, this would really open up possibilities including getting oh about the first 30 years worth of discontinued parts added to LDD. Early Technics can be done (1xN plates with holes at end for example), Monorail sets, early motor stuff, etc. And the sets in LDD thread would really explode with about 5,000 new sets that can be done. Until then, all we can do is dream and keep pestering in most wanted part for LDD thread.
  9. Lego Otaku

    LDD: Friend or Foe?

    LDD has some pluses and minuses. The biggest plus is it's crazy easy to use for people who aren't familiar with any kind of 3D CAD and just want to get going in simple and easy project. The minuses are: it was never designed for use with really large project. Some computer starts to slow down when you reach around 10,000 parts and very few people have gone past 50,000 parts without crashing. The largest project I've done was over 400,000 parts and it took like a minute just to rotate the whole view. Also LDD generally don't have older parts that were discontinued more than 10-15 years ago so some older LEGO sets can't be recreated correctly. Since LDD is still closed, hack and custom part files aren't allowed on this forum. LDraw is open and can have any parts added by users and they have dang near every parts LEGO ever made in the last 50+ years but it is much more difficult to use for beginners.
  10. Lego Otaku

    LDD Error

    8 teeth = each teeth is off set by 45 degrees. You want to rotate one gear so the teeth doesn't overlap and that means half a teeth offset: 22.5 degrees. Gears were never auto adjusted in LDD, you have to manually adjust each shaft to add gear. Divide number of teeth on new gear you want to use by 360 to get degree per teeth, Then rotate the target shaft half that so teeth won't overlap. And you also need to remember new shaft placed in are set at 0 or 90 degree so it is possible the next shaft won't need to be rotated. If you think it's annoying, try runninh chain links or treadmill links. Each one has to be manually adjusted and all the gears hopefully are adjusted correctly for the entire link chain to fit in. Not many people can handle this part correctly.
  11. Lego Otaku

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Went to 2 stores and neither had sand green pieces or anything "wow cool" but I still came out with a fair number of pieces that I'm likely to use: (EDIT: 2 large and one small cup total) 27 white 1x2-2x2 bracket 62 black 1x2-2x2 bracket 46 black 1x4 cutved slope 19 clear 1x2x2 panel 3 dk grey 4x4 plate 14 lt grey 4x4 plate 16 tan 4x4 plate 10 tan 4x6 plate 38 black 1x4 brick 211 lt grey 1x4 brick 37 lt grey 1x3 brick 15 dk grey 1x2 brick 10 lt grey 1x4 brick with 4 studs on side 116 white 1x2 panel 82 white 1x1 corner panel 65 lt grey 1x1 brick with 1 stud on side 44 green 1x1 headlight brick The store in Great Lakes Crossing (LEGO Discovery Center) in Auburn has larger PAB wall but a lot of bins are empty or repeats. It's like there's more demand for PAB parts than they can supply. The store in Troy were a bit better, their wall were full with 2 duplicate bins.
  12. Lego Otaku

    [MOC] Fireplace

    I think the little tree on the left side needs some water... it's looking a bit bare. Nice look, especially with the light.
  13. Lego Otaku

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    You make me jealous
  14. I still think it needs gravity check. Parts can be made to float in strange way with current and all of past LDD. A gravity check can reveal any "lost" parts by having it drop down. Also reveal what could be a design or structure problem so you don't end up buying 6,000 pieces off Bricklink and put it together only to find out it falls apart because you left out a few critical pieces.
  15. If LEGO considers LDD discontinued and only new parts are supported, maybe they can consider making one thing open: ability to create and add custom parts like LDraw. Users versed in 3D CAD could then create custom or export LDraw files to LDD format and share it. I would love to see full Monorail stuff so 3 sets and 2 expansion tracks can be added to LDD sets plus a lot of early technic parts like 1xn plates, early steering elements, etc so some early Technic sets can also be done. Right now it's not open and adding custom parts are not supported or permitted on this forum. People can share picture but not the modified file or how-to instruction.
  16. Looks like stud to stud contact is allowed but I doubt this can work with real brick due to raised LEGO logo on studs and would bend other parts slightly out of system. LDD file: I was trying to build a green recycle and trash bin on wheel similar to a picture I saw and when I got to the back end, it just doesn't look right. Using 4.3.10 that I just updated recently.
  17. Lego Otaku

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    So sad it didn't make the cut. Can anyone explain how the tasty looking roof was done? Maybe a quick LDD file?
  18. Fan pressure or not, LEGO will not go for new licenses unless they are sure the sets will be profitable, will not conflict with something else, and will not cost LEGO a lot to get license.
  19. I think it'd be more like victory by attrition. LEGO has considerable assest and can afford to drag anyone to court over every little incident. Counterfeiter like Lepin may not have much in their assest and could be bankrupted before the court settles the case or if they survived and the court doesn't rule in LEGO's favor, they may not have much money left to survive for long.
  20. If LEGO and China succeeds in keeping Lepin from releasing any more sets, it's going to screw sellers who pre-sold new sets on sites like Aliexpress and eBay.
  21. Lego Otaku

    Is there anything from the OT that has not been built?

    ^^ bump ^^ We need an "I am your father" set! Let's not forget the duel with Luke and Darth Vader in Cloud City, in the giant vertical shaft. We had a carbon freezing chamber that can easily be used for duel in play set but there's nothing to play after that. We need a platform with hand rails that can easily split apart during the duel, a bundle of towers that gets "cut" off, and another bundle of towers where Luke was pinned before he jumped down the shaft to escape from Darth Vader. Wondering if LEGO would release Luke minifig with one hand only as his right hand got chopped off during the duel.
  22. Lego Otaku

    Forum Upgrade

    Same thing here, and in other sub forum. I can only see the main forum or the individual threads that are linked elsewhere but I can't see sub forums which prevents me from seeing new threads or making new threads. Using Windows 10, 64 bits. Chrome browser Version 53.0.2785.116 m which is already current, and not sure what else to try.
  23. Lego Otaku

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I've seen the picture of ET set coming soon. The minifig is very cute and I definitely want to get it but I don't like the ugly phone. I don't remember ET ever using a red phone at all. Does anyone have picture or instruction for ET phone that looks like the one in movie?
  24. Something is wrong with v39 instruction. v39 is sized to fit USA letter paper if one choose to print out but when I downloaded it, I got only 2 pages and it looks like someone forgot to include the rest of the instruction! v29 downloaded correctly although people who intended to print them in letter size is going to see margin problem. Anyway to tell LEGO that their v39 of instruction book for 75093 Star Wars Final Duel set is badly messed up and missing everything but 2 ad pages.
  25. Lego Otaku

    Shipping prices on Bricklink

    Shipping from USA is horrible. I've gotten contacted for quote request on sets from USA to wherever they lived. Even at first class, shipping can be $20-$30 for one small to medium sized sets (under 500 pieces) I remember a time when I could ship a 500 piece boxed set for under $10.