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  1. Since I last posted the latest Colour Files of LDD, I still discovered a small number of typos and mistakes in those files. As a result, a new and improved ZIP folder can be downloaded here. Please refer to the previous post for additional instructions regarding how to use these files. Thanks in advance! List of Second Round Changes “localizedStrings.loc” file under the “EN” folder: Made sure that there is a space between all “Tr.” and the next word (some I forgot to fix last time) and other minor typos fixed. “localizedStrings.loc” file under the “DE” folder: Additional text localisation applied for many Colours (e.g., Lemon→Zitrone, Cool→Cooles, Warm→Warmes, Metallic→Metallisk) and other minor typos fixed, all “Light” changed to “Helles” and all “Medium” changed to “Mittel” (when I last updated this file a number of “Medium” were accidentally changed to “Helles” while others remained as “Medium”, while most “Light” were not changed at all), changed the last few “Blue” into “Blau” and “Green” into “Grün” (“grün” is always used when incorporated into the back of a word).
  2. Here’s a quick update regarding how LDD runs on my new laptop which I finally received on October 22, which I was able to upgrade to Windows 11 straight away. Regarding LDD, I simply copied all relevant files onto here directly and pinned “LDD.exe” itself (without creating any programme shortcuts elsewhere) onto my Taskbar. LDD requires at least “128 MB” of “Dedicated Video Memory” to operate and the “Intel Card” only has “128 MB” which is the bare minimum, so I’ve set the “NVIDIA Card” as my default Graphics Card as it has up to “2048 MB GDDR6” of “Dedicated Video Memory”. Using LDD on Windows 11 is no different compared to Windows 10 and I was able to resume building immediately; but one setting I did change was the “scale” value within the Windows “Display” settings from the default and recommended “150%” down to “125%”, as this can help prevent the topmost and bottommost parts of the main Colour Menu of LDD Extended to be covered and not accessible (for the Paint Tool Colour Menu, the last row of “Legacy” Colours will unfortunately still be covered unless the “scale” value is further reduced to 100%, which I do not recommend as everything proved to be too small for me). Regarding how LEGO Applications such as LDD work with multi-touch interactive surfaces, I recently stumbled upon this excellent research article discussing relevant information plus a new touch-based software the authors developed based on existing ones: It was published in 2011 but the information is still quite interesting considering technological advancements since then till now.
  3. Just noticed three new issues in LDD, and apart from a weird colour glitch, the other two can be considered collision bugs as only certain design combinations are not possible in real life while most combinations are working perfectly fine. All Bricks with issues are in Bright Red while other normal Bricks are in Medium Stone Grey as shown below. Part 6190 Telephone Receiver: this old part is almost fully working, but when attaching it onto either one of the three upright holders, it can currently slide too much towards each side and collide with either side of the holder base itself. Although not included above, I later checked other holders (such as the four flat 1x1 and the two new flat 1x2) and the same issue appeared. Part 27448 Turntable 2x2: At the moment it is possible to misplace most Bricks with Shafts or Sticks within this new Brick, but other regular Bricks do not exhibit this behaviour. Part 37091 and 37092: I noticed this a while back but only remembered to mention it now, basically something is wrong with the colours of both Bricks and they will appear to be mostly glowing in White no matter what Colour is selected, as displayed in the menu and also after inserting them. My Windows 10 Laptop is always up-to-date with the latest software and drivers, so I’m guessing that the weird colour glitch regarding 37091/37092 should appear for others too. P.S.: my new touch-screen laptop will finally arrive by the end of October (after a four-month-long wait, sigh...) with slightly better specifications than my current one (equipped with a newer NVidia Graphics Card and the latest Gen 11 i7 Intel CPU), so I will be able to test LDD on there as well, especially how LDD can function using touch-screen and tablet mode. Keep up the great work!
  4. I found two more recently added Bricks that can currently be misplaced in LDD, so use them carefully for the time being. Part 43909 Cone 2x2x2 Inverted: this can currently be placed incorrectly due to missing collision at the curved slopes. Part 78267 Solar Panel Sheet: this can be placed anywhere including being inserted into a Base Plate incorrectly, and is the only Sheet Element that can be misplaced for now. P.S., During a recent project, I noticed that Part 50254 Trainwheel Ø8.2/14.6 and other Train Wheels can now be automatically attached to both types of Straight Rails (74746 and 53401) and the straight sections of the Right and Left Points (75541 and 75542), but none of the Train Wheels can be attached directly to either Part 3228 Straight Rail or Part 64022 Flex Rail. Although it is quite easy to use scaffolding to complete these (fake) connections, I wonder if adding such connectivity is possible and beneficial, at least for Part 3228 Straight Rail (for the Flex Rail, I guess not as none of the Curved rails or the curved sections of the Right and Left Points have such connections which seem to be harder to add).
