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    [MOD] 42006 B-Model

    This is moc from B -model of 42006. The first idea was from http://rebrickable.com/mocs/tomik/bulldozer And with a little but significant i made this movable right and kleft blade with special updown function
  2. Hi This is my first post about my first lego set. This is a lego 42006. I made the first model and the next day convert it in a special ecsavator. I use only parts of the set so made this model. It operates very well and wish i had a real bucket for it. I think i made it very good for my first attempt and i like to share it with you.
  3. Electricalchief

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year! With creativity and fun, enjoy your lego life!
  4. Electricalchief

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Hi I hafe an offer of this storage drawers, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tactix-320638-Drawer-Cabinet-Orange/dp/B00GYQXW22 On 25 €/~30$. Does anyone have this item? I would like to use it not only for a lego assortment but general use with small and medium home parts.
  5. Electricalchief

    [TC5] Wheeled Excavator

    I also looking ro byu rhis model,just for c-model. Excavator looks nice and it would be a must have model.
  6. Hi again This is my new moc of 42006 set. I droped the idea from here. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=93414&hl= And made it from scratch without any PF. It has only one function with movable front blade. A mini LA does this with the help of God( and its wheel). I made it very robost in order to play it my little girl while i am driving my 42009 crane.
  7. Electricalchief

    My new 42006 MOC skid snow track

    Thanks. What domyou mean tight? Tracks are loose enough to move very easy on any surface but not enough to be dismantle from position. I would like to have some support wheels under them but i did not find any way to do that.
  8. Electricalchief

    [MOC] Sporty snow tracker

    Thanks for reply. I have already done it as idea but with my own way without any PF. I will represent it as soon as possible. I have to do few improvments.
  9. Electricalchief

    [MOC] Sporty snow tracker

    Very good model, i will try to make it. But i would like to see some photos while it is been assembled for help.
  10. Electricalchief

    [TC5] Grader

    PM is personal message. Just hit on Jeroen ottens name, and a new page will opens. Then hit the personal message button and write what do you want. Sorry about offtopic.
  11. Some opening to see inside and a few yellow beams and panels for decoration. A better butt, more realistic i think, espesially the lowest bar such as could be for road safety. Also i made some changes in steering in order to achieve for angle in turns. I have removed the pins with balls in front steering axle and also i made a replace in some parts that "hits" wheels in maximum turn.
  12. Electricalchief

    [MOD] 42006 B-Model

    I have this siku construction set ( and not only)
  13. Electricalchief

    [MOD] 42006 B-Model

    The string it is not a lego piece. But it works very well with the wog. Also as you can see the boom goes up and. Down full path very easy. About 8043 b model looks good idea, i will try it, but i dont know if i will made it good. At the moment, pieces of this set is use to improve 42009 crane for better look.
  14. Electricalchief

    [MOD] 42006 B-Model

    The very next days i made this moc. It is a non real model but i had an idea about what to. Pieces are only from 42006 so details are not easy to bee construct especially from a begginer like me.
  15. O did this in mine and i think that i have more crank than in original setup. May the MK had this in mind and did the setup as he did. Also i would like to mod this crane just for move and steering rc functions. Which motors have to use ? Is any set that could buy for using these parts?
  16. Electricalchief

    42009 Owners ... Speak Up!

    I finished the crane and made some mods i found here from other owners. The one of these is the reversing of gear of the boom' LA., if i tell right.
  17. Electricalchief

    42009 Owners ... Speak Up!

    Almost finished, just the boom remains and all these two days i had my mind on it. It's huge, it is massive. It is heavy construction machine. I have the set with 6 books and no extra 32l. Playability not many but the reason of buy it was the amount of parts and that is the biggest lego techick until now. 191 euros here...
  18. Electricalchief

    What did you buy today?

    Yesterday i bought the 42009 crane. At first opening the box i was " terrified" on huge amount of bags and pieces although i had read too many reviews about. I was not ready for that. After that, i felt like little child with its first toy. It is awesome! It is big! It is huge!
  19. Electricalchief

    Central, Hong Kong (1:265)

    Super! Now i can tell that i have been in Hong Kong.
  20. Electricalchief

    [MOD] 42006 B-Model

    These beams are there just to give more sporty look.. There is no any purpose. Just placed them there.