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  1. i like wayne's study more than the cave itself, feels like bruce all the way
  2. greatold1s

    My Tree House

    lovely details (bird nest, telescope, crane mechanism..). i would like to say something about lego leaves btw.. i think they must create more believable, leaf sets. this is the popular 1 (maybe the only 1??) but i always have a problem with it. it looks more like a lamp. lego MUST do something about this. we deserve more decent looking leaf sets
  3. greatold1s

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    that little police buggy & that fire boat... so excited about'em..
  4. greatold1s

    [Challenge #1] Great Hawks Of Donwarr [O-E01]

    the idea for feathers is absolutely fantastic!! (:
  5. greatold1s

    Waterloo 200th anniversary MOC

    nice touch..
  6. greatold1s

    newbie here

    will go for simple sets at first, to get to know my surroundings.... thx again..
  7. greatold1s

    Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    it looks too much "robotic", legs especially, i mean human factor totally dismissed.. helmet is kind of cool though except those little respiration holes..
  8. greatold1s

    Recommend a Movie

    Lung Fu Moon (dragon tiger gate) (2006) for martial arts fans
  9. greatold1s

    newbie here

    thx guys, Already surfing through forums & with every new MOC I see I can't stop drooling involuntarily.. I am yet to purchase my 1st lego set.. is there a set with lots of different kind of bricks you can point me to? I checked amazon but only found official Lego sets..
  10. greatold1s

    Recommend a Movie

    coherence (2013) for sci-fi fans
  11. greatold1s

    newbie here

    Hi all, I've decided to enter the brick world of lego to "legolize" ((:) my ideas but i don't know where to begin. I mean what should I start with? An official lego set to get familiar with the structures, building techniques... or just "free" bricks to go with my own creations? could you also give me some model no.s of the sets you're going to recommend? i need names, it's hard to be a newcomer sometimes... thx every ne
  12. greatold1s

    Madrid, 2 de Mayo 1808 (Napoleonic Wars)

    i love historic sets, yours is burning with greatness.. time traveling stormtrooper looks puzzled
  13. greatold1s

    Al Amarj Island