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  1. Thanks very much, will start ordering bricks for some of these....we used to live up in FNQ Aus and where always out diving on the reef ,brings back great memories. cheers Pete
  2. You have a great collection of Lego...not just Technic. Very similar to me....i have never seen that tropical fish Lego set before, what set number is that if i can ask you please?
  3. This is truely awesome, my 5 year old son loves watching ken B driving and has ordered me to make this for him. Its one lego rc car that looks like awesome fun and will probably take alot of batteries to master the driving skills that you have.Cheers and thanks for making the building instructions, Pete.
  4. Stunning........when is Lego going to ask you to produce there next new model team kit ! Well done . Thanks for posting this ...my whole family just loves it.
  5. Gidday, i've been absent for quite a while....but back into the technic game now. First of all, what a great model and a big thanks to the buddha of technic modals and a super great human for making instructions for people like me that have no idea about creating a moc. Second, is it possible to build this car using V2 receivers or do you have to use s bricks? Many thanks to Maddaca and all you other technic gurus.
  6. Thanks for that....just brought some. Cheers pete
  7. Hi Nerds, have you some more photos of your crane ? It looks awesome! Cheers Pete.
  8. squizz

    simpson mini fig set

    Thanx for all the replies team. I understand now the reason for openning the individual mini fig packs. What i find not up to standard as others have stated here, is the dumping of all the mini figs into a large zip lock bag for shipping? Say for instance i was going to sell a M.F , i would pack it in a small, more apropiate size bag for shipping to protect it. If i where shipping the set, each M.F would be in a seperate bag. Thats my 2 cents worth.....Has anyone else here recieved this set from the same shop? And if so, i am curious as to wether they received it the same way? Cheers and thanx again, Pete.
  9. Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to put this ...but ...I recently purchased a Simpsons Mini Fig Set of 16 from shopforme.When i opened the box i found the set of 16 had all been opened and the mini figs all thrown into one massive zip lock bag. I thought that if you paid full retail price for "new" items you should receive them in their packets, unopened and in new condition? Has any body else had this done to them? and what is your thoughts on this? Thanx and interested to read your replies, cheers Pete.
  10. A really massive thankyou for all your work....as a compete computer terroist, i cannot even begin to imagine the work and hours that must go into this. Once again thanks for this, it is really appreciated. Cheers Pete
  11. How about Madocas new model? Two speed gear box, lights, XL motor for drive, servo for steering. It ticks all the boxes and he is a master at making great models and great instructions. Cheers Pete.
  12. Gidday Drdesignz, that is an awesome re work of the original.....well done mate!! Excellente. I have 3 of the original sets, i really like them, but have always thought if lego ever do another...what would it look like?? Well i reckon this is it. Well, i will be studying your photos closely in hope of replicating this very fine model...congrats again and thanx. Cheers Pete.
  13. Mighty fine looking crane there Gerger, i really like how you have captured the look of the crane front cabin.I have always admired this crane in the die cast model and i think you have done a excellent job on this technic one. Excellent work on the drive train and independent suspension...it drives and turns smoothly. I have nothing but high praise for you, well done. As said previously, instructions would be great. I really enjoyed building Jergens ultimate crane and i think this baby of yours would be an even better experience. Cheers and thanx, Pete.
  14. Hey Doc, where did you find these vertical "new system" units? cheers Pete.