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  1. Well, perhaps you're right if you use this in a conventional way where the driveshaft must be perpendicular with the outgoing axles. That's not the case in my application. I apply the force on the turntable wheel using a worm drive: Slow speed, high torque and low friction were the important keywords during my design. If you can place the motor close to the differential you don't have to introduce the problematic 90-degree angle at all. Difficult to achieve this in a suspended 4WD of course... As a sidenote I even tried a planetary design of the differential using the inside gear of the large turntable that precisely fits five 8T gears. Difficult to make a robust design this way and the friction due to the small gears and the turntable itself caused issues. Not a useful design other than for demonstration purposes.
  2. I guess you're right, but I don't understand what you are referring to as a 90-degrees transfer... To the turntable gear? I don't have a 90-degree transfer that way, why should I?
  3. I needed a differential that worked very smooth with a minimum of friction for high torque, so I had to design my own. It uses four (not three!) larger 20T gears to balance the side force on the axles better. (32198 and 87407) The large turntable is attached using four 1/2-pins. I guess you could make a version using the smaller type of turntables in a similar fashion. In my application I add the force on the turntable using two gears, one from each side to avoid bending of the structure, similar to what was shown by Leif.