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  1. axaday

    [MOC] Tytan

    More like this
  2. I started Lego right at the tail end of Classic Space transitioning into Futuron, so it is Futuron that I look to. A while back I took down the ratios of the 3 Futuron colors and looked at the sorts of sets they were in and became very comfortable with the notion that they were copying the colors from Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you buy one of each set, you get 3 Reds. Pretty rare, which I didn't realize when I was a kid because I had several of the minifig packs, but outside of that you only get two of them at the Cosmic Laser Launcher. I believe they are command. Black are actually exactly as rare, appearing one each in three sets. And it isn't a really strong case, but one of them is a Laser Ranger and the color would later be coopted by Space Police, so I figure them to be security. You'd get 7 Blues and never with a weapon. They usually come with a robot. I regard them as scientists. The great bulk of the men are Yellows. You get 16 Yellow. That's more than half. I regard them as Operations. They pilot the ships and maintain the fleet.
  3. axaday

    MOC: Compliance

    Oh I like that a lot!
  4. axaday

    Space Base H17

    I'd love to use that big Space logo on something, but I don't think I build anything big enough.
  5. axaday

    [MOC] Komodo Heavy Dropship

    I like that
  6. axaday

    LEGO Ideas Project: Planetary Outpost

    I would buy a bunch of this set to get those torsos.
  7. axaday

    [MOC] RSS Korolev

    If it were a set, I would buy it on sight.
  8. axaday

    [MOC] RSS Korolev

    Really nice work
  9. axaday

    Classic Space Mobile Laboratory

    Heartily approved. It is very well-thought-out.
  10. axaday

    [MOC] Factory

    Is that a lever base on his hand?
  11. axaday

    The Neo CS Fleet

    I REALLY like the 7th one down.
  12. axaday

    10257 Carousel

    This thing is more SNOT than not.
  13. axaday

    Custom Printed Classic Space Colour Variants

    Don't apologize for bumping this. We all wanted to see it again.
  14. axaday

    [MOC] Tregatis VI Mining Operations

    I really like that the main use for a space portal is to purchase hotdogs. Tell me about the Futuron suits on display. Are they for sale? Demonstrating the wardrobe change they'll be making next week?