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  1. I made sure that they are at 90 degrees, still did the locking. I have changed the 2 Technic 2L liftarms with pin and axe with pulley wheels to have more angle possibilities, it still didn't work. Back to starting point, I will have to redo the whole assembly.
  2. Quik question for about this changing mechanism: I have built a version of the gear box using the old style driving rings and I noticed that there is a point in the shifting cycle when both driving rings are connected, thus the gearbox is locked. Does this occurs with the new driving rings? Or Did I did something wrong while building?
  3. HI folks, Here is my second take on this great set. I have turned the plane upside down ha ha ha, I made it with the wing under the fuselaj, and with two jet engines, smaller wheels for landing gear (functional), kept all the flight controls functional. More photos at https://www.facebook.com/Ode.Lego.Creations
  4. Ode

    In which country is Lego the cheapest....

    To add to this, I just looked on the official Lego shop site and here it is 199$
  5. After many (more than 20) years in the dark age, known as the years without any LEGO, I was shown the light by 8052 Container Truck, in 2010. Now, I am hooked (addicted) to the Technic :)
  6. Ode

    Show us your Working Place

    I cannot comapre my setting with some of those seen here, but I cannot complain either. This is my half of the livingroom, the other half is the media center. Lots of large or rarely used parts are in plastic containers under the table.
  7. Hi fellow technic mocers, I am starting this topic so I can present to you my entry for the contest. A minivan based on the A-team TV show.
  8. Ode

    [TC6] Z-Van

    I will start working on them this weekend. Thanks Thanks :)
  9. Ode

    [TC6] Z-Van

    Not really, I not particullary good with LDD. Sorry mate. If you really whant I can make some detailed pictures for you.
  10. I have made this plane to actually have a fully functional cargo bay. The motor and the battery are shaped as a cargo container, easily removable. I have filled in as much of the open spacess as I could. It also has a redesigned landing gear, which uses smaller wheels, and it is not as bulky as the original. Photos on FB @ https://www.facebook.com/Ode.Lego.Creations Video on YT @
  11. Ode

    [TC6] Concrete Truck

    Great idea, and nice work so far. You might want to take a look at this one for some ideas.
  12. Here is my take on that truck With portals Fully loaded still has a ground clearance of 7 studs
  13. Iam way to old to keep up with this technology, I just figured out how I can see what parts I own in rebricable, nice feature, lovely graphs. But Brickforge has the advantage that gives you the weight of each piece, or combined weight of a number of pieces, nice feature when you build something that has to be light. Also it can check current prices against Bricklink, nice to know average price of a future shopping list without spending time on bricklink to find the parts. I guess that both ways of keeping track of parts are good, depending on what you want.
  14. Ode

    [TC6] Z-Van

    More photos at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.842270582499103.1073741842.424557690937063&type=1
  15. Here is an off-line solution, way better than rebrickable. http://www.brickforge.de/software/brickstore/
  16. 3. Z-Van Based on GMC minivan used in the TV show "A-Team". This is for the newer perrils out there, when a group of underground heroes have to adapt to the new times we are living into. These days seems like zombies are overrunning the TV and all the other types of media, some one needs to put that in check. For that you may call the Z-Team ...... ....... if you can find them. The MOC has: 1 L for drive, 1 Servo for steering 1 M for rotating the turret 1 M for guns action 1 PF lights 2 IR receivers Rear wheel drive, with a fake V8 under the hood, functional engine hood, driver, passenger, and rear doors, manual or automatic side pannels. Video: Photos: Topic: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=105141
  17. I have used this kind of wheels, with central hub, for old-time farming equipment. They look and work great.
  18. Ode

    Hi all

    Hi fellow MOC-ers, I just joined this forum, my name is Ode, I am a fan of the Technic line, less so of the other LEGO lines. You can find my works here https://www.facebook.com/Ode.Lego.Creations http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=ode Cheers and happy MOC-ing
  19. Hi Folks, I have two questions about this contest: 1 - I have seen the question being asked before, but I could not find the answer to it so I ask again - Can I use custom made stickers? 2 - The photos and video of the final MOC can be posted on my Facebook page, or do they have to be posted somewhere specific? Thanks, Ode