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  1. shady333

    Fire Station

    GOOD JOB!!!
  2. shady333

    Some of My trains

    Hi everyone. Here goes some photos of trains created with my Son :) Microtrain: Custom wagon for passengers (6 comfortable places) and theirs baggage. Combined with "Enlighten" train.
  3. Hi everyone. I still couldn't find answer to question why LEGO costs are different in different countries? For example LEGO Set 60066: For Spain it cost - 9.99 EURO (at For USA - 9.99 USD (at For Ukraine - 170 UAH (1 USD = 23 UAH, 1 EURO = 26 UAH, current exchange rates) Why we have this differences? p.s. generally I'm very happy that Lego in My Country are cheaper :)
  4. I thinks you should buy it :), if it price is suitable for you and you like LEGO Trains at all
  5. shady333

    RAILBRICKS Set Design Contest Winners!

    Good looking! As I see you have used train connectors from the "Brick" (Enlighten sets), I'm also using them :).
  6. shady333

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    I have a Batman minifigure from Decool set. It quality is very well, only has a small issue with hands. So I think they are not so bad :)
  7. shady333

    Hasbro Transformers Kre-O Megatron review!

    Thanks for review . Our market is overloaded with china clones of Lego. And most of them has awful quality. But some sets are observable (has like Lego quality and good price, or contains interesting parts which can be combined with original Lego). I'm also looking forward to get a small KRE-O set for own review.
  8. Hi Friends, My name is Oleg and I'm from Ukraine. I have a lovely son and daughter, and they so much like to play with LEGO :). Here's some theirs work: