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  1. voorstag

    Trackside Doodle - Union Pacific Yard Office

    fits in perfectly!
  2. voorstag

    WIP-LDD-MOC: Westbahn Stadler KISS (Dosto)

    Very nice details!
  3. voorstag

    MOC: FS E656 + Italian 80s Night train "Trinacria"

    Nice work. This is one of my personel favorite locs.
  4. voorstag

    MOC: Glasgow Subway

    My first thought was "wow, this is a wide one". But when you see the pictures of the real train, you're spot on!
  5. I'm gonna try this with my old rails. Thanks for the tip.
  6. voorstag

    Updating the Classics: 12 New Additions

    Move to see those old sets from my own childhoof come back in another form .
  7. voorstag

    And some of my locos at work.

    Your steamengines are real beauties!
  8. voorstag

    [MOC] The Queen

    Very impressive!
  9. Do you have a picture of the connection between the propulsion and the front (and rear) axle? I can't see it on the picture above. I'm trying to rebuild it in LDD, bur I'm a bit stuck at that point . Thanks in advance.