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  1. Hi, None of you know me But I know that you are all extremely enthusiastic about LEGO Trains, and I want to be, but being a young lad I do not have the greatest skills compared to a lot of great examples. But that isn't stopping me, I'm trying to get better at what I do as it is the only reason I have nearly 2,000,000 video views on Youtube because of my lust for LEGO Thomas and Friends trains targeted at Children. I remember starting out and seeing other peoples work to get me inspired, Currently I have a couple of LEGO Models from the show I am rather satisfied with, they are slowly taking shape... When I see other peoples LEGO Thomas and Friends Models, I never hate them, I just always think they are either too large, distorted from the original models from the TV Series, or even being too detailed can be a problem... With my Model (which I know will never be perfect and is quite distorted from certain angles) I have tried to keep to a small normal lego 6 wide mini figure scale train system... with a few exceptions of side plates and extra little details. I am currently working on Annie and Clarabel very much inspired not only by the show but by models by technoandrew. His work is showcased on youtube under that name And I think you will find his work outstanding! they are currently going to be the widest, most detailed coaches I have built for my railway but I still need help with designing some of these because I am losing focus when it comes to techniques. I also own all 3 Creator trains (Emerald Knight, Maersk train and Horizon Express). I try my best to keep these beauties dusted and fix and replace parts if I think they need modernising. (There are a lot of features on the Emerald Knight I have modified with newer bricks) So I am used to Trains at least 7 studs wide... I don't want to go too far into detail as I said before too much detail I think can ruin the look and feel of Thomas and Friends, I would much rather save the detailing for the sets and scenery as that is what stood out to me in the TV series, just how much detail and effort went into the little model houses, and train tracks and background and the simplicity of the trains. Attatched are links to my Youtube Channel and Deviantart page where I post update photos about the trains I have and you can see my progress. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UColNrPegOp0bR90t2rVHxTA http://shortround551.deviantart.com