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  1. Stud Design Studio

    Micro XB982

    Hi This is a micro version of the XB982, the ship of Valerian and Laureline, jumping out of space and time. You can find this scene in the comics. The ship is made of 186 bricks, the decor is made of 183 bricks, and all is on a 16x16 baseplate. You can support this model on LEGO Ideas at : Hope you like it !
  2. Stud Design Studio

    XB982 Astroship

    I confirm it's too big :-( but may be it is possible to make a smaller model on the same architecture. I am thinking about that ...
  3. Stud Design Studio

    XB982 Astroship

    Yes, I will wait one month (just for suspense) and I'll put the LDD file on this topic.
  4. Stud Design Studio

    XB982 Astroship

    I know Yoko Tsuno, but I am not familiar with.
  5. Stud Design Studio

    XB982 Astroship

    Hi ! I am not only an AFOL, I am also a big fan of Valerian and Laureline. I have all their comics. They were sources of inspiration for the Star Wars saga and the 5th element. In this comic, I love the spatiotemporal vessel, the XB982, also called Tempus Fugit in the animated series. So I could not resist trying to replicate this ship at the LEGO Minifig scale. In comics, it undergoes multiple changes over the albums, and this achievement is therefore a pure interpretation on my part. At the landing, the XB982 deploys 4 feet and Valerian and Laureline down through the hatch in the cabin. The interior of the vessel is accessed by opening the upper parts : The interior is made up of 6 modules, connected by Y-shaped corridors : - the cockpit at the front - the space-time engine in the rear and sides: - a dining room - a medical center - a bedroom - a room with a shower Hope you enjoy it! And optionally you can support it on
  6. Stud Design Studio

    [MOC] Sheathipede-class transport shuttle Evolved

    Very original shape ! It can also be used as ironer
  7. Stud Design Studio

    [MOC] LL-X² Swordfish eXperimental eXplorer

    Very nice model and original shape !
  8. Stud Design Studio

    [MOC][Steampunk] An’kirah

    Very nice model ! I love the balloon also !
  9. Stud Design Studio

    Vic Viper - Silent Hunter

    Very Nice model !!
  10. Thanks Bublible ! I have made my first GIF, But I don't find how to publish it, Don'care, I think I can find by myself.
  11. Hi Bluerender is a wonderful tool ! I have replaced my old POVRay and LDD2Povray with this faster and easier tool. It seems easy to make animation but I have not found any documentation about that, I think I missed it. Do you know where I can find it ? Thanks
  12. Stud Design Studio

    Moc - Villa Palladiana

    I like the pure and simple line of this MOC ! Very nice !
  13. Stud Design Studio

    Modular Office MOC

    Very nice modular building. I have never seen a number of building , 5 here ! It's a very good idea ! May be only one railing centered instead of 2 would be better on the 2 windows of the 1st floor, but it's a personal opinion
  14. Stud Design Studio

    How do you display your modular building collection?

    On a very simple table :
  15. Stud Design Studio

    Hello from a french geek

    Hi Hi to all the bricklayers of this forum. My name is fred, leaving near Paris. I was a fan of lego during my childhood in the 70th, especially with the vintage train with blue rails. Then I had a long dark age until 2001 where I discovered my old collection at parents home and decided to rebuild my lego city. Now I am trying to create original models, share remarks and criticism with others fans, and optionally, get 10000 vote at lego ideas for my MOCs :-). Thanks to all for this very good forum !