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  1. Hoping I can grab a tumbler and TIE fighter this sale since I have yet to get them. My area has a few very aggressive resellers now who buy all the exclusives up if I'm even a little late in the morning.
  2. Acchan

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    It's a shame I'll have to wait til April to get these new sets. I was excited to see the cool lookin female pirate. I would've been happier if the new ship was larger though, guess I'll try getting a few of them and see if I can make a bigger version.
  3. Acchan

    Death Star - is it worth it?

    The Death Star was actually one of the sets I got first when I got back into Lego 5 years ago. So far no regrets at all. It's a nice impressive set with lots of minifigs and details. It's not a model like the UCS DS (which I also ended up getting from bricklink) but it has it's own charm. I like to pretend it's a exterior and interior display by having them sitting side by side. Also it's easily recognizable by non SW fans. The only things that draw as much attention in my collection are the M.Falcon and the Star Destroyers. Anyone who has watched the movies will pretty much know what it is at sight, and they are always surprised that Lego makes such big and detailed sets. Overall, couldn't recommend it more.
  4. Acchan

    MOD Horizon Express allows fast on/off

    Thanks for the mod ronenson. I'll give it a try on my HE since it looks like it'll save some hassle when I run my sets.
  5. This is a pretty good price and a fair bit off the RRP. I do like that Big W have these price reductions on some sets.
  6. Acchan

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    Slave I looks great, can't wait to get my hands on one since UCS sets are what brought me back to Lego. The mistake on the sticker kinda makes me want to hold off though. Do they normally fix up mistakes like that and make the sticker available to people who purchased the set before the correction?
  7. Acchan

    What's with the lack of Imperial Ships?

    I'd like a new pirate ship, just because I don't find the Queen Anne's Revenge or Blackpearl to be anywhere near as impressive as the Imperial Flagship. It's just my bias since I these are the only ships I own outside of the Maersk Line Triple-E and now the Seacow.
  8. Acchan

    REVIEW: 70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow

    Thanks for the great review thread PCVANDO, it convinced me to go grab the set since it's on sale here for 300aud. Glad to have something that has the size of my Imperial Flagship. I do get that it probably doesn't actually fit the pirates theme since it's a movie set. I personally see it as a more quirky set that gives off the fun fantasy vibe from the movie more then anything to concerned with realism.
  9. That's a great job Sérgio! The carriage definitely has that old 30s feel to it with the really elaborate details and styling. I especially like the arch/column details over the windows, really gives it that luxury feel.
  10. Acchan

    Hi, I'm Jay an AFOL from Australia

    Thanks to everyone for the welcome ^.^ I forgot the mention I also like the ships...hoping for a new pirate ship soon. The PotC ships just don't size up with my Imperial.
  11. Acchan

    Horizon Express

    They've been on 'sold out' for quite a while here in Australia. Last time I saw one in store was in September at Myer.
  12. David Jones has it on their website. It's currently on sale to boot for 152 instead of 190. I'd link it but I have no idea how to to do that on here.
  13. Acchan

    How to clean smoke damaged LEGO?

    If you're in Aus this is also valid. Though you may need to have a fairly comprehensive plan for it to qualify for restoration/cleaning as Lego would normally be considered a toy. Most likely they'd rather reimburse you for the replacement cost.
  14. Acchan

    Where do you build?

    I build on my study table in my office if the set fits. If it's a set with a big footprint or has a lot of sorting needed I use my kitchen table. I put down this thick plastic mat thing so my fiancee doesn't worry about scratches.
  15. Acchan

    10246 Detective's Office

    The DO looks great, but I might need to fiddle around with it to make the rooms a bit wider. I don't think my fingers would comfortably fit with how tight it looks from the promo shots. Well never really kno til I get my hands on it. Wonder if I'll need to get 2 so I can make something I'm a bit more comfortable with.