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  1. 75054 AT-AT hopefully I'll get it in the mail soon.
  2. 5x Utapau Troopers Battlepack 1x Sith vs Republic troopers Battlepack
  3. h22chen

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    There's the Elf Sentry in the Lego:Hobbit game, I like it, hopefully it'll be in a set.
  4. h22chen

    Review - 75036 - Utapau Troopers

    I really like the parts of the Tri-droid, would help me make Tie Defenders.
  5. **updated, missed a few. Shameless self bump.
  6. Dear all, This is the following things (mostly minifigures) that I have available for trade: HAVES: LOTR: humans: 5x Eomer with cape(set #9471 Uruk-hai Army) 5x Rohan Soldier (set #9471 Uruk-hai Army) 1x Boromir with cape(Set #9473 Mines of Moria) 1x Gandalf the grey with cloak (set #79014 Dol Guldur Battle) 1x White Saruman with cloak (set #79005 The Wizard Battle) 4x Beorn (set #79011 Dol Guldur ambush) dwarfs and halflings: 1x Thorin Oakenshield (set #79013 LakeTown chase) 2x Bilbo Baggins (set # 79013 LakeTown chase and from set #79004 Barrel escape) 2x Gimli (Set #9473 Mines of Moria) 2x Pippin (Set #9473 Mines of Moria) 1x Gloin (set #79004 Barrel escape) 1x Oin (set #79004 Barrel escape) elves: 2x Thranduil with cape (set #79012 Mirkwood Elves) Star Wars: 1x Luke Skywalker (set #9496 Desert Skiff) 1x Kithaba (set #9496 Desert Skiff) 1x Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard disguise (set #9496 Desert Skiff) **Lone Ranger: 2x Lone Ranger (set #79106 Cavalry Builder set) 6x Cavalry Soldier (set #79106 Cavalry Builder set) Collectible minifigs: 1x Series 9 Battlemech (set #71000) 1x Series 9 Judge with cape (set #71000) 1x Series 10 Bumblee Girl with wings and honey jar (set #71001) Lego Movie: 3x Emmet (set #70800 Gateway Glider) 3x Sheriff not-a-robot (set #70800 Gateway Glider) 3x Deputron (set #70800 Gateway Glider) Sealed polybag: 1x Radio Robot DJ, promotional polybag, set #5002203 All minifigs are new or was just assembled and put into storage; all are in excellent (new) condition. The minifigures do not come with the accessories, unless otherwise noted. WANTS: x Moria Orcs (LOTR) x Mirkwood Elves (ones with hair and ones with the hood) x Collectible Minifigures series 6 Roman Soldiers x Mordor Orcs (LOTR) x Gundabad Orcs (LOTR) 1x New Scout trooper (SW505 from bricklink, Scout Trooper from the Star Wars Advent 2013 Set #75023) If you are interested, contact me, hopefully we can make out a deal. Thank you.
  7. h22chen


    Very well built! Thank you.
  8. h22chen

    Balin's Tomb - Mines of Moria [MOC]

    Looks promising, I'm eager to wait for more!
  9. h22chen

    [MOC] Dol Guldur

    Excellent! I love the size and the attention to the different sections of the castle!
  10. True, true, ha ha. Can't be helped, there's not much you could do
  11. h22chen

    Review - 75036 - Utapau Troopers

    I agree with the parts of the droid, some are pretty interesting, I like the tri-angle pieces, going to be useful in a Tie Defender build.
  12. h22chen

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    All my Romans are from the Series 6 minifigure Collectibles, some are series 7 and 8 because they are officers and of course, Caesar! Unfortunately, I do not have photos of them yet, and they are in my home in Canada. It'll be the next time I return home that I'll be able to take a photograph of them.
  13. Might be a flawless victory this time... ... ...