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  1. muffluvin

    [MOC] City Trolley

    Thank you. Yup, those windows are the only thing that I did not like but they serve their purpose by hiding the PF components.
  2. I love watching Sumo Wrestling on NHK World TV. I think my boy is starting to appreciate the sport because he asked me to make a BrickHeadz version of a rikishi (wrestler). I don't have Lego element 22885 which makes up most of the skeletal structure of a BrickHeadz. I made do with whatever parts I had and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Of course he needs that extra girth from eating all those chankonabe. I tried to capture the hairstyle - chonmage, as well as the mawashi (loincloth). His arms articulate as well.
  3. muffluvin

    [MOC] City Trolley

    Yeah, definitely cheaper than Lego PF's lithium ion battery box. You can get a 4 pack of rechargeable 9v batteries + 4-bay charger for cheap on amazon. In the Winter Train, I expanded the tender by 4 studs to accomodate both IR module and battery box.
  4. muffluvin

    [MOC] City Trolley

    @McWaffel AskUncleDavecom on youtube has a great video guide on the topic Images of the Battery Placement and Cable
  5. muffluvin

    [MOC] City Trolley

    Thank you very much, you guys are too kind . It's a labor of love, I guess. Hiding the PF components was the first order of the build. So a week was spent figuring out the perfect chassis. Like I said, one can fit a Lego PF 88000 or a 8878 in there but it would come out of the cabin by a stud. I did made a longer cabin but the proportions were off so I decided to make the battery mod instead. This is indeed my first train build but we do have the Lego Cargo and Winter Holiday trains.
  6. muffluvin

    [MOC] City Trolley

    My kid wanted a trolley for his Lego City. I am into 4-studs wide cars and modular mocs, no idea how to begin this en devour. After a few failed attempts, I turned to this section of the forum. I found Solitary Dark's MOC of the San Francisco Trolley. His MOC was the basis for the chassis on this one. This is made out of bricks we have on hand. I plan to make modifications to the cabin, the windows make it look more like a boat than a trolley. My boy's tall order was to motorized the MOC. I manage to squeeze in the Power Functions I.R. into the cabin. The battery pack can also be mounted but it would stick out of the cabin. So I modified this one to run on 9v rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. I stumbled on a number of threads in this section regarding this topic so I went ahead and soldered one end of a PF cable to a connector for a 9v battery I made the thing modular for easy access to the PF components. It also makes changing the appearance of the train easy. Hope you guys like it, like I said, this is my first attempt. Appreciate all the contents in this forum. Here are more pictures: Here's a short video of the Trolley on the move.
  7. muffluvin

    MOC: LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building

    You truly captured the spirit of a Lego Brand Store. And the building that houses it is impressive, even the back contains so much details. Great build mate.
  8. muffluvin

    Heritage House In Kuala Lumpur

    This is truly an impressive build. The fixtures are so detailed and that exterior caught the details of such an old structure down to the last brick.
  9. muffluvin

    MOC: English Hat Shop - Modular Building

    I love the display window on the ground floor, clever use of the headlight bricks. This is like one of those suave shops in Savile Row.
  10. It is an Architectural Grandeur.
  11. I like it. Reminds me of a matchbox die-cast semi truck and trailer I had.
  12. muffluvin

    [MOC] Pokemon Go

    This made my day. Reminds me of the mini park near my work place.
  13. muffluvin

    [MOC] Ford GT

    What a lovely little build. Great use if the flippers as headlamps. Killer stance too.
  14. Replaced the images with (somewhat) better looking shots. Still unable to edit them as my Desktop PC is buried in LEGO somewhere at my work table :). Thanks for the kind words guys, I really appreciate it. Note: Apologies to Hinckley and Site admins for not knowing the rules regarding image/s' size. Also followed BrickJagger's suggestion on the color combo.
  15. Thanks guys. Forgot to mention that I also found inspiration from two of my favorite Modulars - the Pet Shop and the Detective's Office. Would love to post more pictures but I am still sorting out my lighting and backdrop. As to why I considered it a MOD instead of a MOC, I just want to pay homage to where homage is due. Like I said this was completely inspired by nuno2500's mod of the same set. But again, your kind words make me wanna do more of this stuff. As for the blue bricks, that third floor on the bike shop was a late addition. It was originally two floors - sales area on the ground floor and the repair shop on the second level. My kid wanted a third floor for a small office and a storage area, so I added one. Since it was his idea, I asked him what color he wanted it to be and he chose blue. So I had to add the blue lines on the ground floor to make it blend a lil' bit. I know the colors clashed on the second and last level so I tried to break it by adding those DARK Bley bricks.