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  1. alexb420

    MOC: Police Station

    Very cool building! Good use of space on the interior.
  2. alexb420

    [MOC, WIP] Suburban Home

    Sorry for such a late reply! It will never be in real bricks as it's 3,000+ pieces currently. I'm not the biggest fan of LDD either, maybe I need to stick to building smaller houses.
  3. alexb420

    WIP - Town Layout - Brickeyville

    Looking quite good!
  4. alexb420

    [MOC, WIP] Suburban Home

    Update: The first floor interior is completed. Now I'm working on building the second floor... Roofing can be complicated at times.
  5. alexb420

    Review Review: 60057 Camper Van

    I think the car and caravan is my favorite... Still, the new set looks very nice. I might have to pick one up.
  6. alexb420

    Updating the Classics: 12 New Additions

    The family car is my favorite here. :)
  7. alexb420

    [MOC] Fire Station

    Nice work. I think this might look even better in the fire brigade color scheme.
  8. alexb420

    [MOC] Apartment and Coffee Shop - Modular

    The interior detail is very nice. Overall, very nice.
  9. alexb420

    MOC - My Second Modular Building/House

    Great improvements! I'm not sure how much bigger this house is than the other one, but I feel space is managed much more efficiently. The new and improved bathroom is much better than the old house's. Nice work, I would be happy to move in! Haha P.S. How do you upload images from Brick Safe to EB?
  10. alexb420

    MOC Fire engine/ladder

    I like it! It has a very European look to it. :)
  11. alexb420

    [MOC, WIP] Suburban Home

    Thanks! Yes, it's 1,532 pieces right now. I don't think this one will ever be brought into real bricks. I know that feeling... The floor in the dining room is brown tiles, it would show up in a rendering. As far as the windows... I'm not sure if they're right either, but for now I'm going to keep them. With some landscaping in front it should look better. Furniture is challenging to build well. Definitely an area I can improve on. P.S. Houses similar to these are my inspiration for this project:
  12. alexb420

    Student Nation

    Very nicely done. Impressive amount of detial.
  13. alexb420

    (MOC) Build myself a Hotrod...

    Looks mean! Like Poisso3 said, the front of the car should be lower than the back... I think it would look more "hot-rod".
  14. alexb420

    [MOC, WIP] Suburban Home

    Hello all. This is my first "real" post here on EB. A few days ago I started something a little out of the ordinary for me. For months I've been trying to model the American Suburban home. Always unsuccessfully for one main reason. Lack of parts... So I finally decided to have a go in LDD. Here are some pictures of what it looks like so far: Suburban home 1st floor WIP (1) by alexb420, on Flickr Suburban home 1st floor WIP (2) by alexb420, on Flickr Suburban home 1st floor WIP (3) by alexb420, on Flickr I'm running out of materials for flooring. What are some other flooring options? Feedback and constructive criticism is much appreciated!