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  1. Blake Baer

    [MOC] Erebor

    Thank you all for the comments! Ummm... and what if there isn't? ;)
  2. Blake Baer

    [MOC] Erebor

    Thank you all for the kind comments! I really appreciate them. Also, here is a video showing some motion for the windmill:
  3. Blake Baer

    [MOC] Erebor

    I have heard of some builders who do design their creations in CAD before they begin building, but Jack and I just liked to build from our heads. Its more fun and allows for creative room.
  4. Blake Baer

    [MOC] Erebor

    Hey all, Well, after almost 6 months of work, here it is. Erebor, I am proud to say, is the largest creation I have had the pleasure of working on and completing. I love the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings (from which Erebor is taken) so I really enjoy working on LEGO projects that pertain to that area. I had a blast working on this project. There is something so inherently satisfying about seeing a project like this come to a close and enjoying the attention it receives that really makes all the hard work worth it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... Erebor! Hope y'all like it! Please leave me a comment letting me know what you think. Check out the Flickr set for more pictures: Have a great day, -Blake Erebros by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr Erebor by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr
  5. Hey all, I haven't had the pleasure of browsing these forums as much as I would like, but I do stop in periodically to post the occasional creation. Here is my latest vignette, an entry for the MOCOlympics over on MOCpages. The category for this round was "apocalypse now" in which I was required to build the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. This is my take on the category. Enjoy! Have a great day, -Blake More pictures can be found on the MOCpage: The Four Horsemen by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr
  6. Blake Baer

    [MOC] WarScape Volume 4

    Hey all, Some of you may remember my previous WarScape creation ( In case you missed it, WarScape is a microscale castle adventure that is built in a modular form, and each module has a little substory attached to it that connects to an overall story. Its incredible fun. WarScape Series: Volume 1 by Sean and Steph Mayo Volume 2 by Blake Baer Volume 3 by LukeClarenceVan Anyhow, here is volume 4 (for the other volumes, look above)! Please enjoy. Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years. God bless, -Blake WarScape Vol4; Chapter 1 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 2 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 3 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 4 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 5 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr
  7. Blake Baer

    [MOC] Rivendell

    Thanks again guys! I really appreciate the support.
  8. Blake Baer

    [MOC] Rivendell

    Yes! (I am surprised and impressed that you remembered that about Amon Hen). This one splits apart into 9 different sections. Here is the aerial view of the sections: Thanks!
  9. Blake Baer

    [MOC] Rivendell

    Thanks guys! The encouragement is quite... um... encouraging. It means a ton to us both. Thanks again! :)
  10. Blake Baer

    [MOC] Rivendell

    Rivendell by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr Hello all, I present to you my latest creation. This is a collaborative with a good friend of mine for Brickfair VA 2012. Due to both of our unique interests in Lord of the Rings and our supreme passion for the LEGO brick, we decided to combine them into a creation for Brickfair 2012. This was our second time collaborating on a creation (our first collaborative being Amon Hen), and this was definitely the largest, hardest, and most fun project that either of us have worked on. Because of our unique building styles, we complemented each other well and used the best of both our talents to great effect. We chose Rivendell because of its beautiful landscape, its iconic nature, and the fact that it will be in the upcoming Hobbit movie trilogy. It is our hope that you will enjoy the natural beauty and our creative gifts as expressed in this artistic representation of Rivendell, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. Signed, Blake Baer and Jack Bittner Enjoy! Flickr pic | More Pictures (MOCpages) | Video I really appreciate hearing from you all. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think. Also, suggestions on how to make it better are quite welcome. :) Cheers! -Blake Flickr pic | More Pictures (MOCpages) | Video
  11. It was an honour to receive so many votes from you in such a high quality contest - it meant a lot to me, thanks. And of course, congratulations! So great LEGO gave out an extra model.

  12. Blake Baer

    VOTING: Architecture Building Contest

    2) 2 vote 15) 1 vote 36) 1 vote 45) 3 vote
  13. is playing dress up as William Wallace.

  14. Blake Baer

    Architecture Contest: Matsumoto Castle

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your responses! Thank you for noticing! I made a specific effort to include the white trims on the roof.
  15. Hello all! I present to you my latest work, Matsumoto Castle, for the EB Architecture contest. After looking through hundreds of pictures for inspiration, I decided upon Matsumoto Castle as my model for a variety of reasons. In the true spirit of the contest, I was trying to supplement Adam Tucker's wonderful architecture series by building something not as mainstream and modern/minimalistic. I also didn't want this to be just another "cool" skyscraper, no matter how well I might be able to pull it off. At a first glance, I was repulsed by the prospect of building a castle but as I considered the architectural styles and flairs that the Japanese castle brought, I thought it would be worth looking into. As I said before, I was trying to make this as true to the Architectural line as possible. Things like the base, the colors and the presentation were all factored in. But ultimately, I wanted this to be unique and to stand alone from the normal approaches. Matsumoto Castle Location...................Matsumoto, Japan Built........................1593-94 Type........................Flatland Castle Owner......................23+ Daimyos Architect..................Yasunaga This is built for the Landmark series. Many people recognize the oriental architecture strictly based off of the roof style. I was trying to capture the familiar roof structure which was very difficult at this scale and with the chosen color palette. I also incorporated geographical aspects into the build by using water, terrain, trees and paths. While I wanted these to be detailed and to add to the build, I also didn't want them to detract from the architectural impetus of this contest. The coloring was a supreme issue in this creation. The castle takes a very bland gray-scale which is boring and uninteresting to the eye. I therefore chose to add dark tan and red to the build while accenting it with blues and greens in the landscape around the castle. Altogether, it ties in very well with the essence. Ultimately, I am quite happy with the end product. Architecture is one of my many interests, so this contest was quite fun. Thank you Rufus (and other behind the scenes admins) for hosting and running. I quite enjoyed it! More info on Matsumoto castle can be found here: More pics can be found on the MOCpage: Or on Flickr: Otherwise, please enjoy! I appreciate your feedback. -Blake Matsumoto Castle by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr Matsumoto Castle by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr Matsumoto Castle by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr