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  1. has someone tried to enhance the images?
  2. flyboy01

    Ready to sell....Everything

    I am still trying to set up an international bank account. but I will send him the money when I can.
  3. flyboy01

    Ready to sell....Everything

    my email
  4. I deem them simply not technic and I try to get rid of them. I don't actually know why noone uses them.
  5. flyboy01

    [MOD] 8 Stud Wide SC Mustang and Corvette

    IMO, i think that only the corvette looks good in 8-wide, but that's just me.
  6. I want to make a fast Trophy truck, but one with (relatively) high torque. I would be useing it for driving in a forest, one with many roots and dips. would I be better off buying an rc motor or two, or simply useing the XL motors I have.
  7. I beleive it's because we do not want to accept the fact that it's just going to be black with special stickers.
  8. That is a GENIUS idea. I am going to go pledge/support the project now while.
  9. I'm still waiting. I haven't received any new replies, or anything. all technic pictured is what I want. thanks, Flyboy01
  10. I would like to get any technic flags you might have.
  11. since 2012, Flyboy01 has been searching, searching, for a great deal on lego technic. he has searched in every nook, and every cranny, but he has resorted to the last resort, eurobricking his quest. I am looking for technic peices for (relatively) cheap. in this forum, if you post, please include what you would sell, what you would sell it for, and where you live (for shipping). Thanks, Flyboy01
  12. flyboy01

    Red flexible Technic axles for sale

    I would like them if they are not taken
  13. I never thought of that. thanks. saves me some (cough lot cough) of driving.
  14. it's always nice to see someone make an alternate that doesn't have anything to do with the main set. great job.