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  1. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC Enlarged Maersk Ship

    Very powerful overall look to it! I love the bridge and the wider hull.
  2. Fuzzylegobricks

    New Emoticons

    Very nice emoticons! I wish I knew how to make these.
  3. Fuzzylegobricks

    Collectable minifigures Decal

    Here is some helpful tutorials. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18451 http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19193
  4. Fuzzylegobricks

    WIP MOC: funfair

    Very nice update! I love the hammer stand.
  5. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: Modular buildings!

    Very nice! The lights are a great detail, I personally like the house because the way you added lots of detail.
  6. The NZ horror, no I did it when in New Zealand.
  7. What a nice fact that I love shearing sheep and watching the movie "Black sheep", and what do you know I was a sheep in the game.
  8. Fuzzylegobricks

    Decal Wish List

    @Tim13 Hello, I have finished your decal. Please enjoy!
  9. Fuzzylegobricks

    The "classic" LEGO Town house

    £24, £40 is way too much for a small house.
  10. Very nice review and the set is nice! I might try to get two of these, one for display and the other for the stickers.
  11. Fuzzylegobricks

    Bought 15kg of bricks for 30 euro's and built...

    Very nice collection deen! I also agree this has the awesome classic yet new feel to it.
  12. Fuzzylegobricks

    Review: 7257 Ulimate Lightsaber Duel

    Great review! I may have to get one to customize, I remember the city line made a police flashlight similar to this. The playability is also quite large like in the basketball and soccer lines.
  13. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC modular terraced houses

    Nice building! The back windows and front detail really make this quite beautiful.
  14. Fuzzylegobricks

    Engine 3 Fire MOC

    Not bad at all! The hose connectors and attachments are very well detailed.
  15. Fuzzylegobricks

    WIP MOC: funfair

    Nice fun fair! The scaled down cars and such are very cute. I hope to see more.
  16. Fuzzylegobricks

    Lawrens Gauwloos' Lego Technic Mars Explorer

    Very interesting vehicle! Thanks for sharing.
  17. Fuzzylegobricks

    WIP MOC - Lego City

    Very nice changes! The gates of the FB make the track a exciting spot.
  18. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: GWR 5700

    What a awesome model! I love the use of the pneumatic tubes for the wire to thread through, which pipe is it on BL? The cord threading is also quite amazing. Great work Daedalus304!
  19. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOD: 7938 Passenger Train

    It looks very good! The fact of it being longer scares me on how different and better it looks.
  20. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: Re-building Site

    Wonderful come back Bluebard! The classic feeling colors really add in to it, the bin for the scraps is also very cool, but I have never seen one filled with such good stuff. Great work!
  21. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC : Another Unimog 421

    Nice truck! I like the raised tires.
  22. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: Big Pipe Transport Truck

    Very cool! But maybe some warning lights?
  23. Fuzzylegobricks

    REVIEW: 7957 Sith Nightspeeder

    Very great review def! I love the minifigure too, but I wonder does his rubber ring come off easily? The prints and the stickers are all to my liking.
  24. Fuzzylegobricks

    LEGO Ushanka Has Been Found!

    This looks like a custom piece a fan made, yet it does not provide a link so I do not think it is available to buy.
  25. Fuzzylegobricks

    My LEGO City

    I much agree with Ralph, the mix doesn't feel right to me. The fire and police stations though look very cool and modern.