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  1. derpydragon

    [TC6] McLeach's truck

    Man, the Original Rescuers was one of my favourite films as a kid. Didn't even know there was a second! I've got to try build a small scale replica of this vehicle. Looks beast. Keep up the good work!
  2. derpydragon

    UCS Helicarrier

    Cap's head is Obi-wan's.
  3. derpydragon

    [CONCEPT] Borderlands 2 Runner

    I rigged up a bit of a cockpit just to make the two halves seem a little more whole, and boy am I disappointed. The angles I have the front wheels on were made by some precarious lift-arm placement. They aren't strong enough to hold the weight so the whole chassis wants to buckle under it's own weight. Really sucks. I was trying to be a little optimistic but I think this is one for the graveyard. Darsedz gave me an LDD file to test and some pieces are on their way, so that idea may be the last resort, otherwise, it's off to the sorting drawers. =/
  4. derpydragon

    [CONCEPT] Borderlands 2 Runner

    Fudgesicles. It's already been done? That thing looks sweet. Bugger, though I was onto something here.
  5. derpydragon

    [CONCEPT] Borderlands 2 Runner

    Probably. Borderlands doesn't pride itself on realism. This is just how the wheels work in-game. any idea with the current set up how proper steering could be achieved? or may I need to opt for some Batmobile Tumbler-esque steering? Here you are. Dropbox'ed the lxf for ya. I couldn't seem to find how to flip parts of the model, unless you can't and I'm just a looney. https://www.dropbox....runner.lxf?dl=0The rear wheel floating behind the built body is, to scale, where it should be when this is complete.
  6. derpydragon

    [CONCEPT] Borderlands 2 Runner

    I am absolutely stumped. I don't know whether it's lack of technical knowledge and experience, or lack of parts, or both, but I cannot find a way to make the rear wheels work. I've even tried chain driven, CHAIN DRIVEN rear axles, to be able to get the thin form factor of the back. It works, but it looks like utter garbage, which now that I think of it, so does the rest of this monstrosity. Here's all I've got so far. Convince me with your wise ways Eurobrick, how do I finish this thing.
  7. derpydragon

    [CONCEPT] Borderlands 2 Runner

    Sure, I'm signing up for Bricksafe as we speak.
  8. derpydragon

    [CONCEPT] Borderlands 2 Runner

    Hehe, too right.
  9. derpydragon

    [CONCEPT] Borderlands 2 Runner

    Perhaps. Thing is. I don't have 2 M-Motors at the moment, so the only pair of motors I could use to get the same output on is the servos. If I got my hands on the PF Speed Control remote, I could use that for a slower steering too, or whatever speed I suppose.
  10. derpydragon

    [CONCEPT] Borderlands 2 Runner

    Got the angle to how I wanted it with the front wheels. Sure isn't purty but the mechanics and strength of it is ok at the moment. I suppose once the skeleton is down pat I can pretty it up more. [] Also found a potential solution to the central pivot that the 2 sides of the main chassis turn on. Hub + wheel + hub = mounting points ahoy and a smooth turn.
  11. I ordered a second Servo Motor for another MOC i'm doing, and I wondered what you could do with 2 Servo Motors on one vehicle. I had this spark of an idea and remembered the runner vehicles in Borderlands 2 having a pivoting front wheel setup to turn. For those who don't know what the vehicle looks like, here is a shot. The wheels pivot from the 'drum' looking cylinder towards the front onwards. I worked out a little housing for the wheels, and tested the pivoting. It's enough movement; around 45 degrees either way, as I added a stop to prevent the wheels from going completely horizontal. ["]] ["]] [] [] [] I'm a little stuck for how to hold the rear wheel. I know how to connect the front and read wheel together; an angle 3 connector seems to be the right fit, but I'm still not sure how i'd go about bracing the rear wheels. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I'm experimenting with portal hubs mounted horizontally at the moment. They need to be seperate from the main body so I'm assuming some bevel gears will be necessary. Will be updated once I work out a basis for the rear wheels.
  12. derpydragon

    [MOC] [WIP] Unimog U411

    That's pretty awesome. Any chance of a pic of the underside? I'd love to see how to chassis looks, can't tell whats body work and whats chassis work with all the black
  13. I've been wanting to build a mini Tatra powered by an M Motor for steering and an L motor for drive, as my other motors are in use currently. The only set of tyres and/or rims I have in a multiple greater than 4 is the old Drome Racers line fat offroad tyres. Would anyone be able to help with maybe a rough LDD mock-up to get me started. I don't have much of a clue for steering in a small area, and drive/suspension for that matter lol. I've seen some pretty spectacular mock-ups done by you guys so I thought this might be the shot for some inspiration. Any help is appreciated. =) Also, you can determine the best dimensions for width and such as the form factor of the mechanics will determine that.
  14. derpydragon

    [HELP] 42030 Drivetrain Issue

    Aah wow, that simple huh, Alright I'll give it a go. Thanks very much you two. =D
  15. Gday. SO after finishing the build of my 42030 Wheel Loader, I noticed the drive function wasn't working properly, it was lurching like a learner driver in a manual, bunnyhopping almost would be an apt description. I discovered that the rear wheels turn the correct way when I go to drive the thing, but the front wheels go in reverse. Somewhere along the drive-train there seems to be an issue with the rotation of the gears transferring power from the rear to the front, but I just can't work it out. The only spare gears I got were 2 beige bevel gears, and I'm not sure if they are indeed spares or ones missing from the build. Here is a picture of the drive-train if someone could maybe upload another picture, with the drive-train in there's. Can anyone work out what the problem might be? (