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  1. Only when I'm sleeping. (I'm guessing that's a dealbreaker?)
  2. Hey, all! I'm attending Bricks Cascade in Portland, OR next week, and my hotel roommate and I are looking for a third to bring costs down to $177.00 each for the room. We're booked for Thursday the 12th (3:00 pm check-in) through Sunday the 15th (11:00 am check-out). The room has two queen beds, and I'll be sleeping in a chair (medical issues), so you can have your own bed just a couple of blocks from the convention center for less than $180. How can you possibly afford to pass up such an awesome opportunity?! First come, first served. Mike "BattleGorilla" Snethen
  3. Okay, 2015 fast approacheth, and I'm trying to find as full a list as possible of LEGO theme months/build events. I'm aware of SHIPtember and Nnovvember, but what others are there in that vein? Also interested in the big yearly contests like FBTB's MOC Madness, Classic Castle's big end-of-year competition, and the like. All help appreciated.
  4. battle_gorilla

    Best and worst of 2014

    Best Set: I don't actually own it, but I'll put in a vote for Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! Worst Set: The Simpsons set. "Yeah, let's do a popular licensed theme, and release ONE set... with a $200 price tag!" Best Minifig: Rocket. (Come on, how could it not be Rocket?) Worst Minifig: ANY of the Simpsons minifigures. When I heard that LEGO had the license, what I pictured was what we eventually saw in the Simpsons LEGO episode, not the ridiculous mascot-headed abominations we ended up getting. Yeesh! Best Theme: Got to give it to The LEGO Movie sets. (Although if we're talking about best potential for a theme that we were merely teased with... I'd give it to Ghostbusters.) Worst Theme: The Simpsons. The set was unavailable to people on a budget, and the figures were hideous. And I know that this wasn't among the questions asked, but I'd like to categorically state that the Series 13 Hot Dog Man minifig is definitely the WURST figure of 2015. (I'm so sorry. I'll go away now.)
  5. battle_gorilla

    Where do prizes come from?

    I'm going to be announcing a contest shortly after the first of the year, and as I sit here typing this, I have no prizes to give to whoever wins. So I asked myself, "Where do prizes come from?" I didn't have a satisfactory answer to give, and so I'm now asking you, the fine denizens of Eurobricks. Where DO prizes come from? I've never run a contest before, and I just don't know. Do the people running these various internet build competitions usually buy the prizes themselves? Does LEGO supply them sometimes? Is there a contest prize fairy that I'm supposed to sacrifice a goat to? I need some expert advice. Any and all help appreciated. Battle_Gorilla
  6. CopMike, you're a class act -- thanks for another year of the Advent Raffle! This year for Christmas, I'd like a LEGO Room (or at the very least, a LEGO Wall) with a nice surface to build MOCs on, and plenty of storage for bricks! Eurobricks Advent 2014 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr
  7. battle_gorilla

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    A Christmas Tree more ways than one!
  8. O.K., thanks for the info.
  9. Something I'm curious about regarding this piece and this piece: If you build them into a MOC using SNOT techniques so that the open ends of the arches touch, do they form an actual circle, or just a general roundish shape? I'd like to know for sure before placing my next Bricklink order. Thanks for any and all help!
  10. battle_gorilla

    Article: LEGO and Animals

    JUST five? Seriously? (Sigh.) Okay, I'll narrow down my list of obsessively needed LEGO animals to just five then. 1.) Bison 2.) Gorilla 3.) Giraffe 4.) Turtle 5.) Walrus
  11. battle_gorilla

    LEGO Muppets

    If you've got time, I'd hit some of the Muppet fansites and Twitter and whatnot and discuss the following: You've got a Muppet project on Cuusoo, and Wednesday (May 16) will be the 22nd anniversary of the passing of the Muppets' creator, Jim Henson. Try and milk the whole, "Vote for Muppet Lego Sets, in memory of Jim" vibe.
  12. battle_gorilla

    Eastern Archery Tournament in Mpya Stedor

    Representing the Countship of Kandarvale and the Tribe of Ezyla, the half-orc archer prodigy Ylda. 01 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr The Lady Ildis "Ylda" DeSet 02 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr Here we see her at practice. Bored with targets and dummies, she prepares to shoot an apple off of Thuk's head.
  13. battle_gorilla

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    I want to join! Currently, most of my avatar and his crew are in pieces, scattered across the land, waiting to be gathered by the forces of Bricklink and reassembled here. So, the required photograph be forthcoming. I do have a few questions, though. When putting my crew together, I was wondering how much customization is allowed/tolerated. Decals? Painting? Third party accessories (stuff from BrickForge and BrickWarriors, etc.)? Once avatar photos are posted, are we allowed to change their look? Or are our avatars like old-school cartoon characters who only ever have one outfit and one hairstyle? My plan here is to get the initial photo of my avatar (et al) up, then work on the treasure hunt challenge. After that, can I still work on the earlier challenges, even though the deadlines have come and gone? Is this forbidden? Is it encouraged? What's the thinking here? Let me know. Thanks much. Battle_Gorilla
  14. battle_gorilla

    Vote for your favourite Category 2 entries

    Who wants points? Anyone? You, do, Skrytsson? Okay, anyone else? Imitationspud? Fine, I can do that. Anyone else? Anyone have their hand raised? Who's that in the back? GV357? Okay, you get a point, too! One point each for 11) Croc’s sewer (Build by Skrytsson), 13) Cobblepot Aviary (Build by imitationspud), and 16) Access to Batcave via Batpoles (Build by GV357) Merry Points-mas! (Or whatever.)
  15. battle_gorilla

    Vote for your favourite Category 1 entries

    I'm going to go ahead and give all three of my points to "16) The Killing Joke (Build by JH Snethen)" because I'm a huge Killing Joke fan.