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  1. Gunner

    [CUSTOM THEME] LEGO God of War

    LEGO God of War 200502 – Ares' Army Battle Pack – 135 pcs Official description Destroy the City of Athens! Ares, the God of War, has laid siege on the city of Athens! His minions are attacking the citizens and laying destruction in their way. Build up your Army and take the battle to the Athenian Soldiers! This set features ruins of the city and an Experience Chest, plus four minifigures: a Gorgon, a Harpy and 2 Undead Legionnaires. • Includes four minifigures: a Gorgon, a Harpy and 2 Undead Legionnaires • Launch the Undead Legionnaire from the top of the column to attack! • Weapons include a sword and a bow with arrow for the Legionnaires. • Play out action-packed scenes from the game God of War™ • Ruins measure over 4” (10cm) high, 5” (12cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide. The Minifigures The set includes an Undead Legionnaire, an Undead Archer, a Gorgon and a Harpy. Custom moulds: the Gorgon headpiece, the Harpy wings/arms and legs, the Legionnaire sword Additional Images
  2. Gunner

    [CUSTOM THEME] LEGO God of War

    Thank you for the feedback! Initially, the ear-wings were going to be moveable and detachable, but there were problems with the tickness of the connector and of the wing, and I dropped that idea. But now that you've mentioned it, I had an idea! Maybe I'll execute it sometime later. I had the idea around 2013-2014, than completely abandoned it. In 2018, I tried again and then dropped again. Around september last year I finally managed to truly dedicate myself to this project. Each set takes around 4 months to be completed (that includes searching references, the build itself, the decorations for the minifigures, the custom moulds, the rendering of the images, all very consuming of my spare time). Gunner
  3. Gunner

    [CUSTOM THEME] LEGO God of War

    LEGO God of War 200501 – The Hydra Attack – 640 pcs Official description Help Kratos defeat the monstrous Hydra! Build the famous first battle from God of War with this LEGO® set! The Champion of the Gods, Kratos has been tasked by Poseidon, God of the Seas, to face the terrible Hydra, who has been terrorizing the Aegean Sea. Protect your ship and battle the Hydra and the Undead Legionnaires that have escaped! Then, save the Captain before the Hydra King devours him! Defeat the beasts before they destroy your ship and stop you from reaching Athens, the city of the Goddess Athena, who has an urgent message for you! Includes 2 Hydra Heads, the Hydra King and 6 minifigures: Kratos, the Captain, the Statue of Athena and 3 Undead Legionnaires. • Includes 2 Hydra Heads, the Hydra King and 6 minifigures: Kratos, the Captain, the Statue of Athena and 3 Undead Legionnaires • Features sliding boat, movable net and compartment crates • Hydra features movable heads and jaws • Accessories include the Blades of Chaos, chains, the Captain’s key, swords and a bow with arrow • Collect the first-ever LEGO® God of War set! • Kratos’ ship measures over 10" (25cm) high, 6" (14cm) wide and 18" (47cm) long • Hydra King stands over 7"" (18cm) tall The Minifigures The set includes 3 Undead Legionnaires, the Captain of the ship, a Statue of Athena and Kratos. Custom moulds: the Blades of Chaos The Hydra The set includes 2 “regular” Hydra heads and the Hydra King head. At first I was going to brickbuild the creatures, but results were not satisfactory so I decided to mould every mythological creature going forward. Custom moulds: Hydra heads and jaws, Hydra King head and jaw, Hydra King neck piece (a 3x3 version of 65473: Green Brick, Round 2 x 2 D. 45 Degree Elbow, used on the smaller Hydra heads) Additional Images
  4. Hello everyone! After a long time away (my last post is from January 24, 2017 - it was almost a Dark Age to me), I'm back at Eurobricks! And I bring to you now the biggest LEGO project I have ever undertook: LEGO God of War! God of War is an action-adventure game franchise created at Sony's Santa Monica Studio. It began in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 (PS2) video game console and has become a flagship title for the PlayStation brand, consisting of ten games across multiple platforms with an eleventh currently in development. Based in ancient mythology, the story follows the titular protagonist, Kratos, a Spartan warrior, who was tricked into killing his family by his former master, Ares, the Greek God of War. This sets off a series of events that leads to wars with the mythological pantheon. The Greek mythology era of the series sees Kratos follow a path of vengeance due to the machinations of the Olympian gods. LEGO is my favorite toy since I was a kid. God of War is one of my favorite video game series, and I have been playing since I was a teenager. Greek Mythology is my favorite mythology. Now I combine all three in this custom LEGO theme, with lots of sets and minifigures. My goal is to create and present the models and minifigs as if they were real products. Sadly, I know a real licensed theme is impossible, given the violent nature of the games. I will post my creations here in this topic, after posting on my Instagram account (@bricks.of.chaos, give it a follow, I appreciate). The minifigures will be covered in greater detail after the sets are presented. Hope you guys enjoy! LEGO God of War – Wave #1 – Game: God of War (2005) Set list and info: Set 200501 - The Hydra Attack - 640 pcs Set 2005002 - Ares' Army Battle Pack - 135 pcs Set 200503 – ??? – 132 pcs Set 200504 – ??? – 244 pcs Set 200505 – ??? – 1147 pcs Set 200506 – ??? – 415 pcs Set 200507 – ??? – 1024 pcs Set 200508 – God of War CMF – 16 Minifigs
  5. Gunner

