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    WIP REVIEW: 10218 Pet Shop

    Number – 10218 Name – Pet Shop Theme – Modular (City/Creator) Year – 2011 Minifigs – 4, 6 animals. Pieces – 2032 Price – USD: $149.99 Where Available - Bricklink, S@H, Amazon Hello EuroBrickers! I am proud to present my first review, also a HUGE set. My camera is broken so the images may be a little blurry, and the lighting is yet to get a new lamp. Please take the poll, and relax. First off the Box: Front has the nice traditional 16+ (exclusive style pattern). As you can see this modular is the ever so popular size 16x32 studs but with 2! The back of the box is a mash of different scenes of furniture, interiors, and the buildings with the whole street available. The back of the box has lots of interesting details, here are them. First shows the back of the buildings, there is a door to the basement for the house (apartment). Next is a close up of the pet store entrance with the stair way to the house upstairs. Here is the interior of the pet shop with the animals like frog, dog, cat, parrot, and fish. This is the second floor of the nice house. There is a interesting design for the painter and tools. Also see the spiral staircase? This is the upper floor of the pet shop. Here is the loft included. And last of the Box is the layout of the street. Now to part 1 of 4.(other parts posted soon.) Here are the pieces. The nice new cardboard stored with the instructions to prevent dog ears. And the normal WIN! thing. The instructions, book 1 is the house, and book 2 is the pet store. In book 1, here are some pieces that are fairly new, or unique. Such as the flowers, and the dark orange 1x2 tile! The toilet is under the stairs and is simple build but quite affective, and next to it the owner of the house Maddam Posey. Now to a random instructions page, the colors are very hard for me to read and decipher, especially using the brown bricks. Also a random building point, this is the basement of the house. Once you have finished the first floor (part 1 out of 4) there is a trap door that goes into the very cramped basement, there is a ladder for the minifigure to climb down if 1 foot is too high for them. The spiral staircase is very fun to build just like the toilet. The telephone is right next to it and the toilet door right behind the stairs. The color theme for this house ought to be blue and black. (My fav. too!) Last part of 1, is the whole floor complete! The overall of this floor is really nice to me besides the archway on the front of the doorway. FIrst part of the second floor is the nice spiral staircase. Next a nice painter and his tools are added, and a nice torso. This is how to build the boom-ish thing. Now the floor is coming together with a nice window sill with flowers and the spiral stair case too. Now the stairs are done and beautiful! Now the floor is done with a nice flower display and good coloring. Here is the front with a nice window with no plastic glass. Here is the back side, with a nice basement access, but the only problem is the black tiles used in the stairs are now visible. Here is the finished floor, with the nice details such as the draining pipe. For the upper floor, sorry no construction pics. But there is a awesome roof top garden! This is the interior of the attic shown above, there is some tan boxes and a nice openable window top right. Closed window Opened window This is the natural glow of the stain glass window. So brilliant. Here is the finished back, yes I did put the last floor a few studs too far back. You all know what the finished front looks like though, but I think you may want to see the weird look I saw of the alignment of these grey brick. Now that you are relaxed from the cozy apartment house. Lets look at the pet shop! Here is a random part of the build. Now a random instructions page. Here are all the animals from left to right. Dog, Rat, Cat, Parrots(2), fish, yellow frog toy, and frog statue. After a little while you come with a scene filled with activity. There is a sight of the dog pen, the cat pen, the mouse hole by the cat pen, the wash bucket, and the wooden box for new animal arrival. Many of you wanted to see the instructions for the fish tank so here you go! The store is now well progressed, and it is time to build the fold-able stair way so that you can play with the dog (for the kids). It is really ugly to me because there are too many pieces stacked up and the colors are all mixed. Here is the completely finished floor of the pet shop! It has a shelf added and cashier, the shelf has a rubber dog/cat toy. Then there is fish house and fake grass. The sign process is very new to me so It was a fun experience. Do you guys use the bar in the signs like in here on your Mocs? Front.. Top/birds eye view.. Now it is almost done, we have to get the ball and bone displays built, when doing so I cam across a new piece! We are done with the first floor, so lets look at the front. And the back... Next to the finished house. Sorry if you feel there was not enough info today, I had to re-type it because of internet 3 times. REMEMBER: Part 1- H floor one Part 2- H second floor Part 3- P.S floor one Part 4- P.S floor two Part 4 posted tomorrow! Please comment!
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    WIP REVIEW: 10218 Pet Shop

    I'm sorry, things got a bit crazy for me that week and I never was able to finish this. I would revamp this review but I don't have the time to right now. (sorry for bumping the topic)
  3. Back from my long break from Lego, it's good to be back!

  4. Just came across my Lego, all

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    LEGO SAH Train Track Planner

    I found this when on the lego website browsing for new sets! But not very AFOL like. Its is a track designer the only problem is that it is nowhere near as good as the one on railbricks available. (The Link for it) With out further ado here it is... The start Page: The Layout: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/fuzzylegobricks12345/blah/picture_243.png The Track (available pieces) The Base Plates: The save/load page: And last but not least the Instructions, (example shown is flexible track) Hope this helps you! I would give it a 5/10 because the lack of pieces. ~Fuzzylegobricks Sorry for the close imaging.
  6. Hello everyone, I haven't posted a topic here in the MCW forum before but have helped people with the decal wish list. I have made some decals for Coast Guard workers, and a EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Here is the first one: Coast Guard Officer With life jacket and blue uniform. Front Back Next is a: EMT Raincoat. Front. Back. Many more soon! Please comment
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    MOC - Modular Post Office | Flower Shop |Artist's Studio

    Great job! I hope for more.
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    MOC - 7 wide truck

  9. Fuzzylegobricks

    MOC:mini boat

    Wow! well done on the pieces.
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    MOC - Oceanographic Ship

    Very nice work! I think it is interesting that you use water in your city.
  11. Currently building the Maersk train.
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    MOC: 1960s Bedford Ambulance

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    Decal Wish List

    I will start work tomorrow.
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    MOC: farm

    Very cool! I love the truck and tractor
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    Neoclassical Bank - Modular Building

    no words! I love it!
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    MOD: Steep Hillside House with interior 5771

    wonderful details in there! I love the scenary, I really think you should expand it more for all the creater houses.
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    My Emerald Night Gold line Mis Printed

    Very interesting topic! Funny thing about my luck is that all of my lego sets have had a defective piece!
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    Cool Cruiser Release

    Usually the USA gets most sets after Europe and it should show up soon.
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    Pizza Corner

    Wonderful work here! I love the tram and the realistic cars and building features.
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    More exclusive set info

    This looks very exciting! I love the winter village line, but have not boughten any yet.
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    Nice laugh of the day here! I love the use of parts.
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    MOC - John Deere Dealership

    Nice start LT! The green and yellow is a nice use on lego bricks, it really lights up your store.
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    REVIEW: 8805 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5

    awesome review Whitefang! The series is awesome in my opinion, although I don't look at these this time as a keep together. I much prefer for series 5 to dissect the pieces for other uses like the ax for fire stations.
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    MOC: Yellow muscle car

    Wonderful work here on the car! I love the front detailing on the grill and your great scaling.