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    Book II Challenge V Voting

    1. TitusV 2. MiloNelsiano 3. Henjin_Quilones
  2. don leopold

    Book II Challenge V Category A - The Mailbox!

    The idea for this build is funny and so is the little story. As useally the colors purple and light grey are in your build and it is a bit of your trade mark and that looks great !!
  3. This is my entry for the Category A of Challenge V in Guilds of Historica. On a sunny morning there was clamor and fear in the streets of Norvica. What was going on why some residents of this peaceful town are sceaming and flee into their houses ? A Nocturnian orc was riding on a horse with a fasten prisoner draging behind him. Everybody recognize this prisoner, it was Bundar the farmer, he lives in a ranch a few miles outside the city. Wait a minute, orcs never ride horses, that must be Bundar his horse he is riding on !! Two members of the royal guards of Norvica are coming in action and try to make a ambush for this Nocturnian orc and free Bundar. Lets hope they make this nightmare to a good end, because the guards of Norvica never got a challenge like this before. For more pictures look on my Flickr account.
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    **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    This is my entry for category A Nocturnian orc deliver a "message"
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    Gideon's GoH Build Index

    It is nice to see all your work in one topic. Your buildings are a great inspiration for a lot of people, especially me, the streets of Barqa made me to join Kaliphlin a year ago. I am looking forwards to see more buildings of you.
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    Leopold of Norvica

    Thank you Umbra-Manis Thanks Captain Braunsfeld I thank The Maestro for his compliment
  7. don leopold

    Leopold of Norvica

    When Leopold en Michael arrived in Norvica they met a lot of old friends who were brought in Kaliphlin as a slave. A lot of civilians who lives in Norvica were born in the Lowlands, the same land were Leopold and Michael came from. Because of the heavy rumours about a new war decide the two brothers to defend the beautiful village of Norvica. All the people who were slaves in their lives has a lot of bad memory's about that time and don't want to be slave again. They rather choice to fight till they die than be captured and sold like a animal on a marked place. Leopold and Michael understand what they have to do and want to help this village to joint the royal guards of Norvica. This is leopold and he is a member now of the royal guards of the village Norvica. And it is my new avatar.
  8. don leopold

    Ouskirts of Khadira (Freebuild)

    If this is your first build than we can expect great works of you in the future. As others already said, when you have more bricks you can pimp up your builds to a higher level. Your build has a good composition and it looks very Kaliphlin. Nice story too
  9. don leopold

    Book 2 Challenge V Cat A: Gleamer Rider

    My first impression of this build is that it looks very simple, but when i look better i see a nice looking saddle and a great composition. Less is more in this build, well done !!
  10. don leopold

    Book 2 Challenge V Cat A: The Midgardian Messenger

    I like the background and the light you use gives your work a kind of spooky effect, great job But your courier is not quite a rider i think
  11. Katira Kabour of Norvica | don leopold | Kaliphlin
  12. Very nice and dangerous animal, it is a real Noctorian thats for sure !!
  13. don leopold

    Leopold of Norvica

    Thanks Merc4Hire Thanks Mpyromaxos
  14. don leopold

    AoM: Store Phase 3: Sigurd's General Goods

    This is great, the first impression when you see the picture are colors of the roof that strikes me. I always admire builders who try different colors in their builds than the usually colors as for example black or red for the roof. When i look better to the pictures of this beautiful build than i see that everything is perfectly done, i see great stonework, nice furniture and the model of the house is very impressive.
  15. don leopold

    Book II Chal V Cat A: Summons for the Loyal

    As many others have said : The path is great and the SNOT landscape looks good with the colors you choose !! I also like the packed camel, well done !!!
  16. don leopold

    Leopold of Norvica

    It is Shaggy's hair from the Scooby-Doo sets and thanks for the compliment.
  17. don leopold

    Leopold of Norvica

    Thanks Titus, yes the color of his hair betray he is coming from another world !! Thanks LittleJohn, i was looking for a good torso/leg combo with the colors of Kaliphlin and i think it looks very good. You can see back this torso/leg combo in my next buildings. Thanks Brandon Stark !!
  18. don leopold

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    This is Leopold of Norvica on my new avatar, and here you ca read a little story about him.
  19. don leopold

    Katira Kabour of Norvica

    This is Katira Kabour of Norvica, one of the best knight of Kaliphlin who has won a lot of free fight tournaments.Katira and his squire Demir are traveling to Eastgate for a free fight tournament between the best Knights of Avalonia and Kaliphlin.I think he has a good chance to fight himself in the final round and win the tournament.
  20. don leopold

    [Collab] Zotharian swamp houses

    It is nice to see two different building styles in one moc. The sand green swamp looks great with the two brown/black houses. Well done !!!
  21. don leopold

    Book II Chal V: Cat A Alliance Courier

    Great moc and minifig
  22. don leopold

    Katira Kabour of Norvica

    Thanks Titus !! Thanks Brandon, the use of the golden wing on the camel is a try out, i think a reddish brown wing looks better but i don't have one I believe that a mustache will be the newest trend in Kaliphlin Thanks Kai, i did have a lot of patient to load the horse because it fall apart a few time before i could make the picture. Thanks Garmadon !! Thanks Gideon, i have studied a few of your little builds before i made this moc, i think you can see that !! Thanks soccerkid6, i appreciate your words !!
  23. don leopold

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    New freebuild : Katira Kabour of Norvica
  24. don leopold

    Plentiful Harvest

    Nice use of the colors and architecture in this moc !!! Well done