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I was reading a review of the Catwoman Cycle set, and realised something. Maybe someone already pointed this out, but... It might be a spoiler for the movie, so read it at your own risk...
  6. Gunner

    MOC: Duel on Yavin 4

    At first, I thought the base wasn't LEGO. But it fits so well in the scene! Great job!
  7. Awesome droideka! I love that it can transform to "ball mode" and the use of revolvers and handlebar to angle arms and legs . Indeed the best minifig-scale droideka.
  8. Thanks to everyone for your comments. Thank you. I hate the clone wars faces, too. Now that the show has ended, I hope TLC re-releases most TCW figs in regular style for the PT. Thanks. Looking forward to see your Azure Angel, especially your solutions for the stripes! The ships were made in LDD and rendered with LDD to POV-Ray, as hjmediastudios said. Did you honestly think it was a real model? Thanks to Martin Hronský, for this amazing tool! Thanks for blogging, Brickdoctor! I actually considered building an ARC gunship! But then decided to modify a Delta-7 I've created, and remake my Ginivex (because the old one was TCW, kinda ugly and disproportionate). Glad you liked the photos; more pictures like those coming soon! Gunner
  9. Gunner

    Community Build: SW The Clone Wars

    My entry. Hopefully the first of many. (
  10. Well, here's my entry for the Clone Wars Community Build. The original Clone Wars cartoon was what got me into Star Wars, so it will always be special to me. First, we have Anakin Skywalker's heavily modified Delta-7 Starfighter, the Azure Angel. I always liked the design of the ship. Replicate the stripes was a pain., but I think I've done the best that could be make digitally, given the limitations of LDD. With real bricks, custom stripes would be more accurate. The overall shape is based in my standart Delta-7 Starfighter, yet to be revealed (possibly my next entry). It's inspired on the designs by seniorgronk and ADHO15. Next, Asajj Ventress' Ginivex-class starfighter. This is my second version of the ship. In 2011, I've made the fighter based in its TCW appearance (http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=54000). Now, I made it closer to the original cartoon. I think it looks way better, just like its show. The fan design is based in Joel.Baker's, but mine does not fold yet (maybe in the next version ?). Other views. The fan is really thick, but I wanted symmetry on the sides. The minifigs: Anakin is the one to be released in the Gunship later this year, but with different face and hair. The headgear is based on the AotC and RotS. Ventress is based in EU and CW appearance (never really liked the white eyes, so changed a bit). The space battle of Muunilinst. The starfighters will have their topics soon. Thanks for reading. Hope you liked. C&C are welcomed. More pictures in Flickr. Gunner
  11. It took a little longer than planned, but here they are! First, some considerations: > All parts in the file can be decorated; > All multicolored parts can be decorated; > There may be some weird mapped surfaces (like General Grievous head and body, don't know if there are others), so designing decals for those can be tricky; > Renders in some curved surfaces and multicolored elements may be "broken", like in Boba Fett's helmet; > Transparent pieces will make the decals darker unless they're declared as dullPlastic in the ldd_part, however they won't be so smooth anymore; The file: http://www.brickshel...thers/decor.lxf (262 bricks) The canopy and 4x4 dish are standart; the others dishes are dull Plastic. The decals in the dishes are the same. The method for decorating the elements is in here: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=59109 (end of the page). But to simplify it: 1. Create a lxf with the bricks you want to decorate 2. Rename the .lxf to .rar or .zip 3. Extract the .rar/.zip 4. Open the .lxfml in a text editor and change the decoration number to any number of the list (in the same topic above); then save it 5. Open the .lxfml with LDD and copy the bricks to a new .lxf
  12. Sure! I just made one a couple of days ago, but with LDD latest update I need to make another. I think I can post it here tomorrow. PS: I already solved the problems I've encountered (colors and torso reflection).
  13. Again regarding decorations, sorry... The problem this time is with the colors. I used the RGB parameters from the file, but when I render, the colors of the decorations get darkened. Is there an easier way to match the colors of the decorations and bricks? Trial and error is easy but a little hard-working, as is changing brightness and contrast in image editors. Any help? The cockpit parts (50986 and 3960) are supposed to be Light Bley (Medium Stone Grey). They can be decorated, as well some other parts in LDD. It's not actually something new, I found how to do it in a topic here, but I can post the decorable bricks I've found so far. There's no need to hack LDD.
  14. Can anyone help me? So, I've been making decals to use as custom decorations on LDD to POVRay, and the color of the minifig torso look somehow different from its arms: It looks like a different shade. It's less noticeble in other colors, but quite apparent in black. Anyone knows why this happens? Or how can it be fixed? I used Fast Radiosity, Moddify LDD black color, Strech LDD palette and unmarked Use color variance. The decoration has a transparent background. Thanks.