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  1. DwarfSleepy

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    Thanks for clarifying. And is the little 90 degree turned wheel under the green house (3-4 studs back from where the operator is standing) there to prevent it tipping sideways? Don't you need one on the other side as well?
  2. DwarfSleepy

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    Thanks for the LDD files on Cuussoo. What I'm wondering: you use the double conical gears Z12 on the ends as wheels to turn the table. But the two conical gears that make both 'wheelsets' turn in different directions coming from the motor also touch the ground, and therefor will want to give the table partly an opposing direction. Or are you planning to put the two loose rubber bands in the LDD file around the double conical gears that act as wheels?
  3. Oops, sorry about the mistake, I did mean the LDD model, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  4. Great work on here! Can I do a request? I can't seem to find the LDD model of 7636 Combine Harvester. Anyone willing to make one? I'd really appreciate it!
  5. DwarfSleepy

    MOC Snow Groomers

    Nice original creations! for your information, since you're into these themes, lego has made some snow-hill themed sets: Some in Gravity games in 2003-2004 http://www.brickset.com/browse/themes/?theme=Sports&subtheme=Gravity%20Games As well as a technic groomer in 2009: http://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=8263-1
  6. DwarfSleepy

    Open again!

    Good news to see the site back up. Thanks for the hard work.
  7. DwarfSleepy

    10233 Horizon Express

    http://www.hochgeschwindigkeitszuege.com/frankreich/tgv-duplex-foto-galerie.php# picture #30 Here you see both side by side. Indeed remarkably similar.
  8. DwarfSleepy

    Train Station Project

    My take: 68 wide is huge! Depending on the total size of your layout I would try to get the most important features of the station into a 48 wide station. It's much more practical for moving around as well if it's on a single (48x48) baseplate. You could for instance loose the little side extension to make it symmetrical.
  9. DwarfSleepy

    Shelby Cobra

    Wonderful Lego rendition of my favourite car. I always thought a replica kit-car would be the closest I would get to owning one, but maybe I'll start with a Lego version
  10. DwarfSleepy

    MOC: roadster California (real convertable!)

    Fantastic detail in such a small car! I'm amazed at all the features. How sturdy is it with all those small "functional" bricks in there?
  11. DwarfSleepy

    Steenstraat, my Lego street

    Great street design! Love it. Are those streets tiled or bricks laying on their side (SNOT)? Did you consider both and their relative cost/practicality? I'm asking because I'm also planning a street scene, and am deliberating between the two options...
  12. DwarfSleepy

    Probably the Saddest Photo I'll Ever Post

    I was just wondering how your layout would be progressing, and was searching for the old thread to ask the question. I guess this answers it... All the best to you and your family during the stressful time of moving. Hope you settle in well. Show us some progress once in a while when you get going again, I liked the step-by-step build-up of your previous layout.
  13. DwarfSleepy

    MOD: Train Turntable Platform

    Amazing, I've been playing around with this in LDD, with a motor underneath the turntable, but you always run into the problem that it will be raised a couple of bricks. This is a brilliant way to solve this. Now to find a way with string AND going full circle
  14. DwarfSleepy

    MOC: Traction Substation

    Great detail and realism! Are those brick-built sheep behind the power station? Looks nice: do you have a close-up?
  15. DwarfSleepy

    Identifying a Santa Fe Car in a Brick Lot

    The problem with the bricks being mixed in with a lot a random bricks is that they probably have scratches. People are very picky about their Santa Fe coaches, and with scratches and without stickers it might not be worth that much