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  1. Fuzzylegobricks

    Welcome to Rossville!

    Awesome town! The eye doctor and the garden store are quite nice.
  2. Fuzzylegobricks

    Category A and Category B winners

    Great work to all the great entries! Everyone deserves a great round of applause.
  3. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: LionGate Hotel

    Very wonderful starter! Welcome to our nice little town, the sign is definitely a huge attention gatherer.
  4. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC - Workshop Supply & Engineering building

    Wow very impressive Lightning Tiger! I look away for a few days and come back to see a whole street, very awesome job! I too can't really express my comments through text because it is overloading my brain , but it is so detailed like the oil on the ground and the pipe saw.
  5. Fuzzylegobricks

    Building a CITY

    I love the streets and town so far, might I suggest a toy store.
  6. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: 7 wide police / civilian car

    Very nice work! I love the color schemes you have chosen. The city is also very brilliant. Keep it up danthaman11!
  7. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC Modular Bank

    Very nice building here! I love the brilliant 20s theme. I feel I have seen that tram before though on LDD, thats good for designing i bet.
  8. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: The Love Boat

    Very difficult I would say to bring that over seas,but it looks very much worth it.
  9. Fuzzylegobricks

    Updated 6581 Dig & Dump

    very cool LCM! I love the turn function it still has. And the rebuilding into a modern version is just smart.
  10. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: The Bullfrog

    I love it the design is flawless! Great work on the angles too Rufus, I like the story behind this it really reminds me of a spaceship from the thunderbirds.
  11. Fuzzylegobricks

    BrickForge prototypes at BrickWorld 2011

    Very cool new stuff! I have been thinking about 1x1 tiles for a while actually and was going to make them and realized it is really great someone else saw it through the same eyes. Good work Brick forge!
  12. Fuzzylegobricks

    pick up 1950

    NIce pick up there tongue 60! I like the style and the choice of colors for the truck, although here in the US the nose of the truck isn't that tall, (just a tip). Good work altogether!
  13. Fuzzylegobricks

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    I'm a bit late, 14) Punk Rocker Entry (Build by kost u grlu) 1 points 21) Mad Scientist Entry (Build by Darkblane) 1 points 28) Sailor Entry (Build by Raphy) 1 points Good Luck!
  14. Fuzzylegobricks

    Test Subject Blue MOC

    Very nice work! I love the game itself and also love the blue liquid you made in the dome. Good Work!
  15. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: Vehicular Funicular

    I love it! Its awesome! I love the car ramps the most though.
  16. Fuzzylegobricks

    Decal Wish List

    Ok got it.
  17. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC: Type III Ambulance

    Awesome ambulance! I see a huge future in these cars and trucks. The doors are my favorite part though for their hidden actions.
  18. Fuzzylegobricks

    Decal Wish List

    Are you asking for a whole minifigure? If so it would involve me in paying for bricks for you, so it could cost you.
  19. Fuzzylegobricks


    I love the detail and parts usage here! I also like the little pink line above the glass.
  20. Fuzzylegobricks

    Apartment block

    Very nice apartments! I love the balconies the most for their nice little details. The bottom floors also please me.
  21. Fuzzylegobricks

    Dubai Burj Arab

    Very nice moc! I love the trans blue and the curves of the wave style. Is the tennis court minifigure scaled?
  22. Fuzzylegobricks

    What got you into Lego Trains?

    I always loved trains and seeing them at the railroad crossing near my old (child hood) house. I moved and brought a lot of model trains with me so I would not worry and soon came out with a HUGE layout. My dad kept saying it would be too big for the house so he showed me Legos that night. My big brother was into them before me so my dad had a strong idea I would love them. My dad showed me the stuff but I thought it was boring. A few months later I was at a friends house and noticed his old 12v lego train sets on the table. I was shocked and after a few minutes of playing with it I asked what they were and he said Legos. Ever since then I loved them and noticed to myself "how can you live without these?"
  23. Fuzzylegobricks

    Shove Chapel

    Nice church Mariko! This looks very nice with the creator roof piecers, I think she'll love it!
  24. Fuzzylegobricks

    Tatra 815

    Very cool Ricecracker! The cargo areas, and the graffiti are excellent.
  25. Fuzzylegobricks

    Rossville Interviews--#1

    Very nice setup and interview!