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    MOC: Chinese Laundry

    I love it! So much detail like all your work. Outstanding, well done :)
  2. BrickBrother0785

    MegaMOC 2014

    That's amazing! Simply amazing! Clearly you've worked very hard on this! It looks great and there's so much detail and things going on, it definetly deserves 1st Place in this race! ;)
  3. BrickBrother0785

    Lego In N Out Burger Restaurant MOC

    It's nice. Very classic but still good and there's a lot of detail! Well done!
  4. BrickBrother0785

    MOC: Beloved Belle (Modular Building)

    Looking good! Looking very good! A lot of detail throughout Well done!
  5. BrickBrother0785

    [MOC] Winter Village Display.

    Wow! That's amazing, so much detail scattered all over! Very well done!!
  6. BrickBrother0785

    MOC: Surf & Dive shop

    Love it! So detailed!
  7. BrickBrother0785

    melbs' city

    Looks great! I really like you're central tennis courts and park area, but also the beach! Well done :)
  8. BrickBrother0785

    [MOC] McDonalds

    This is amazing! So much detail. Even if that famous 'M' wasn't there you'd still know it was a McDonalds! Well done!!