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  1. Pink Floyd . The Dark Side of the Moon - Album Cover. Inspired by the cover inside and outside and the heartbeats in beginning and ending of the album.



    The Dark Side of the Moon by gonkius, on Flickr

    Backlighting effects are done using programmable LED-strips and an Arduino processor inside the black base.

    This thread needs a video to see the moving lights: Youtube


  2. 49842687482_fdd38b7fe6_b.jpg

    Overhead the albatross
    Hangs motionless upon the air
    And deep beneath the rolling waves
    In labyrinths of coral caves
    An echo of a distant time
    Comes willowing across the sand
    And everything is green and submarine

    Pink Floyd Echoes from album Meddle 1971

  3. Thanks you all. This build is more or less 1:1 scale, so the complete bridge would get _large_! It started with the earpiece and I then realized that it needed to be placed somewhere. 

    And yes, the clean and straight lines in TOS are very suitable to build in lego, see my scene with Christopher Pike in wheelchair from September. 

  4. Star Trek: Christopher Pike


    The Menagerie Part I

    Stardate: 3012.4

    First air date: 17 Nov 1966


    Kirk and Spock meet Pike on Starbase 11, first time after his accident... Now he's unable to move and communicates only using the flashing light on his wheelchair. One flash: Yes, two flashes: No... no - NO!!!


    This doesn't stop Spock in performing his duty to his former commander, including mutiny...