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  1. Certainly Benny could get a spinoff theme. But Unikitty got her own theme because she got her own cartoon. Despite being a Lego Movie character, her little theme has more in common with DC Superhero Girls and PowerPuff Girls.
  2. axaday

    Gryphon Deepspace Initiative

    I like the use of Nexo Shields.
  3. axaday

    [Review] 21047 Las Vegas

    Bob, the Fremont Street Experience is a few blocks of Fremont Street where cars can't drive anymore. There is a sort of roof. Over the street. I don't think it is totally solid, but it is a giant screen where light and shapes are always moving around. It is a street party every evening with restaurants and bars and casinos in all the buildings and street performers and crowds of tourists all over the street. Fremont Street used to be a pretty important part of the casino picture for Las Vegas, but it was eventually eclipsed by the Strip where a lot more investment happened. I think the thing in front of Encore may be the sign in this picture.
  4. axaday

    [MOC] SP1 - Goliath

    That is. RAD.
  5. axaday

    [MOC] Tytan

    More like this
  6. I started Lego right at the tail end of Classic Space transitioning into Futuron, so it is Futuron that I look to. A while back I took down the ratios of the 3 Futuron colors and looked at the sorts of sets they were in and became very comfortable with the notion that they were copying the colors from Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you buy one of each set, you get 3 Reds. Pretty rare, which I didn't realize when I was a kid because I had several of the minifig packs, but outside of that you only get two of them at the Cosmic Laser Launcher. I believe they are command. Black are actually exactly as rare, appearing one each in three sets. And it isn't a really strong case, but one of them is a Laser Ranger and the color would later be coopted by Space Police, so I figure them to be security. You'd get 7 Blues and never with a weapon. They usually come with a robot. I regard them as scientists. The great bulk of the men are Yellows. You get 16 Yellow. That's more than half. I regard them as Operations. They pilot the ships and maintain the fleet.
  7. axaday

    MOC: Compliance

    Oh I like that a lot!
  8. axaday

    Space Base H17

    I'd love to use that big Space logo on something, but I don't think I build anything big enough.
  9. axaday

    [MOC] Komodo Heavy Dropship

    I like that
  10. axaday

    LEGO Ideas Project: Planetary Outpost

    I would buy a bunch of this set to get those torsos.
  11. axaday

    [MOC] RSS Korolev

    If it were a set, I would buy it on sight.
  12. axaday

    [MOC] RSS Korolev

    Really nice work
  13. axaday

    Classic Space Mobile Laboratory

    Heartily approved. It is very well-thought-out.
  14. axaday

    [MOC] Factory

    Is that a lever base on his hand?
  15. axaday

    The Neo CS Fleet

    I REALLY like the 7th one down.