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  1. MOC: LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building

    You truly captured the spirit of a Lego Brand Store. And the building that houses it is impressive, even the back contains so much details. Great build mate.
  2. Heritage House In Kuala Lumpur

    This is truly an impressive build. The fixtures are so detailed and that exterior caught the details of such an old structure down to the last brick.
  3. MOC: English Hat Shop - Modular Building

    I love the display window on the ground floor, clever use of the headlight bricks. This is like one of those suave shops in Savile Row.
  4. It is an Architectural Grandeur.
  5. I like it. Reminds me of a matchbox die-cast semi truck and trailer I had.
  6. [MOC] Pokemon Go

    This made my day. Reminds me of the mini park near my work place.
  7. [MOC] Ford GT

    What a lovely little build. Great use if the flippers as headlamps. Killer stance too.
  8. Replaced the images with (somewhat) better looking shots. Still unable to edit them as my Desktop PC is buried in LEGO somewhere at my work table :). Thanks for the kind words guys, I really appreciate it. Note: Apologies to Hinckley and Site admins for not knowing the rules regarding image/s' size. Also followed BrickJagger's suggestion on the color combo.
  9. Thanks guys. Forgot to mention that I also found inspiration from two of my favorite Modulars - the Pet Shop and the Detective's Office. Would love to post more pictures but I am still sorting out my lighting and backdrop. As to why I considered it a MOD instead of a MOC, I just want to pay homage to where homage is due. Like I said this was completely inspired by nuno2500's mod of the same set. But again, your kind words make me wanna do more of this stuff. As for the blue bricks, that third floor on the bike shop was a late addition. It was originally two floors - sales area on the ground floor and the repair shop on the second level. My kid wanted a third floor for a small office and a storage area, so I added one. Since it was his idea, I asked him what color he wanted it to be and he chose blue. So I had to add the blue lines on the ground floor to make it blend a lil' bit. I know the colors clashed on the second and last level so I tried to break it by adding those DARK Bley bricks.
  10. This mod is heavily based on nuno2500's modification of the same set. Here is a link to the image where this mod was based - http://farm8.static....c9b1c3a57_m.jpg I knew, the moment I saw his modification that I would be doing the same layout should I get my hand on a copy of the set. I was able to procure a used one and started working on it. I have been working on this for months because I have limited free time and the creativity of a door knob. I used around 30-40% of the parts from the original set. The rest came from PAB and my limited collection of Lego pieces. Both building have full interiors, I will be posting more (and hopefully better) images once I sort out my photo equipment. Thanks for looking. Images can be seen here Edit by Hinckley: Your pictures are too large so I have changed them to links. Please refer to the Site Guidelines (link in my signature and the lower-right corner of the banner on every page) for our policy regarding picture size. Thank you.
  11. [MOD] Fire Brigade XXL (WIP)

    It is both massive and impressive. Nicely done mate.
  12. The Shameful Confessions Thread

    When I'm pretty burned out or bummed from work, I hit the LEGO Store Pick-A-Brick wall at night and spend the hours 'til store closing filling my cup/s. I find relief in planning and organizing the layout of the contents in each cup.
  13. Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Need your opinions. I am planning to build Cafe Corner, will be trying to use the bricks in my bulk lot which are mostly in the shades of gray. Which facade is better? This one uses a lot of the "gold bullion" from the Brick Bank. This one uses the "BRICK" bricks. I am not the creative type, just good at following instructions. So please forgive the lack of pizazz on these.
  14. Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    @ Chubbs: If I recall it correctly, it was a maximum of 80 pieces. What i did was just generate a list from BnP then imported it to an excel file. I then called Lego customer service and got a CSR to process my order after I emailed him my list.
  15. 10251 Brick Bank

    @Talos Happy to help mate. I was laughing when I read your post because I remember the predicament that I was in. I had to retrace all my steps, read the manual over and over. It took me 3 weeks to finish the Brick Bank because I was bored with it, I find the proportions and the choice of colors odd. It is my least favorite modular, so imagine how frustrated I was after I ended up with that 1x4 plate.