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  1. BlackVagrant

    Which set is the one you enjoyed building the most?

    8078? The 2 sharks at the gates are jumping at me when i'm checking that set. Looks awesome. That's another very detailed set it seems. Build it and share with us here!
  2. BlackVagrant

    Lego Finance 101

    Good idea to set aside a fixed budget like how we usually do for savings. That way we won't feel bad or guilty and has something to look forward every month on Lego!
  3. BlackVagrant

    Lego Finance 101

    Just a short poll for everyone in EB Forum. As 2015 kicks in, i see many local Lego stores and mono stores are pretty busy with buyers rushing to get the new 2015 sets and CMF series 13. I wish i can join them in the sweep, but i'm still pretty much trying to keep my monthly spending within the limits. So here i am, wondering how do the rest keep up with Lego expenses.
  4. BlackVagrant

    Flickr Tutorial

    Good guide by Pandora. In case some of you are unsure, there are 2 methods as shared by Pandora. 1. Embedding use BB code 2. Use image URL from Flickr Refer to 1st post for instructions of both.
  5. BlackVagrant

    Hello! My name is BlackVagrant from Singapore!

    I think generally if you compare Lego prices in Singapore against US, you are bound to notice its 70-100% more in retail. Which is why Amazon US doesn't allow Lego to be ship to Singapore just last year 2014 June i believe. Only educational sets still allowed. The USD125 free international shipping is so useful for Lego. (Not anymore)
  6. BlackVagrant

    Which set is the one you enjoyed building the most?

    I am pretty impressed with the Technic series. The mechanics, gears... 6081 and 6285? My knowledge of them are limited. But they sure look awesome. I guess not just the build, but the fond memories of these classic sets that brings many through the dark ages! 7627? Indiana Jones set. The set was discontinued after 1 year it seems. Again, i have limited knowledge of it, but it is pretty awesome set i must say. Haha. Just curious, do most Technic fans go for MindStorms too? Mine is still MISB! Haha. Will be building it some day when i have the space to display it. 10223? I would love to get hold of that Falcon Knight!
  7. BlackVagrant

    Hello! My name is BlackVagrant from Singapore!

    Welcome to EuroBricks! Nice to see fellow Singaporean here. The frantic sweep by Singaporeans yesterday at LCS and monostores are making me drool and deeply poisoned.
  8. BlackVagrant

    Death Star Investment

    I have space constraint and at the moment i'm trying to restrict myself to smaller modular (though they are quite large as well), and minifigures. I wish i have a room just for Lego. And if i don't have monetary limitations, i'm sure the first MOC i'll do would be the imperial shuttle scene.
  9. BlackVagrant

    Review: 10246 Detective's Office

    Awesome review! Our local stores selling it today in Singapore and it's already out of stock.
  10. BlackVagrant

    What do you wish for?

    I thought you will focus on my first statement instead.
  11. BlackVagrant

    What do you wish for?

    Stumbled into a deserted warehouse full of Lego? On a serious note, putting aside the mandate wish for wealth and health, my dream life would be to be able to enjoy every moments in life. Most of the time we can't ask for things to come, but for what we received, let's not forget those who didn't.
  12. Just a topic to gather some sharing from everyone here in EB forum. Which set you enjoyed building the most? It could be your first set you purchase with year long savings back then, or your first UCS, or a set with the most details, the list goes on.
  13. BlackVagrant

    10246 Detective's Office

    Just in from The Brick Show. They have reviewed the Detective's Office!
  14. BlackVagrant

    Another Modulair Layout

    The scale and details are amazing! Looking forward to the final product! Though i haven't got any train collection yet, but i am very interested in getting myself 1 to start off. Now this just gives me more reason to do so.