  5. Thank you for the information. I understand that Collision Data does take a while to add, so the post was just a reminder for everyone to avoid placing those Bricks in question too close to each other for the time being (not sure about the Stop Sign though, unless it actually involves culling). Keep up the great work as usual.
  6. Here is a screenshot containing Bricks with missing Collision in LDD together with an old issue I encountered a few years ago. Highlight: An old issue with Part 3900 Sign - Stop: when inserting this into a Plate 1x2 With 1 Knob (3794/15573) the Knob disappears, although this might be part of culling which is an optimisation (all studs underneath other parts get removed, this improves handling a lot), but having this displayed visually is unusual as this is the only 3.2 Shaft inserted into either Plate 1x2 With 1 Knob to display such behaviour. The other Bricks in Bright Red all have missing Collision which will be added eventually, so they can currently be misplaced.
  7. I understand now, please remove LDD version 4.3.12 completely and install LDD version 4.3.11 correctly before adding the new custom parts.
  8. Was posting on mobile so forgot to say welcome! Try downloading the Pre-release version of 20210828 on GitHub to see if there is any difference. Regarding the additional question, you are correct that once the db.lif is extracted, rename it and back it up somewhere, then do click yes when overwriting all files from the latest release. The only file some users may need to update manually is the DecorationMapping.xml if they have imported custom Decorations into LDD just like I have (manually replace the contents of the file to include your own custom entries in every new update). For the rest of the issues, not sure how they are caused but may be related to computer graphics. My previous laptop had both an Intel Display Card and an NVidia Graphics Card, and LDD would often crash when using the Intel Card. Back in the day, I even emailed the LDD development team and they suggested that I use the NVidia Card as a default for opening LDD. The main problem here is that LDD requires at least 128 MB of Dedicated Video Memory, and Intel Cards usually only provide 128 MB on Windows 10, so a better Graphics Card is usually preferred.
  9. Not sure what the issue is, but the latest version on GitHub to be used this time should be the Pre-release version, or the latest Dropbox version can be used (both are version 20210828). If installed correctly, all parts should show up normally without errors. Try doing this to see if the issue still exists, as I don’t recall seeing errors regarding this part in my own installation.
  10. Thanks for the speedy fixes. Oddly enough, the latest 210828.lxf file still shows that the White Dog 29602 got removed with the error message appearing when opening the file, even though the dog is now properly positioned. All of the other missing dog face Decorations have finally reappeared, so just this weird thing left. I can also report that everything else is working normally. BTW, could the new method of creating Decorations for the 2x6 Tile be shared so that I know how to correct my own custom 2x6 Decorations? I normally create them using the dimensions of an actual 2x6 Tile: 1.5 cm times 4.5 cm, then I scale it up until the height equals 1024 Pixels then compress the width into 1024 Pixels before adding into LDD. This always worked for most non-regular Decorations in the past but I guess there is now a new method to output 2x6 Decorations with the new UV Mapping being used. Thanks in advance!
  11. The new lxf file still says two Bricks were removed and one removed due to being placed incorrectly. I checked again and the issue with the dogs are still there: missing Decoration for Part 26078 (dog face) and the White 29602 removed as the Brick Yellow version next to it is placed horizontally. I compared the latest file with the three screenshots posted and found this. I will download the Pre-release Github version and check again. Thanks for the clarification on the rest of the items.
  12. New bug: something went wrong with the latest version of the 2x6 (Flat) Tile. The existing 733231 and all of my custom Decorations for this surface got stretched weirdly so some of the contents are now displayed as distorted and other elements are now not displayed as the graphics are cut off. The latest two Adidas Decorations are displayed properly though, so I wonder what went wrong here.
  13. Found one of the culprits: the three Dog faces on Brick 26078 are missing, and it was the White version of Part 29602 which got removed as the Brick Yellow version is placed horizontally, perhaps this was the fourth Decoration being removed? On a side note, the Olive Green version of the Left Creature Arm 28232 is not Decorated, although it appears to be in the images and can be manually added back so not really a big isse.
  14. Seems that the Dropbox version is newer than the GitHub version, so use this version instead. UPDATE: When I opened the latest 210828.lxf file, Brick 29602 got removed due to it being placed incorrectly. Also, four Decorations seems to be missing so they are not displayed, but I still need time to identify which four, so I will edit my post later when I have located them.