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  1. apologies if this is in the wrong thread. im looking at building the ship from barracuda bay 21322 with x2 sets. is there anyone who has already attempted it as I’m unsure where to start.
  2. Seeky

    Custom minifigures

    Custom I mean like ‘ug custom’ ‘phoenix custom’ I’ve seen loads more. Very very nice Minifigs that’s what got me thinking I might start collecting. I’m wondering if they use genuine Lego parts be good to speak to somebody who collects them really.
  3. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.. im thinking of starting to collect custom minifigures but im in two minds..they can be pretty expensive so what makes them cost this much ? Are they limited ?
  4. Am going to buy the ucs falcon in the near future and already purchased a stand for it so it looks like it’s in flight. was thinking of maybe adding some surroundings or something or just to leave it as it is. I’ve only the room to display this one set so it’s my centerpiece in my room. Anyway would be interesting to see your displays and ideas really
  5. dont have a lot of room so basically at the moment it’s going to have to be a stand alone set on my coffee table I made. I have 2 so got a choice one is 114cm (just over a metre long) x 63cm the other is same in width but half the size in length. Big fan of the fair ground creator theme Lego Star Wars & marvel so I could have a set displayed then maybe add minifigures and bits around it I don’t no ? Just looking on ideas really and input
  6. Seeky

    Trying to MOC millennium falcon

    I think that's bloody marvellous how you built that I could never do it without instructions tho. Some of he guys on here should be working for Lego .. I'd even buy instructions to something like yours. Did you brick link the parts or buy the falcon set
  7. Was after building a falcon which has the look of 10179 but just bigger than 75105. Would I have to brick link the parts or can I use the parts from the 75105 set ? Is there anybody who sells the instructions on anything like this any help would be appreciated thanks
  8. Seeky

    [MOC] My mini UCS Millennium Falcon

    That's is awesome ! Would love to no how to build that exactly what I'm looking for
  9. Seeky

    Query on buying multiple items

    Hope so mate I will give it a go the worst they could do is not proceed with the order I suppose.
  10. May sound like a silly question but brought a couple of Lego sets from online Lego store and the limit was 1. I've now regreably sold them and want to buy them again but question is can I buy these again from Lego store when I have already used my limit ?
  11. When does the new final dual & imperial shuttle being released does anyone no. I see them on toys r us website in UK but no date
  12. I've started building my falcon 10179 and the 7 feet are on but it's still a touch wobbly when standing.. Is this meant to be like this ? If Somebody could help that would be awesome
  13. Im really curious has to how you control your spending as mine is out of control lately and my poor credit card is getting beaten up lol.. Do you collect different themes ? As I was trying to collect the avengers and Star Wars but one has got to give as it's getting to expensive
  14. This is just brilliant!! Would love that