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  1. Pet-Lego

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    43. Yellow Submarine by Sebeusl (3 votes) 150. Shuttle Camper by Minoton (3 votes) 133. SWAT Camper (Head & Torso) by Ezra (3 votes)
  2. Pet-Lego

    Is this layout in short circuit ?

    Looks fine to me, should work fine with a regular controller.
  3. Pet-Lego

    Signals, how to wire them?

    If you are going to use two lightposts, one for the main line and one for the siding, then with two pair PF-lights you can set this up. Have from PF-lights A go one to the red on the siding and the other led to the green on the main line and from PF-lights set B one LED to green on the siding and red on the mainline. You'd need two switches though to turn the LED's on, turn A on turn B off and visa versa. If you remove the rectifier from the PF-lights you can use the reversal switch, to switch between PF-light set A or B with just the one switch. The best looking solution though would be to remove the rectifier from the PF-lights (I believe it's situated in the 2x2 plate around the middle of the wire) and at the same time switch the left and right wire connection of 1 of the LED's. So for this solution I think you only need to take apart the 2x2 plate in the middle of one of the wires.
  4. Pet-Lego

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    As far as I can tell the railway logo and the 7740 numbering are one sticker. The Speisewagen stickers can be found on this sheet above the green 2's The white DB stickers seem to be the same size on the sheet of 7745 Hope this helps.
  5. Pet-Lego

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    Check out this topic on bridges and inclines
  6. Pet-Lego

    MOC: BR 22-012

    Very nice looking model and great workmanship on the piston mechanism. Wonder what the next MOC thing is going to be after these great steam engines.
  7. Pet-Lego

    10233 Horizon Express

    I see, well that's no fun. Why would it be € 10,- more for the dutch speaking fans?
  8. Pet-Lego

    MOC: Octan Fuel Tankers

    A while ago, after spotting some octan trucks for sale I made the following train cars.
  9. Looks quite nice, do you need to make any changes to the switch to make it work?
  10. Pet-Lego

    TC-14 Lego Promo

    I've made two orders early morning on may 4th around 6:30 CET. The orders both got shipped in may 10th. They've just arrived, everything is there 2x TC-14, 2x Mini-Tie and 2x R2D2 poster #68 and #69 from 20,398. I have to admit I was a bit worried after the long delay between ordering and shipping but it seems everything is here. With the low # on the posters I guess it got packed quite early but shipped later on.
  11. Pet-Lego

    Lighting the Maersk

    I wanted the same, but had to drill a hole in a black 2x3 plate for this. Follow this link for pictures
  12. Pet-Lego

    MOC: BR94-1292

    Great work. Nice light solution.
  13. Pet-Lego


    Over here in The Netherlands they seem to still be plenty around (shops and internet) and the set isn't that old.
  14. Looks good. On these smaller models a picture of a brick-build version with a minifig would make it shine more ;)
  15. Pet-Lego

    Extras with train sets

    It seems that price wise the sets that include the PF and Track are a better deal then all the parts separate. I bought an extra red passenger train set to motorize the Maersk train and add more carriages to my first passenger train. I can never have enough track, the only thing that was in the set that is still unused in the box is my third PF train controller.