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  1. lamascherariposta

    My 2018 Winter Village Diorama

    Thank you guys! I'm so happy that you appreciate :-) (Actually as I keep looking at it I have the feeling that it's not white enough, especially in the middle section. Maybe I'll add more 'snow').
  2. lamascherariposta

    My 2018 Winter Village Diorama

    Thank you KeepLeft! It's funny that you talk about the proportions because that's probably what I like less: the Fire Station seems way too big in comparison with the other buildings, in my opinion. But anyway, now it's going to stay like that :-) Thank you Kristel! I always try to make the dioramas with modular sections so that I can easily move them from the table to the shelf and viceversa.
  3. lamascherariposta

    My 2018 Winter Village Diorama

    Greetings! As a lot of other AFOLS, every year I try to build a small diorama using as inspiration one or more WV official sets. This year I've decided to build around the new Fire Station, especially because I really wanted to expand it in order to fit the truck inside. So I extended the back of the building, adding not only more space for the vehicle but also for other details like a spiral staircase, a table for the hats and a double decker bed. Then I added a brick-built road connecting the station with the outskirts of a village. Between the station and the village there is a Christmas party, where I arranged the bench, the Christmas tree and the frozen fountain included in the Fire Station set. A small pathway goes from the party to the village crossing the road. Next to the crossing there are three structures: a small gazebo selling food and beverages, a small house that uses as a façade another official set (40124 Winter Fun) and an abandoned establishment partially on fire, to give a purpose to those firemen :-) This abandoned building is loosely inspired by another official set (60003 Fire Emergency) and has a similar albeit more elaborate function: the flames can disappear under the ceiling and the roof can be 'restored' by turning one of the sections around. I tried as best as I could not to completely integrate the official sets in the diorama, in order to make them detachable, as you can probably see if you check the gallery. As always, I'm eager to hear what you have to think about this. I'm no expert and I mainly build official sets, I practically only MOC when winter comes, in order to make these dioramas. Here you can find the full gallery: Sorry for the so and so quality of the photos! Mosè IMG_9590 by Mosè Viero, su Flickr IMG_9596 by Mosè Viero, su Flickr IMG_9597 by Mosè Viero, su Flickr IMG_9600 by Mosè Viero, su Flickr IMG_9622 by Mosè Viero, su Flickr IMG_9624 by Mosè Viero, su Flickr
  4. lamascherariposta

    My new Winter Diorama!

    Greetings! I've just completed my second winter Diorama: in my first one, last year, I combined the first three official WV sets (Toy Shop, Bakery and Post Office): for this one, I combined parts of the sets 10229 WV Cottage and 10235 WV Market, together with the complementary Christmas set of last year, 40107 Winter Skating Scene. The Diorama is built on six baseplates: three 32x32 and three 32x16. I've decided to put the cottage and the small building for the woodcutting above a ridge, with a small river streaming down towards the main landscape: under the hill, I've recovered some space as a recess for the seasonal set 40125 Santa's Visit, which just rests on tiles, so it's easy to take it off. I've modified the mechanism for the carousel in order to put it 'inside' the terrain (in the original set, in my opinion, the basement of the carousel is way too high, damaging the whole scale of that specific component); I've also moved the stall with the gear a bit more far away, actually on another baseplate, but I was able to design the mechanism so that it disconnects and reconnects easily when I separate the various parts. For the first time, I've tried to design some big trees, but I'm not sure I'm happy with the end result. I don't have too many of the elements I would need, unfortunately. I also have to work more on the representation of moving water: but these natural elements are always a challenge to build with Lego. As always, I'm eager to hear some comments from the expert builders here! Thank you very much for your attention and sorry for the poor quality of the pictures! Here's the full gallery.
  5. lamascherariposta

    MOC: my Eldorado Fortress!

    Wow, thank you very much for your support and appreciation! I'm not really that interested in MOCcing, I mainly buy LEGO to build and display the official sets. So I'm more than happy if someone likes my humble efforts when I try to create something myself :-) Those are very simple slopes, 4x2 and 3x2 (Bricklink number: 30363 and 30474).
  6. lamascherariposta

    MOC: my Eldorado Fortress!

    Hi to everyone! When I was a child, I was a huge fan of the first wave of Lego Pirates. Unfortunately, I was never able to get the two biggest sets: the Black Sea Barracuda and the Eldorado Fortress. Now that I'm an AFOL I bought the whole last Pirate wave, but I'm not really satisfied with the new soldier fortifications: the memory of the glorious Eldorado Fortress is too strong! :-) So I decided to take the soldier's sets apart and to use the pieces (together with bricks taken from the rest of my collection, of course) to build a fortress inspired by the old one. Here you can see the final results. I chose not to recover the old color scheme (white and yellow), but to go with the new one: white and dark red. I don't have the original raised baseplate, but instead of bricklinking one, as I first thought, I decided to brick build it. This way I was also able to create behind the fort a small grotto for the alligator :-) As for the rest, I stayed pretty close to the original model, I think: there is a tower with the crane, one above the prison and the biggest one with a small chamber for the governor. I'm pretty satisfied with the result, but always eager to hear some comments from the experts here. What do you think? You can see the whole gallery here. Thank you! Edit: I've just noticed that there is a specific sub-forum for Pirates MOC... if an administrator wants to move the topic there, it's ok for me :-)
  7. lamascherariposta

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Do we have any news about a free polybag going together with the Ferris Wheel, like the Ballon Cart went with the Fairground Mixer? I don't remember if last year the BC was released the same day of the FM or some weeks later...
  8. lamascherariposta

    Lego City Square & Museum Break-in: my new little diorama!

