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    Rescue Minifigure Decals

    Actually not all life jackets at the US coast guard have these. If you would like I will put it on.
  2. Fuzzylegobricks

    Unimog UGN

    Wonderful truck MaKs! I love the detail in the hood and windscreen areas.
  3. Fuzzylegobricks

    EB 2011 Windsor Event - pics & stories

    Looks like a lot of fun! I wish I Could of made it, the only strange thing to me was that only a small amount of people went. More lego for me!
  4. I covered my husbands identity with wool with out knowing it.
  5. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC - Hazmat Unit - Brick Built

    Please do not open an old topic unless urgent, which it does not look like. This is over a month old.
  6. Fuzzylegobricks

    Decal Wish List

    Like posted above I do this as a hobby like many others, I am the only one creating decals for this wish list and that means you must be patient. I will create as many as I can and have gotten almost all done, the few that I cannot do are very annoying I know but that will have to wait till I get better at those kinds. I will make your decal but remember: Don't be rude.
  7. Fuzzylegobricks

    MEGA-MOC - Shopping Centre

    Game stop isn't in Australia I don't think. Shoe shop seems nice actually. I think you should go with Katies. Good luck!
  8. Fuzzylegobricks

    Are you addicted to Eurobricks?

    Schedule for the day: 1. wake up (all the boring stuff) check EB then go to catch the city bus. 2. Get home check EB reply to everything I missed that was posted. 3. check back literally like every 10 minutes until my laziness takes over. Some people have said I just want to come really a really high poster, but there is really just so much to look at because EB is stupid awesome. Oh no I stayed up here too long, 11:19 PM. I must be a addict. Sometimes I don't find time for Mocing.
  9. Fuzzylegobricks

    Lego 30091 Pharaoh Quest - Desert Rover

    Cute! It reminds me of those little cars that you get for toddlers. They should of done more effort in this.
  10. Fuzzylegobricks

    Eurobricks' 3rd LDD RCB

    So where did I leave my helmet?
  11. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: Little Train Station

    Really cool! The stained glass is a awesome detail.
  12. Congrats on being fellowed! How did it happen?

  13. Fuzzylegobricks

    MEGA-MOC - Shopping Centre

    Can't wait for the car park, remember plants, and always a parking fee. Do I see a fire alarm outside? (red with blue light)
  14. Fuzzylegobricks

    LEGO City-Town Photography

    This put a on my face.
  15. Fuzzylegobricks

    CC Super Modular: Downtown Metro

    WOW! The detail is great, sadly my break starts in June 17th. The look of a whole block of these would make it a amazing sight. I would love to see a series.
  16. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: Safe House

    Very cool wake up call, I need to get back into more mocing soon.... ...... The window barricades are nice, and the blood splatters make me happy.
  17. Fuzzylegobricks

    My garage find

    Great find! I too buy pieces I never will use, the reason why is because I may find a idea or way to use them in a future moc.
  18. Fuzzylegobricks

    LEGO NASA Sets 2011

    Thank you! It is strange that it is made for microgravity because you could just hang it up.
  19. No worries until next month. I order from them all the time and it usually takes 4 months, yes terrible wait.
  20. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: Library and Botanical Garden

    Awesome building! The railings and part usage is very interesting and creative, it is most definitely brilliant, great work quy!
  21. Fuzzylegobricks

    AFOLEGODT's Train MOCs and MODs

    Very nice lights! The refrigerator car is cool too.
  22. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: RER - The Lancaster Hurricane

    Very cool, it is like a steam punk, starwars, racers, Pharaohs, city themed hover vehicle. The overall look is very satisfying for this, with all of the propellors.
  23. Fuzzylegobricks

    MEGA-MOC - Shopping Centre

    Very funny thing I just noticed, I was in sydney a few years back and went to a coffee kiosk just like that one. The update is very great, and the coffee machine is a nice build too. Now where are the cops going to hang out? Must be quite because it is memorial day in the U.S.A
  24. Fuzzylegobricks


    Very nice updates! The car and wind mill are very beautiful, also the tractor. I have a comment about the first post: You may want to change it back to the train, even if it does not belong here because all the comments about the train here will seem completely random.