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  1. I'm going to buy some Lego tomorrow. If they are carrying 42036 then I will try to use that and a couple pieces from the hot rod and 42037 to try to Build it in light blue. The only problem is that the majority of the new sets aren't really available at retail outlets in the US yet.
  2. You should build a pendular axle set up.they're very easy compact and robust
  3. I would build it if I could. Almost every part of the body is a Lego panel shape. I just don't have the wheels etc
  4. So I just found out about this motorcycle from jay lenos garage. I'm basically begging someone from the EB community to build it, because I think it would be awesome in Lego, but unfortunately I don't have any motorcycle parts to construct it. It has technic wheels it would be perfect! Can someone please build this bike? pictures:
  5. Yeah I meant the new arocs Mercedes. I haven't checked out the full set of features but if it doesn't already have it then it probably isn't hard to do.
  6. Maybe majority is an exaggeration,but that's still almost half.
  7. Honestly I find the linear actuator dumping to nearly always be slow and bothersome,my favorite dumping systems are the mechanically operated ones such as 42035,because its quicker and easier on my fingers.
  8. Has anyone else noticed that the majority of the recent technic sets have been some form of a dumptruck? If not in form than at least in function. These include: 42023(small dumptruck included) 42024(dumptruck with chains) 42029(pick em up dump truck) 42030(b model dump truck) 42035(a dumptruck pretending to be a mining truck) 42038(a dumptruck with tracks) 42042(really big dumptruck) This does not include the unimog(which easily converts to a dumptruck) or the fact that there seems to be at least one dumptruck a year every year. The last year is especially full of them. I get that a dumping bed is an easy and very noticeable function to implement,but having only been into technic for six months or so and buying mostly what's available new,I now own 3 dumptrucks. Is it too much to ask for something different and exciting? Maybe in just complaining but I feel as if the technic gurus around here must feel the same way. There has to other functions that can be implemented into a model besides a dumping bed,and there definitely needs to be fewer sets based on this single function. Thoughts?
  9. I think we don't realize that all of the people on here talk about the unimog in a very offhand way. Very rarely do we refer to it as a specific vehicle and more often we refer to the parts from the unimog set(unimog tires etc.) so I can understand why he might have thought of it as a specialized Lego term or something rather than a specific vehicle.
  10. Right now on brick link there is a 42029 for 72 bucks.the deals are there If you look in the right places. It may not be pretty but it is a large set that can easily be built into something else.another good set with big wheels and a lot of suspension pieces is 42005,which tends to be 40-50 and has huge travel live axle suspension. if you want to get into of road vehicles,these are great places to start. You can also look at the flagship 8466,which is an incredibly full featured set with four wheel drive gullwing doors And many other functions, and it can be cheaper than you would expect.it also has some of the nicest tires technic has ever made
  11. For me it's just interesting to see atechnic solution used in system building.with the barman Seth I mentioned,the riddlers dragster is very much a classic system build,but the Batmobile is at heart a simple technic car built on two studded beams,and even uses a pair of large technic wheels.when I played with Lego as a kid vrry rarely would I seeany technical parts at all,and it's interesting to see it make it's way into classic Lego
  12. For a good starter set,I personally would recommend 42029.it can be had for 60-100 US and includes many panels,suspension parts,a differential,wheel hubs and nice big tires. It incorporates many of the parts and techniques unique to technic line,including the working engine,winch,a two function gearbox,a tipping bed powered by a linear actuator,and opening hood and doors. In addition to all of these reasons,it's also just a good parts set.it can also be easily motorized.there's also a user on here who had posted free instructions to turn it into a jeep.like I said,a great set for a great price.you should buy two as a matter of fact. I just got into technic a few months ago after only playing with bionicles and system legos as a kid.actually my start in technic was with the 42027 desert racer,which is a tiny 150 piece set with a pull back motor.even something like this is enough to help you understand technic a little better. As mentioned earlier,just buy everything and try not to let your wife find out about how much your spending on legos ;)
  13. So am I to understand they gave you 2 silver champions?that's amazing :) to me what made the difference was that more than sending me a replacement piece,they actually wanted to correct the QC problem immediately.
  14. So I recently used my tax refund to purchase a few lego sets including the 2015 formula off reader. Much to my surprise,while assembling the rear suspension I discovered that the set was missing a 7L axle used for securing the upper suspension arm. I brushed it off,informed lego customer service of the missing piece and made a substitution with a 5l axle with a stop from my collection. But about 10 steps later in the instructions I found i was missing yet another piece,one I didn't have a replacement for. It was a pin with a pin hole that is used to secure the final panels onto the car. At this point I was furious and filed another claim for a missing piece.not only were there pieces missing,but I had to come to a dead stop literally 90 percent of the way through the build. I called customer service to inform them of what was obviously a serious quality control issue in the lego factory,as I have purchased 10 lego sets in the last few months with no missing pieces ever. When I called the customer service representative was not only someone who some English,but was actually AmeRican.which is refreshing if you've had to call customer service before. Not only was she extremely helpful and made sure that I could get the pieces as soon as possible,but she made sure to get the relevant information from me(like the qc stamp on the box) to make sure that this issue is resolved in future sets. I just wanted to share my experience with the eurobricks community because I know we all like to give TLG a hard time. We say they need new colors and the new sets are lame etc. But they do make an amazing product that allows us AFOLs to express ourselves creatively and create amazing machines. And the fact that they stand behind it this much is awesome. TLGtruly has some amazing people on their team. Anyway,thanks for listening. Feel free to share any comments or stories you might have.