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  1. 12. The Beast (Bandits) (Ford Ranger) Discussion topic
  2. Hi everybody i make a new transformation Youtube link:
  3. Jim,are transformation when the suspension may be increased ?
  4. I have finished my car. Youtube video: My car's body inspired the Ford Ranger scale 1:8 The original project near 2 year old. The original chassis have 6 speed gearbox and brakes. I need this replace because no more free space. I have only the half completed body used. Get new chassis and weapons. This car have a three version. The Street version have no weapons only plasma tv (tablet) in rear section. The Army Edition have weapons. This is the normal Bandit. The BIG BOSS have grille and this can not only attacking but also protect yourself. Electric functions: IR: Driving XL motor, Steering Servo motor, Lights 3 Led lights with switch. Automatic compressor with pressure switch. Pneumatic Functions: open the rear section, open the spike tank, shooting with bow, the suspensions make harder and higher. Manual functions: openable doors with locks openable hood, openable rear door, extendible front spikes, and shooting with cannons ( one on the hood and one on the rear door).
  5. 39. Tow Truck 8071C This is my creation The origional set: My C-model: More: Click here
  6. My Alternate from set 8071 Funktions: steering on the top of the cabin ath the end you can lift the crow-bar the crow-bar is turning