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  1. I like the British Bobby, definitely want a few of him for a more traditional UK police force for my town. The Jazz player is a definite too.
  2. A Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire huge diorama

    I'm a massive ASOI&F / GOT fan and I love these builds, especially Winterfell.
  3. A British police officer.
  4. LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    They missed a trick in not producing a Jessica Ennis minifig! :D
  5. Soooo much better than I had imagined from the original descriptions. Love the Shakesperean actor!
  6. If this is the list, then I'm disapointed at the number of repeats. The only ones that interest me are the Ancient Thespis, Fairy and Cowgirl. Rather odd that they would bring out another Vampire when they've just released Monster Hunters.
  7. I love my local toy shop. They have started writing numbers on the back of the packets to let customers know which minifig is inside. Thanks to this, I got the last 2 Highland Warriors they had in stck :D
  8. Your dream Lego theme

    It will never happen, unless Lego ever start a "18+" division, but.... Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice & Fire That would just be epic! :D
  9. Kingdoms 2012?

    If Kingdoms/Castle does continue in 2012, I doubt it will go down the fantasy route as it would be too close to LOTR. I love Castle, but I could live with a break for a couple of years if we got a Roman or Western theme instead. A decent Roman theme would be my favourite ever :)
  10. LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    The press release did say it was a multi-year deal. At the very least we'll see a second LOTR wave next year, in between the two Hobbit movies. Potentially though, considering the size of the LOTR fanbase, this could become a second Star Wars.
  11. Kingdoms 2012?

    I don't know why LOTR has to replace Kingdoms? LOTR is a fantasy about hobbits, dwarves, elves, orcs, wizards, etc. Kingdoms is about knights and soldiers. I don't see why there couldn't be room for both?
  12. London Underground Station

    That's brilliant! I love the sign and the posters.
  13. Kingdoms 2012?

    As much as I would be sad to not have a Castle theme in 2012, I can only assume that it means that either we are getting LOTR and/or an alternative historical theme. I would die of excitement if we got a Roman theme! :D Of course I'm still going to daydream of a Game of Thrones theme, but considering the mature themes of that series, I think I'll be dreaming a long time! :D
  14. [MOC] Eyrie prison cell

    OMG! A Game of Thrones MOC! I LOVE that show! :D That is brilliant, such a cool cell. Love the Tyrion minifig. He is one of my fave characters.
  15. MOC: 2010 Lego City Hospital CC style

    Wow! *is stunned* This is seriously awesome! The architecture is amazing. I would love a hospital like this. I hope TLG see this and get ideas! *worships*