    Hi lightningtiger, thank you for your suggestions! I'll certainly buy the new Town Square, but I don't think I'll add it to this diorama, I'll probably build a new one from scratch :-) Thanks to you as well! Unfortunately, I live in a very small apartment, so I can't keep a lot of thing built at the same time. Usually, I build a diorama and then when I have the idea for a new one I destroy the first and start over. I think the brick-built bases can give a lot of side ideas: for example, they allow you to go 'under' the terrain, like I did with the fountain and with the small construction site next to the road. And of course they allow you to build the SNOTed road: something I really want to practice more in the future. I think the real problem there will be creating a bend: all the examples I found online are pretty unsatisfying, for me...
  9. Greetings to everyone! I want to share with you my new humble diorama. The idea was to create a town square using the buildings belonging to the official set 60026 City Square, plus the museum belonging to the official set 60008 Museum Break-In (the sets themselves suggest this link: the bus included in set 60026 has an advertisement of the museum belonging to set 60008!) My other main aim was to create my first SNOT road: I'm not totally satisfied with the result, as the bricks I've chosen don't perfectly fit in the space at their disposal. I need to experiment more :-) As for the rest, I simply added some decorations: a small park with a swing, a newspaper kiosk, a fountain, a bus stop. I also decided to add elements from two more official sets: 60054 Light Repair Truck and 30312 Demolition Driller. At first I wanted to include all the vehicles of the various sets, re-creating the theft which is the main theme of the museum set... but the end result was too cramped, so I decided to put this idea aside. I'll put some pics here, you can see the whole album on my Flickr page. The pictures are a bit blurry and not very high quality, sorry for that :-) I would really love to get some tips and ideas from you, I'm still a newbie in comparison with most of the people posting here!
  10. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if I'm asking a stupid question, but I tried to make a Google research about this and I cannot seem able to find any answer. Making things short: I have an old 8094 Technic Control Center, and my father modded it when I was a child to connect it to electricity instead of using batteries (he simply connected the control center to a transformer). Can I use with it the new 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box instead? Has anyone ever tried? Thank you! :-)
  11. I have all the modulars apart from the first three, so I won't list those. Here are my preferences, from first to last: 1) Town Hall I can be influenced by the fact that it was the first I bought, but I really love this building. It's the perfect center of the layout, I really like its bigness, the elevator, the columns on the front, the distribution of the spaces inside. 2) Parisian Restaurant I don't like the fact that it's very small in comparison with most of the other modulars (but unfortunately this seems to be the trend), but I really like some building techniques, especially the roof part, an amazing work of art. 3) Palace Cinema I agree with the common idea that the inside is very sparse, but I really like the exterior, the sign, the roof and also the entrance fitting perfectly on the corner. I also don't hate the limo as most of you do: it could certainly be better, but it does the job :-) 4) Pet Shop The layout definitely needs houses, so I'm happy that there is at least one in this set. I really like the bow window, while I think that the inside could have been done much better. 5) Grand Emporium Wonderful look from the outside, but practically empty inside and with a very repetitive build. 6) Fire Brigade I don't find it consistent at all: the floors are very high, some of the microbuilds inside are precarious (the fridge) or impossible to appreciate (the details on the ground floor). The technique used for the number on the façade is also not very well done, in my opinion. But I really like how the pannelled walls of the front are built, with the small dark red tiles.
  12. lamascherariposta

    Winter Village Toy Shop, Bakery and Post Office: my very first diorama

    Wow, thank you! I actually never thought to put more things in it: I have a very small apartment, probably my house is so cramped that I wanted at least the diorama to be more 'open' :-) Looking at the other projects, I noticed that it's a very common habit to expand the original buildings: I've never done that, it almost seems like a heresy to me, I need to learn to overcome this feeling :-) Thank you again! Mosè
  13. Greetings to all forum members! This is my first post, but I'm lurking the forum since a year: it was roughly one year ago that my "dark age" ended and I got into Lego again, after more than 20 years (I'm 37!) My name is Mosè and I write from Venice, Italy. It's a pleasure to meet you! :-) I was attracted towards Lego again mainly thanks to the modulars: in a few months I bought them all, apart from the first three (but I'm getting also those, one day or another!) I also bought some other set, for example the whole Kingdoms line and some minifig-scale creator expert sets, including the Winter Village sets. I have just finished my very first diorama, based on the first three Winter Village official sets: the Toy Shop (10199), the Bakery (10216) and the Post Office (10222). The diorama is built on six baseplates, three 32x32 and three 32x16. I've put the main buildings around some kind of square, where in the center there is the Christmas tree included in the Toy Shop and next to it the gazebo coming with the Post Office. To the left, there is the frozen little pond included as well in the Post Office, and a big tree around which there is some sort of short ski run, with also a small slope acting as a play feature. Together with the big tree (which is unfortunately a bit too coloured because I don't have enough brown arcs), the thing that took me most of the time to build was the road passing through the landscape and ending in front of the Post Office. I've also added a small doghouse next to the Toy Shop and a fence with the Christmas tree sold by the little stand coming with the Bakery. The buildings are practically unchanged, except from the studs added to the floors in order to keep the minifigs in position. I would really love to hear some comments from you. This is my first attempt in building a small diorama, so I probably did a lot of 'mistakes' and there is certainly a lot of room for improvements. I add three pics here: if you want to see them all, you can go to the full album. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I took them with a smartphone :-)