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  1. Very nice MOC ! So beautiful, that all parts are in order Look forward to building it !
  2. I think he meant 856 pages, not 856 steps.
  3. The cabin is well made, but the lifting mechanism remains quite intriguing. You have any ideas ?
  4. Two front linkage model. The first is not true to the original but remains realistic about the less large horsepower tractors: The second is when to him Fidela a reality: If the cylinders do not move to the outside, it is possible to move them indoors. Yellow liftarms, sonr mini pneumatic cylinders
  5. Although we note the two shock absorbers in the front, it would be positioned as the #42039 : The rear shock absorbers four out:
  6. For the BWE I would go for the McLaren P1. The new trend comes to electric for its cars.
  7. For # 42055 do not expect an excavator kind BAGGER. 3000 pieces really seems to me insufficient. The # 42054, I see it with a mulcher :
  8. That's LMP1! Compared to # 42039, is the day and night! A beautiful line no frills, very well thought suspension. very nice
  9. I hope there will be one, because it is the most beautiful creation of fire truck! This work is just beautiful. Beautiful curve, a perfect visual rendering, and video :thumbup:
  10. Despite the results, congratulations for this beautiful creation! I hope though that you create an assembly instruction
  11. Congrats to all the winners and contestants! Very beautiful creations, and difficult choice to make ! The very high level
  12. For speed, I spoke only of the forks. The rest suits him very well. But we can not have all the performance at the same time, and I understand your choice. In any case it will end up in my collection it.