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    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    +1 to Stash2Sixx Good guy, easy trade!
  2. brickbybrick

    I need one brick!

    Like this? If so PM me, thanks.
  3. brickbybrick

    Wanted: Gold-Chrome C-3PO

    Also, on eBay a complete set of Series 1 minfigs is easily $70, Series 2 $40-$50, I see $240 worth of items for $140, seems like a pretty good deal to me!
  4. Well make me an offer, I don't want to insult you. I'm interested in sealed Star Wars sets for the most part.
  5. brickbybrick

    Wanted: Gold-Chrome C-3PO

    Hi are you still interested in this trade? Thanks. Nevermind, decided not to purchase the one that was available.
  6. Hi, Are you located in the US?? I am considering trades for the following items: 8014 x4 8083 x3 7594 7595 7778 8017 8092 x 3 7569 x 4 7848 x 2 TRU Chrome Stormtroopers x 3 Castle Battle Packs x 2 of each and everything listed here
  7. brickbybrick

    Follows Closely's Items for Sale

    What would you trade for this??
  8. Some people don't open every set they get
  9. brickbybrick

    Follows Closely's Items for Sale

    Would you trade two sealed TRU exclusive Chrome Stormtroopers for any sealed Battle Packs? Thanks.
  10. Have 5 Spartans, looking for Series 1 sealed minifigs and or MISB Battle Packs or sets, have a successful trade on the Toys N Brick forum. Make me an offer! Thanks. kurtmorden AT hotmail DOT com
  11. I just replied to it, trying to get the most exposure for these as possible. Just if anybody is considering trading, I'm looking for NEW or LIKE NEW W/BOX sets, no sets complete with just the instructions TY in advance!
  12. Hi all, I currently have (all sealed in bags) 13 Spartan Seires 2 minifigs, about 20 Vampires/Draculas and 10ish Pharaohs and 10ish Skiers (have all series 2 minifgs but these are what I'm heavily invested in.) Also have 6 TRU Chrome/Silver Stromtroopers Sealed. I'm open to all trades with reputable members of the forum, I'm interested in battle packs, MISB/NIB vintage sets, MISB/NIB Theme sets, pretty much everything except for series 1 or 2 minifigs. If interested please reply ITT I'm so new I don't think I have PMs. Also, upon request I can verify my eBay account with 170+ transactions with 100% positive feedback as well as the existence of said minifigs. Thanks!
  13. brickbybrick

    FS! The elusive Cloud City minifigs!

    Would you trade my complete set of sealed series 2 minfigs +1 extra sealed spartan, 3 sealed chrome storm troopers and a sealed jester 7953 for Boba?