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  1. Thanks for the info, if that is the case nothing should be changed here. However, 15535 just might benefit from being re-positioned back onto the ground vertically (being an odd one out within similar Plates) so this will be another suggestion to consider as long as the change will not break too many existing models.
  2. Just noticed a slightly odd behaviour with two LDD Parts. As shown above, a Part 15535 and a Part 18674 have been inserted, when placed horizontally like you usually would nothing is wrong, but when inserting them vertically the 15535 is clearly positioned slightly higher than the 18674 (height differences is less than one Plate); given that 15535 is a more recent addition perhaps it should be adjusted to match the other original Parts. On the other hand, Part 4740 is currently not aligned within one of the LDD base Grid Squares like other similar Plates. Since this was an official Part for a long time and was only recently modified to enable Decorations, perhaps this Part should be re-aligned if this was not its original position (which I cannot check back now).
  3. Welcome! Please post in the supporting topic next time. For your question, once you extract the rar file, just copy all files into the corresponding position. For the Palettes folder in the rar file, please copy all its contents into the corresponding Palettes folder in your PC. Please extract the LDD.lif and LDDExtended.lif in the same way you extracted the db.lif file before you copy things over, then replace all files when prompted. For the db folder, first extract the db.lif file on your PC, then copy flies over and replace all when necessary. If you have added your own Decorations into LDD, please manually update the file DecorationMapping.xml on your PC. If you have added your own Colours into LDD, please manually update all colour-related files.
  4. Due to the latest LDD updates, the PDF Guide regarding Decoration Sizes in LDD had to be updated again to add new information regarding newly added decoratable Brick surfaces. However, I just noticed this evening that the additional information for outputting Decorations of Part 3024 Plate 1×1 (Front Vertical Surface) and Part 3023 Plate 1×2 (Front Vertical Surface) had been accidentally swapped. I checked the original information provided here and corrected the PDF Guide immediately, with the correct information as follows: Decorations for Part 3024 Plate 1×1 (Front Vertical Surface) being a 1:2 Square after being scaled-up and the shorter side enlarged, while Decorations for Part 3023 Plate 1×2 (Front Vertical Surface) being a 1:4 Square after being scaled-up and the shorter side enlarged. Once the error was fixed, new information was added such as the surfaces of Bricks and Plates With Bow, more variations of Plates and Flat Tiles, more Wall Elements and so on. Some of the text has also been updated to better separate and identify the different Bricks within the two tables. The latest PDF Guide can be downloaded here (same link as before), sorry for all inconveniences caused! EDIT: Latest PDF changed the publishing date to today and restored formatting (I accidentally deleted the original Word, oops, thank goodness for the PDF)!
  5. Thank you so much, I will download the latest files from GitHub later tomorrow then as some of these fixes will be important for a few of my current projects.
  6. Thanks for all the speedy fixes. Are the updated files published on both Dropbox and GitHub or have they not been uploaded yet? I just installed the Dropbox version again and the new fixes seem to be not applied yet.
  7. No problem, I will retrieve the exact Triangle with my Brick scan and begin there (the curved angles need to be precise). The two Flat Tile 2x6 are only shifted in the latest 220716.lxf file but none of my existing models are affected.
  8. Found it, the one next to the AT-AT Stickers is missing since the two Flat Tile 2x6 got moved sideways causing the Flat Tile 1x1 to be moved too, thus deleting the 2654.
  9. Unfortunately not, I guess you can check this file and compare it with yours, on my end there should have been two 2654 in the file but one got removed due to being placed incorrectly. I am trying to compare my file with your screenshot earlier but still cannot locate the missing 2654, If I do locate it I will post again.
  10. No problem on my end too. Hopefully, you had a chance to check the removed Part 2254 in the latest 220716.lxf file (I posted a file saved on my end earlier), I guess the other issues I mentioned can wait till the next update but do check the issues with 4261. For the Triangular Sign, I have decided to scan an actual copy of the Brick (I fortunately own one physical copy) and start from there, as the current Decorations all have gaps from the edges anyways and my custom designs are usually occupying the entire Sign without any gaps (the main thing to get right is the three curved corners of the Triangle then the rest of the details can be rescaled based on this, so the scan will help).
  11. Thanks, I guess newer versions contain the three torsos but with arms included? If that is the case, I might delete the files of this Brick as well. BTW, in case you want to check the latest 220716.lxf for the removed Part 2254, here is a copy saved on my end. Hopefully, you had time to look at the rest of the issues I mentioned as well (Part 32828, collisions for Part 35464 and Part 25195, Triangular Sign Decoration Mapping Image: I tried creating a custom Decoration using the current images but failed to do so, having a referencing image will be of great help). There was also the following info from an earlier post.
  12. Thanks for the info. Perhaps you could pinpoint the missing assembly file for the torso, as I’ve always copied and replaced all files in each release (except for the DecorationMapping.xml which I manually update) so everything should be installed properly. Please check these issues too.
  13. Just noticed one more issue: after the update, Part 11391 is still in an unknown category at the end of the Bricks menu, and now Part 9560 is in a second unknown category after the first. I’m guessing that 11391 should actually belong in one of the Minifigure categories while 9560 should belong in a Technic category? If not then perhaps the two Bricks can be placed into one unknown category instead of two separate ones, unless there is a good reason not to do so.
  14. Only just had time to install the update, thanks for all the hard work! So far, everything seems to be working fine, but when I opened the latest 220716.lxf file, one of the Part 2654 got removed as a misplaced Brick. Another issue is with Part 32828. As shown below, try attaching it through a 85861 plus a 3062 beneath, and even after being adjusted the very tip may still collide with the 85861. If the 32828 is only attached to a 85861, at the moment we can’t push the 32828 all the way upwards. Also, if there is still time, could collisions be added to Part 35464 Slope 45 1x1 Double as this is the only newer Slope missing such data partially? For Part 25195, only the tube section requires collision data to be added while the Plate 1x6 at the base is fine, so this should be easy to do too. I’d happily expect to see these two Bricks modified for the next update if these can’t be done soon. P.S., can the Decoration Mapping Image or Dimensions Data for Part 30259 Triangular Sign W. Snap be shared as I’m hoping to finally add some custom Triangular Warning Signs to my projects? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly for the next LDD update. Just a quick recap: Has Part 98107 been fixed as the only issue left is that nothing can be connected to the anti-studs at the moment? For other Bricks still requiring collision, please check my earlier post here. I understand that adding these data takes a long time, so the remaining Bricks in that post can be gradually fixed. Thanks for the continued efforts!